The Community of Players is Toxic

I was playing Meltdown today. So usually, or actually practically for the last month, I’ve had no problems with matchmaking.

Today, I got into a game as Kleese, a Miko would be shooting at minions off about 30 feet away, while I’m to the left dodging from a Bennedict with sub-200 health. I dodge for about 15 seconds around the ■■■■■■■ Miko, and eventually die because I’m not healed. I send him a message saying “I’m circling around trying to get a heal bro, can you be aware and help me out”. No answer, and same thing happens. Okay, whatever the Miko is useless. I send him a message again saying “Are you kidding me?”. We end up winning the match since I had over 70 minion kills, and Alani was contributing and an while everyone on my team had over 10 deaths barring Alani , including me who was 10-10.

Next game, I’m playing as Ambra, and we get off to a rough start down by over 150. (I went 0-3 in this course) Then, i switch lanes and go up against an Alani, Boldur, and Caldarius for a solid 15 minutes, clearing minions, and did not die. I end up helping to brig the score from about 190-45 to 250-220 with us in the lead. Halfway through though someone on my team quits making it a 4v5. Okay, whatever, if we win and I have no kills and it’s a 4v5 it doesn’t matter. All of the sudden, I start getting body blocked more. A Galilea joins in the mix and I try to run, I get pulled in, and virtually stuck in place, due to minions and 4 enemies around me. Okay? that’s kinda ■■■■■■■■. Same thing happens 3 more times. I have no problem with Galilea, I have no problem with any of this, on than the fact that it’s ■■■■■■■■ I died that way and we lost, but whatever.

About two minutes later, I get a message from their Alani, “lol you suck bro”. Now that pissed me off, so I message back saying, "Are you ■■■■■■■ kidding me? I held a lane in a 2/3v1, for a majority of the game and helped my team get the lead in a 4v5. It wasn’t until the Pull + Body blocking that you even were able to kill me, and that’s complete bs, so sit your ass down. Kid responds “I killed you 3 times lmao”, seconds later “wait no 4, my bad”, as I’m typing, “*drops mic and walks away”. 2 seconds later I get a message from XBL saying I’ve been banned from communication for a week.

Are you ■■■■■■■ kidding me? In what way did I instigate or do anything to warrant that, and the fact that the kid got the last word because of that pisses me off to no end. That’s ■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■■, and for whatever reason I can’t even appeal the case so I’m stuck without party and game chat for a week. Complete ■■■■■■■■



I think the best thing for people to do is to jusy keep the mic off if they don’t have anything nice to say.

That’s what I do.

I never have anything nice to say.

I’m a horrible person.


Sometimes you run into unhelpful players. I wouldn’t label all players toxic though. You had an bad run of a few games where not many were working as a team and this can happen. I’ve gone 3-4 defeats in a row from such players but also offset those losses with 7-8 wins in a row where everyone tried their best and sometimes communicated often.

When I recognize a player that did not contribute to a match I just leave the queue if they are in my party and queue again to join a different party.

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I haven’t ran into a toxic person in battleborn yet, then again I’m always in a party by myself because I like to get frustrated by myself (ps4)

Sounds like he kinda baited you, sometimes you have to be the bigger man/woman and just walk away knowing you did good.

Sorry that happened, I kinda lost it on someone the other day as well (so im a total hypocrite here).

We were playing meltdown and not doing so hot and a toby player keeps yelling at our alani to heal him but he is in the back lines and she is holding the lane by herself when he should of gone back to base to heal.

Later in the game we are down pretty far and he tries to surrender but we all refuse because we want to fight it out. Then he gets on mic and starts yelling at us etc… (by the way he had a bad KD, almost no minion kills or objectives, almost nothing built etc…) My friend responds and he starts cursing at her.

I somewhat lost it and got on mic and gave him a few not so kind words.

I get it, they can get under your skin but its best to always try and be the better person and not get sucked into it.

I will also say even though I had that one jerk, almost everyone else I have played with has been great.


I like to get into a party with my psn alt, put on two headsets, and give myself pointers.

I don’t know if it’s my tone or choice of words but I always come off as a bit of a jerk, even when I’m giving myself what I think is constructive criticism I end up hurting my feelings.


