The Community Krieg Guide - All you ever wanted to know

Eh, I’ll leave it in because we still get new Krieg players asking about him.

They are, but until we have some updated ones, these are all we have. Hopefully some kind soul will come by and provide us with some new ones. hint. hint.

My pleasure. I like the meat man and want to make sure he’s as represented as the other VHs.

Maybe add the new top gear post as a link

I changed the link of the old top gear thread to the new one.


Added @mechaoso’s Self-Ignition Information thread.

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Anyone have a resurrect for the dead link?

No :frowning: It never made it into the oldforums archive, and for some reason it never got included in any of the Internet Archive project snapshots either. If you feel like creating one, you should probably do so.


I could make a guide on leveling with mania later

OOPS: necro (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


These are fixes to broken links via Internet Archive or more recent links as I find them. Some of the links inside archived posts may or may not work. Let me know and I’ll see if I need to remake the thread completely for easier use with credit to original poster.

DPS Visualizer Spreadsheet and DPS Visualizer Video Guide

Vault Hunter Skill and Gear Damage and DPS Calc - same info as the DPS Visualizer links

Breakdown of Game Mechanics - links to old thread full of links, most of which are broken

Elemental Multipliers - scroll down to “Elemental Bonus”

Splash Mechanics and Formula Guide - linked to a more recent guide

Tediore Reload Guide

The Avenger Guide

Grenade Damage Resource Guide - What guns get the grenade damage bonus. Read the comments for any updated info

Critical Damage Guide - Unable to access original link but replaced it with a more recent guide.

This is the largest of all guides so bear with me as I’m working on all the guides this may take me a couple days.


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@Gulfwulf - I’ve ported what I believe was the original “Krieg’s Melee Formula/Calculation”

Thanks to @IdlePhantom for finding the post.


Thanks Jefe. I’ll get the link updated.


Hey Gulf, I just rediscovered the original “Inside the Box” developer blogs about the design of Krieg:

The official “Meat Bicycle for 2” video link is here (requires sign-in to go direct to the video, but embedding seems to work fine without that)


wow, fascinating to read this after all these years… really affirms what many people have speculated, that the game wasn’t really designed to go to the OP levels and maybe even the higher UVHM levels…so many great ideas in these posts about how these skills should function only to be broken or useless in practice due to enemy scaling at really high levels…


If you played long enough and followed the game, it wasn’t speculation but history.

Could someone update the raid boss guides? If not, is there something equivalent to them? Was looking for the ways to get rid of Hyperius mainly, Voradacious and Terramorphus. We all know Pyro Pete if we walked into that boss fight on accident as Melee Kreig

Maybe take a look at the Krieg entries in the time trials table? Should be some videos there, and I know they redid the whole table after the revised level cap came in.


There’s also a lot of content on the old tables :

Some of the setups used don’t work anymore (Bloodsploding the Dragons for example), but I think most of them still work in 80 OP10.