The Community Salvador Guide - All you ever wanted to know

How do you port stuff over here anyway? Is it just copypasting the old content onto a new thread here or is there some sort of tool? Haven’t been here in a looooong while.

I was nervous about my Brawnzerker build going kaput when my old forums bookmark wasn’t working haha. Good to know it wasn’t the case.

Just copy/paste.

To expand on this, make sure any links you have that point to the old forum start with oldforums, otherwise they’ll be broken because forums points here now.

I’ll probably port the build list over here unless someone else gets to it first.

The link for the Top gear is the old one

use this one instead:

You know, Chuck, you could port this guide and your guide(s) over here. Just saying.

I moved a post to a new topic: LF Chaotic Evil Monk 72 or op8

All the links to the old forum are broken again…sigh :frowning:

Here’s the new new URL for the Top Gear:

Basically, you need to add this part to the begining of the address:

I’ll be porting some of my stuff in the coming weeks… Maybe make a single master thread with them since I have to reformat it anyway.

Thanks Chuck. Would you mind porting the Top Gear thread over as well? If not, I will so it doesn’t get lost.

I just might do that yes, though the formatting might be much less nice than it was… I suck at this, and I had a LOT of help for Nisha’s.

@Ha_Na, @Hoyle4 ? feel like doing this all over again ?

Can do. Although my BL2 experience is worse than my Bl1 TPS.

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Don’t worry about that part, i’ve got you covered :wink:

Anyway there is almost no new content, and i’m not editing the Top Gear at all since it wasn’t my original work.

Just an Update, Sal’s TG is more or less done you could probably expect Chuck to post it probably by the end of the day.

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Thanks guys. :smile:

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It’s up:

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Updated the link. Thanks.

I fixed the links pointing to the old forums. Unfortunately one was no longer there. Let me know if any other links are broken. Thanks.

The one that got away was the NKLO one I believe. I tried to find all the links in the OP (as I’m kinda working on a Sal skill guide that will include all the info in the links at the bottom) Seems like the old forum transition don’t work for the links that pointed to a single post.

Luckily, it was a reply to something that I said :stuck_out_tongue:
so I remember the thread in which it was. I don’t have the link but I copy-pasted it’s content to include it in the guide:

Sljm said:

That’s not accurate Chuck.
Here’s how it works:

You kill an enemy, and the game does:
Overkill = total damage dealt - remaining health
Bonus = Overkill / max health
NKLO Damage = Damage * (1 + Bonus%)

So, if an enemy has 1000 health out of 10,000, and you deal 50,000 (Crit Money Shot?) to kill him, you did 49,000 Overkill, 49,000/10,000 = 4.9 or 490% Overkill damage. The amount of Overkill Bonus you can get is capped at 400%, so if your normal shots would do ~5,000 each (final damage before NKLO), they’d do 5,000 * (1 + 4) = 25,000 instead. Crit Money Shot would be around 240,000, more if you have Crit bonuses.

The bonus resets with every kill, so while NKLO makes it easier to get loads of Overkill due to increasing your damage, effectively enabling itself, it’s better to chain-kill small enemies and then topple the big guys because the more health your enemy has the more damage you need to deal to them with the killing blow to get a big bonus. This is why people like Fastball, because you can slag and then one-shot small enemies to be sure to get a huge bonus.

The damage of your weapon is only a factor because the more damage you deal, the more damage you can get relative to the enemy’s health. The %bonus from NKLO is the same no matter what weapon you use after the fact. If you kill an enemy with a Basic Repeater, you will get the same percentage bonus even if you switch to DPUH, though since the DPUH does more damage, you get more damage out of your percent bonus.

What matters for getting the most out of NKLO is the health of the enemy, and the amount of damage you deal in excess of it. If you Slag it, you’re multiplying your damage by 3, making it even easier to get NKLO. Also note, that it’s based on the damage you DEAL. Meaning, of the pellets that actually HIT. Yet another reason people like Fastball so much, because it’s one BIG hit (especially on Slagged enemies) instead of a mathematically significant sum of several hits simultaneously.

The game does seem to handle multi-pellet weapons pretty well (I think there was a patch for this a while ago), so it still works with Shotguns/DPUH more or less like you should expect. The trouble is the enemy’s health and damage reduction at OP levels. Fortunately, as I mentioned, the skill sort of enables itself if you kill several small enemies in a row. It’s not a true “stacking” mechanic, since if you botch a kill (DOT-kill) your bonus can drop significantly.

NKLO is a multiplier, like Money Shot. It sits by itself and multiplies all your shot damage up to 5. Increases all guns and launchers, but not grenades, shields, or melee. Works for both hands. Triggers from ANY damage you deal, despite only increasing guns/launchers. So Nick’s Melee Build can totally Uppercut something in the face TO DEATH and get the full bonus on its guns. Which is pretty awesome. Also, Flame of the Firehawk can activate NKLO, which is another reason it’s so goddamn good with Salvador (regardless what Bahroo might say about it).


@Chuck80 can I take this to mean you’ll be effectively consolidating all the various skill-related BS I had scattered everywhere?

I have a rough draft document ready with most of your stuff copy-pasted, I just need to format it into a single piece of text… but I’ve been pretty lazy about guides lately so it might take a while. I’ll get around to it

Cool beans, I’m actually re-writing my Salvador build as we speak.

How do I do those neat table of contents and heading links?