The Companion: who else loves it?

So first of all I just want to say this gun is amazing. Is there any build or class this gun isn’t good with? I got one on my first playthrough really early so it was low level but I used it forever because it just one shots things if you get a headshot and it shoots/reloads so fast for a revolver. I finally had to retire it because it was too low. I recently got another one as I was leveling to 50 on my latest character so that made me happy.

I do have a question on the stats. The elemental chance on it is 0% chance. Anyone know if that literally means it never procs damage? I can’t tell because I have skills that proc incendiary and I do see just about every mob ignite into flames but just curious if it’s my skill or the gun and my skill doing that?


When you crit with the Companion, it’ll ignite the enemy.


So does that mean all gun versions say 0% chance or is that still an RNG thing for non critical hits and sometimes says something other than 0% or what?

It means it wont do any incendiary damage unless you get a critical hit. And to my knowledge all versions should be like this.

Yes it’s one of my favorite guns in the game. Most of my favorites are Jakobs! And yeah the 0% + the red text, it will ignite on every crit and not any other time. I do believe it’s damage type is considered fire all the time though, which is noticeable with MH3 modifiers ofc. It just won’t ignite unless a crit.

There is another gun in the game with a 0% like this that has a special effect as well but now I can’t remember it’s name. A sniper I believe.

Breath of the Dying (I think) corrosive Dahl AR.

Another favorite. Yes BOD is a DHAL. It’s special effect is that it shoots out orbs in all directions when you get a critical kill with it (not 100% on the critical part). Very cool, not the one I was thinking of. Theres a sniper that has 0% incin and spawns a volcanoe on kill or something.

The Krakatoa

Ah yeah that’s it.

It’s no Volcano. I miss Pele demanding or politlely requesting his sacrifice :laughing:


You know who gets a ton of use out of The Companion? FL4K, if you get his 20% to score a crit hit no matter what. I do wish they could have made the revolver look a bit more high-tech, look more LIKE the gun it’s referring to, especially with the flat ammo cylinder you see on some of those 4 shot revolvers.

I absolutely love it…

Are you using that skill? It’s the capstone, no? I’m torn about it.

Yes, my FL4K does. I like not always having to worry about a headshot. God knows that when my Amara Phasegrasps someone, it’s sometimes hard to snipe the head due to the graphical effects.

To add some information this gun actually had a negative interaction with Amara’s Infusion skills. Regardless of element it can’t apply Infusions elemental DoT. Crits do not seem to apply it ether so if your using this gun on Amara I would avoid putting any point in Infusion.

Other then that this gun is spectacular. Body shots, crits, Armor, Shields. It can do it all. I personally think the Maggie is over all better but in terms of Jackobs pistols this is a close second for me.


Absolutely. I love how this capstone makes you feel like a badass sniper a lot of times, even if you are not necessarily a badass sniper. I mean, I have played enough BL that I am pretty damn good, but no one can crit on every shot. And on the shots where I don’t crit, still having a chance to crit is amazing. I feel like this is what Tombstone should have been.

Fl4k is just fantastic.

EDIT: I wanted to also say that this capstone also has a boatload of synergy with almost literally every other skill in this skill tree, and the best possible BL character designs incorporate these very kinds of synergies. Megavore synergizes with quite literally every other skill in the Hunter skill tree, other than perhaps Second Intention, but even that one is still a good skill even if there is no synergy. Megavore is amazing, not even a doubt in my mind!

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You mean Mal’s right?



Yuppo. Don’t get me wrong, the Companion looks like a big old lovely .357(BTW, who HATES those ridges on top of a lot of their revolvers in this game they look ugly), but a slightly more hi-tech looking model would have been nice.

Imo it’s not only the best looking revolver in the game, I think it’s the best looking gun period. I love it exactly as it is


I cannot picture them at all lol. I’ll check the next time i get on.