The Companion and Infusion don't work well together

After about 30 minutes of testing I can say that Infusion dose not work properly with The Companion legendary Jakobs pistol. As you all may or may not know Infusion dose have a chance to proc elemental damage over time effects that do damage proportionate to the Infusion action skill element damage. With The Companion the gun has a zero percent chance to proc elemental DOT effects but auto ignites enemies when you land a critical hit. Nether a Crit or a body shot can cause any DOTs from Infusion.

I am not sure if this is a bug or intended but it could have been a really cool combo.

That really seems like a bug if this combination cancels both damage sources (if I understand correctly).

Infusion still works as it dose a portion of your normal damage as your action skill element but it can’t apply DOTs like other guns can from infusion. This is likely a consequence of how the gun is programmed. I realize now Breath of the Dying likely has the same problem due to it having a 0% chance to apply status effects. I plan on testing more tomorrow. I find it interesting as I can use a gun with no element, use infusion and apply DOTs even though the gun has no status effect chance statistic to work off. It lead me to believe Infusions damage had its own Status effect chance in the talent.

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Doesn’t the Companion still do Fire damage though whether or not you Ignite? I’ve avoided Infusion due to it being a DPS loss and bugged according to most knowledgeable sources… Will double check when i get back inside

I could be wrong but it won’t get the elemental damage buff from tempest without infusion so for that purpose it needs it

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Yeah it still inflicts Fire dmg just has a 0 percent chance to proc without Crits… IMO this works fine on its own with out Infusion, i think that skill is kind of bugged. If you don’t stack Elements it may add bonus damage to your guns but outside of adding elemental dmg to non-elemental guns i feel as if it’s a wasted effect. I certainly cannot provide math to back my notion up just my own testing of it seems to lead to this conclusion.

I attended this with shock and fire just to be sure. The build I run on Mayhem 3 is a Rush overkill Downfall build that revolves around my action skill it’s purely for mobbing. The Companion is appealing as I can spam stack rush as long as I hit a critical. My attempt with Infusion was to make it so the gun had a chance to set enemies aflame in two instances making it possible to gain 2 rush stacks per bullet if I get lucky. Then adding in the Phasezerker COM this would make The Companions Damage quickly sky rocket.

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