Welcome to every PvP game community ever that allowed communication.

You need to tell that jerk to stop hurting your feelings. If he really loves you, he would put more effort into being compassionate when giving pointers.


Never message anyone if you are going to cuss or something that someone may find offensive, mean, inappropriate, etc… the report system can and does get used for even minor things and people do get punished for them. Just because you feel something you messaged was fine it doesn’t matter if the person you send the message to takes it the wrong way. Just have to accept it for what it is and move on.

Yeah I get that, didn’t think I would get a ban for that, and especially when I got messages first. Can’t even repeal either, so I gotta go a week with no communication. Gonna be a long one lol

I’m usually not the kindest person and don’t play with a headset so it was on messages, but whatever I guess what’s done is done

I get told that I suck quite often, even when I’m not. It still gets under my skin but then I just send a message of “whatever you say pumpkin” and block them. I like having the last word, it’s the meanness in me coming out to play :smiley:


I have had similar experiences on XBL. The best thing you can really do is just ignore it. Which i’ll admit can be hard after a frustrating game. But the community only gets more toxic if we allow toxic players to bait us.


If anything it’s the general gaming community that’s made toxic by little turds like the one you encountered. And Micro$oft helps make it that way with their idiotic reporting mechanism that can ban people no-proof-required. This is why I stay far way from random PvP situations, and stick to playing w/folks I know. It’s just not worth the aggravation to deal with garbage players like that one.

Damn my friend you are unlucky I have said some very unpleasant things in messages without a bait and never got so much as a slap on the wrist. My recommendation to get around the VoIP ban is to download and use Skype this week completely negates all issues and typically less voice lag.

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I don’t think that the community is that toxic, personally I have meet a lot of nice players in random pubs matches.

But I do think that the way gearbox is ignoring the leaver problem and let them get away without any punishment for their actions so is hurting the game and the community.

There was only 1 time I sent someone a message because he was AFK for most of the entire game. The thing is he pushed, died and went AFK like a million times so he never gets booted!. I sent him a REALLY nice message but other than that I’ve gotten good messages from a team we won againts and lose againts. The best was a Galilea player “Best death I’ve ever had bulderdashing me off cliff!!”. I love those type of players. They cheer you up although they won. Very sportsmanlike!

Not all players are toxic but that one you got was a total ■■■■■■■. I’d probably lose it even worse than you did.

Battleborn on PS4 has by far the nicest community I have ever experienced in a game. Maybe it depends which platform you’re on?

Many of the people I play with are from this forum. I suggest teaming up with a few people from the Xbox subforum:

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Yes! We are nice people! :slight_smile: Well, just rarely came across toxic behaviour on XB1, only 4-5times so far.

I often see people communicating with each other - either in a good or a bad way - on consoles, actually. I owned a PS3 but still no PS4 or X1, so bear with me, but I suppose you have to go all the way to the root menu of the console to message someone and then proceed into typing the message by selecting each letters with your pad, right ?

Somehow I’m kinda appreciative of this.

I’m playing on PC obviously, and I never, absolutely never reach out to someone I played with or against. And they never did. To be honest, I’m not even sure if we can message people we aren’t friend with, meaning we CAN’T communicate with each other, meaning we could really use a way to stay in a team once we found one ( ala Smite, Overwatch, and actually almost every other team-based PvP games I can think of ).

I’m sorry to hear you OP were baited and banned, though. It’s sad when communication fails. I just think it’s even sadder where there are no communications at all :wink:

Sounds like he got you. Must say though that in all my gaming with Gearbox games never had anybody send me a message let alone a bad one, and I really suck at this game. It is disappointing you got a communication ban so fast with XBL I thought that it was impossible for that to happen from one complaint. Sometimes there is the odd person on the mic in games, it usually isn’t a problem (if it is I just mute everyone). I’ve been in some bad games where its obvious people dont know what they are doing (its easy to do as a noob in this game, even as a vet), but I just laught it off, and assume they will get better next game. Thats the point, its only a game. If anyone goes to all the trouble to negatively comment on people’s performance in this game (in particular) sort of needs their head read. Mind you in the past I have sent the odd message to people - and told them thing like “well played” or “good game”. Always got to try to give XBL community those good vibes.