The Compactor /Trashlantis Area kn DLC is AMAZING

For all the crap GBX has been getting they did such an excellent job with this DLC . The compactor / Trashlantis level in particular is the most fun and interesting area in BL3 yet . Reslly reminded me of Caustic Caverns from BL2 except it has my favorite enemy types (Loaders) instead of my least favorite (flying insect enemies). Its just so dense and interesting and made me want to explore every book and cranny . Plus the battle music is AMAZING.

No badly designed annointed enemies to drag the fun to a halt.

Reasonable drop rates for new legendaries and so far they have all been useful , even the unique blue rarity weapons .

Excellent pacing and interesting story and characters

Amazing level design that is both epic and interesting

FUN enemies to fight against (I love Loaders so much)

Finally made Corrosive damage very useful.

So far it’s a great sign of things to come. Cant wait for later DLCs.


Not just the compactor. They nailed the level design across the entire dlc. The linear areas are always so much better to traverse and fight through than what you see on eden-6 or Pandora. I hope they stay away from vehicles for future dlc because these smaller, more-focused maps are vastly more engaging than a huge circular area filled with bridges. The Spendopticon stands as proof that you could make a “vast” area without filling it with empty space and necessitating vehicles for travel.

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Lol what would of made this place better would be a trash man easter egg from always sunny in Philadelphia

Dude I didnt even realize the lack of vehicles and open empty spaces !! You’re absolutely right !!

The vehicles in this game are pretty useless. They only serve as method of transportation and even then, fast-travel is more useful. There are as many vehicle skins as there are character skins, but 90% of the game is walking.

whole dlc is solid 10/10 for me even their boss fights are now amazing


I was kinda hoping for something like them to come out and gank me but nothing, if fact the fabricator mkll was a little weak.
Still an amazing dlc with fun bosses and enemies.

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This is one of my favourite locations in the whole series, it feels like a big homage to Borderlands 1 areas and atmosphere in particular Rust Commons, Tetanus Warrens, Earls Scrapyard and especially Hyperion Dump from Robolution. I love the Scraptrap boss fight.

Still, I’m not really looking forward to the other DLC’s from Gearbox themselves because this one was done by Gearbox Quebec (Same guys that did Fight for Sanctuary) which is also why, with areas like Impound Deluxe I think this is “the other half” of Luxys Space Adventure because it really feels more like TPS.

And yes this DLC’s locations are all really awesome although the writing for the most part is still on the same level of BL3 itself :neutral_face:

Sorry kinda got carried away there.

The level design is on point. It’s incredible work being done here in this DLC.

They really nailed the fight for sanctuary dlc aswell!