The Community Krieg Guide - All you ever wanted to know

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Please note: a lot of the links here point to the old forums and may be broken due to the forum change. I’ll update the links once they’re ported over here. Thanks.

In this thread you’ll find links to guides, tools and other sorts of topics related to our favorite psycho.

Buzz Ax Rampage
Krieg’s action skill.

The left tree. Bloodlust focuses on ranged combat, and getting Bloodlust Stacks to improve Krieg’s skills.

The middle tree. Mania focuses on powerful melee combat and health mechanics.

The right tree. Hellborn focuses on elemental effects, particularly setting oneself on fire.

[DDD] Krieg’s skills for you!
How Krieg’s ax looks when upgraded
Buzz Ax Bombardier: This is how it works!
Blood Bath resource guide
Self-Ignition Information

Gear calculator by duncanfogg
Krieg’s class mods (max Stats)
Psycho Head/Skin Info and Screen Shots
DPS Visualizer
Top Gear For Krieg
[Guide] Krieg’s Class Optimization Mods
Vault Hunter Skill and Gear Damage and DPS Calc (from the old forum)
The Avenger: This is how it works.
Love Thumper: This is how it works!
Unkempt Harold Guide.

Breakdown of Game Mechanics

Comprehensive Guide on How Critical Hit Damage Works

List of Krieg glitches

Krieg’s Damage Reduction Analysis

Melee Gameplay:

Fire Rate bonuses affect axe throwing frequency

Krieg’s Melee Formula/Calculation

Krieg Melee Damage Spreadsheet

Silence the Voices and thrown axe mechanics

Synergies between skills and gear in a Bloodlust/Mania build

How to Rampage with a Mania/Bloodlust build

Leveling advices for a Mania build

50 ways to keep Krieg alive in UVHM

(Raid) Boss Tactics:

Dexiduous the Invincible

Hyperius the Invincible

  • Melee (FFYL.) (Only works up to OP 2 or so. After that, you’ll need to bring down his health before using this method.)

Master Gee the Invincible

Pete the Invincible

Terramorphous the Invincible

Vermivorous the Invincible

Voracidous the Invincible

Psycho Master List: Build Collection

Borderlands 2 Official Skill Tree Builder (Level 50)

Borderlands 2 Official Skill Tree Builder (Level 61)

Borderlands 2 Skill Calculator ( by Cloudflare & kugumi

Echo Cast - Krieg is happening

Game Play Video Collection

Krieg’s Announcement Trailer

Krieg’s Launch Trailer

All of Krieg’s Dialogues

A Meat Bicycle Built for Two (Krieg’s introduction movie)

I know who Krieg is!

Is Krieg included in the Season Pass?
No. Gearbox clearly stated that the Season Pass only includes four campaign DLCs.

Does Krieg take damage while on fire?
Yes, the self-igniting works like the standard burn effect.

Is it beneficial to use bladed weapons?
Yes and no. Krieg has a built-in bonus. The amount of additional damage is based on his level. At level 61 and no roid shield you’ll deal more damage without a bladed gun which would give you +50% melee damage. However, a Law (unique bladed pistol; +100% melee damage) and a Rapier (unique bladed assault rifle; +200% melee damage) are still better in terms of melee damage. If you wear a roid shield even +50% melee damage weapons are better than the standard attack.

Does Silence the Voices REALLY have a 12% chance to hit yourself?
Yes, it is always and in any kind of situation a 12% chance regardless of how many points you spend, how fast you hit the attack button, what weapon you’re wielding or other sort of factor you could think of. If you don’t believe it watch this video, search the forums for the several threads about this topic or feel free to create a new thread to get the same answer as in this FAQ section.


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I need help in borderlands 2 I’m at the wildlife preserve I’m level 16 and everything is level 21 just really need help getting past this part, my gamer tag is leo493 please help thank you.

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Added Krieg_Krazy’s Unkempt Harold guide and updated the heads and skins screenshot thread.

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