The Community Salvador Guide - All you ever wanted to know

Please note: a lot of the links here point to the old forums and may be broken due to the forum change. I’ll update the links once they’re ported over here. Thanks.

This was originally started by Sjim, but was never ported over here.

In this thread you’ll find links to guides, tools and other sorts of topics related to our favorite Gunserker.

Gear and Skills

General Info
Detailed Skill Info

If someone wouldn’t mind porting the old threads over here, I’d appreciate it. Thanks. :smile:

You could link my COM guide too :smile:

And you could port it over here. :stuck_out_tongue:

How do you port stuff over here anyway? Is it just copypasting the old content onto a new thread here or is there some sort of tool? Haven’t been here in a looooong while.

I was nervous about my Brawnzerker build going kaput when my old forums bookmark wasn’t working haha. Good to know it wasn’t the case.

Just copy/paste.

To expand on this, make sure any links you have that point to the old forum start with oldforums, otherwise they’ll be broken because forums points here now.

I’ll probably port the build list over here unless someone else gets to it first.

The link for the Top gear is the old one

use this one instead:

You know, Chuck, you could port this guide and your guide(s) over here. Just saying.

I moved a post to a new topic: LF Chaotic Evil Monk 72 or op8

All the links to the old forum are broken again…sigh :frowning:

Here’s the new new URL for the Top Gear:

Basically, you need to add this part to the begining of the address:

I’ll be porting some of my stuff in the coming weeks… Maybe make a single master thread with them since I have to reformat it anyway.

Thanks Chuck. Would you mind porting the Top Gear thread over as well? If not, I will so it doesn’t get lost.

I just might do that yes, though the formatting might be much less nice than it was… I suck at this, and I had a LOT of help for Nisha’s.

@Ha_Na, @Hoyle4 ? feel like doing this all over again ?

Can do. Although my BL2 experience is worse than my Bl1 TPS.

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Don’t worry about that part, i’ve got you covered :wink:

Anyway there is almost no new content, and i’m not editing the Top Gear at all since it wasn’t my original work.

Just an Update, Sal’s TG is more or less done you could probably expect Chuck to post it probably by the end of the day.

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Thanks guys. :smile:

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It’s up:

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Updated the link. Thanks.