The Community Salvador Guide - All you ever wanted to know

I’ll get to it eventually.

Life (in the form of a newborn baby) is getting in the way of my sustained dedication to this forum.


In a little less than 6 months I’ll be the same… :grinning:


I don’t mind porting it over, Chuck, but you’ll still be the last word on if anything changes since I don’t have a whole lot of experience with Sal and his COMs.

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Nah it’s cool, I’ll do it. :slight_smile:

I might even take the opportunity to change a few of the descriptions. (Especially since my experiment of going Brawn at OP8 was successful)

The skill guide is also due for a port

Alright. I’ll update the guide once you get them ported over. :dukeaffirmative:

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Might want to either add in (or replace some of the old links with) this:

@Chuck80: any chance you can get those guides we talked about earlier ported over here? :dukecheese:

Yeah I know, they’re way overdue.

I’ll give it a shot this weekend.


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Updated links via Internet Archive for the broken links.
Links inside the archived threads may or may not work. Let me know which ones don’t work. I may have to remake the thread completely for ease of access with credit to original poster.

Breakdown of game mechanics

Breakdown of Gun Damage

[Guide] Salvador’s Class mods

Gunzerker Head/Skin Info and Screenshots - Long load time due to images

Critical Damage While Gunzerking

Get Some

5 Shots or 6

No Kill Like Overkill - unable to get the original thread so this link is to a thread on these forums

Money Shot

(DDD Guide) Salvador’s Skills for Dummies


@Gulfwulf: Under “Detailed skill info” the “Sal Skill and Gear Guide” is actually linking to Sljm’s damage formula guide…


@Gulfwulf, some link fixes :pray:

  • “Breakdown of Gun Damage” was redone by Sljm as Basic Gun Damage
  • “Critical Damage While Gunzerking” has been ported
  • “5 Shots or 6” was ported
  • “Get Some” was ported
  • as @VaultHunter101 mentioned, the “Sal Skill and Gear Guide” links “Basic Gun Damage”. To my knowledge there is no active thread at the moment for his skills ( other than Chuck’s skill guide which we are working on porting - stay tuned ) so might as well be deleted.

Add please :slight_smile:

Should replace the “Salvador skills for dummies” dead link


I still have a hard time with Inconceivable, I’m a trigger puller I couldn’t even begin to count how many times I have died from empty clips. Holding triggers down feels odd to me for shooter games. I’ll just need to adapt.


I would not sweat that honestly, as if you’re playing Borderlands for the first time (especially working with Inconceivable in this case), there’s a lot of things that will look foreign for you.

I wasn’t an FPS guy then though, so the elements that the franchise had along with the essence of the FPS game made me struggle as well.


Not a FPS guy (or wasn’t ? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) and I had to adapt.
First because I wasn’t getting full dps from my guns. Now with the Gunzerker gun’s getting stuck because of inconceivable. I do like Jacob’s weapons so it’s not helping! :blush:
I use it more but Zorg learned to stay alert about his guns state. The occasional oddly timed dual reload can be a pain but it’s manageable. I just can’t keep shooting for nothing just to keep a skill on all the time.
Simply not the Do-Little way. :sunglasses:


Actually on that note, it does admittedly feel good for Hoarder Salvador not having Inconceivable… not just because it threw 5 Shots or 6 all out of whack but because honestly when it came to one-to-one weapons (or, one ammo per shot) the gains in DPS is far more efficient that way than hoping for Inconceivable to kick in.


Actually, Inconceivable doesn’t screw with 5so6 at all, they can even combine on the same shot. This becomes very good if you use guns that consume more than one ammo per shot as it will give you ammo back when 5so6 alone wouldn’t.

I feel they are complimentary.


I apologize, that’s Money Shot it messes with, not Inconceivable. My mistake. XD

(Don’t ask me how I did that.)


@Gulfwulf: Apparently this has been sitting around for a while now!