The Community FL4K Guide - All you ever wanted to know



Official Skill Calculator
FL4K Bug Megathread Note: may be outdated.
The Math of Fade Away Note: may be outdated.
FL4K’s predetermined/fixed skill proc pools
Guide: FL4K’s Damage Formula
[Guide] FL4K Pet Guide
[Guide] Fl4k Skills, Augments and Pets - Rating and Analysis
[Guide] Fade Away, Enemy Targeting and Hidden Machine
[Guide] FL4K Pet Compendium


Beastmaster List: Build Collection
[Guide] Top Gear for Fl4k
Outdated Top Gear 4 Fl4k the Beastmaster


If you have suggestions for links, please post 'em and I’ll add them if they fit. I will not add in threads complaining about Fl4k’s gender or the various nerfs they’ve received. Thanks.


I’ll nominate FL4K's predetermined/fixed skill proc pools for inclusion.


Added. Thanks for the recommendation.

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@Tokesy97: can this post be removed? Thanks.

It’s gone…

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As of this post we still do not have a recommended skills thread. I would start one but I don’t have near the amount of time as others and I generally stayed away from Fade Away builds, so I don’t think I’m properly qualified to do one. If some kind soul would like to create said thread, I’ll post a link in the main post. Thanks. :dukeaffirmative:

I guess everyone is waiting to see what happens with the next update?

Meanwhile, there is this:

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That one’s tough. I just found out a whole bunch of things I didn’t know about pets yesterday, and need to do field testing to see how effective they are. The OP did ask me take over and I do plan on it at some point, but I need to make sure I have everything nailed down and things don’t change massively with Mayhem 2.0.


Could you list the updated pet guide? Also, a skill guide was posted a few weeks ago.

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Added. Thanks for the updates.

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Added. Thanks for the head’s up.

What a guy

@Gulfwulf I don’t know if this is within the purview of this thread, but have you thought of adding the various feedback threads here?

I personally refer to them a fair bit on Reddit and these boards occasionally, and it would probably be a big help to have them in a centralized location in the off chance we do have a dev looking through this section of the forums for character feedback.

Eh, I’m a bit undecided about that. I know the devs look at the various comments, so listing them might not be useful. I’ll take opinions and go with whatever you guys decide. I don’t know if Noelle or anybody else reads these pinned threads, though.

Fair enough. I just realize that I have trouble remembering the feedback threads I’ve done, and there are several others floating around that I can’t quite remember either.

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I’d like to suggest the community maintained builds from Discord for consideration. In this case, of course, the FL4K ones specifically: FL4K Endgame Builds Compilation


Old thread’s getting archived right?