The Concert Thread

This is a place to post your various concert experiences. This includes fun stories, photos, and whatnot.

It can also be used to post upcoming tour schedules for your favorite bands, to give a heads up to other forum members.


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Here’s some of Megadeth when they opened for Iron Maiden:


Being the poor, wayward, rural ■■■■ that I am, I’ve only been to two concernts.

Flogging Molly in nashville, standing room only. We held front and center for 4 hours. It was brutals.

Volbeat in Knoxville. They just rocked socks.

This is a rad thread.

I have TONS of concert experiences, but one I’m looking forward to having in July is my favorite band, Failure, is coming back to Nashville. @UntilValhalla & @IrishRebelA07- you guys should come check it out for sure. Also, some friends of mine have a band called Framing Hanley and they’re on their farewell tour. They have a show coming soon here too.

That’s a couple shows I’m going to soon, but I also do some work in the concert / touring industry here and there too, so there’s a good story or two there too.

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Dude, where abouts are you from? Irish, Joe, and me live in/near Nashville. (We’ll get to hang out one day lol.)

I would love to see Flogging Molly. Volbeat live are the tits, too.

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Volbeat was at RotR this weekend. However, I missed them because I was waiting in line for Anthrax autographs.

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The part of Virginia that pokes into Kentucky’s butt. You know. “Deep” in the sticks.

Both of those concerts were 3-4 hour long drives to and from ><

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They’re good stuff. They’ve got something for everybody. Metal, rockabilly, 50’s music, country, all rolled in to one awesome band.

But it’s understandable if you got to meet Anthrax. :slight_smile:

Kinda like Atlanta for us, then. They get all the best tours.

  • shakes fist at Atlanta *

Favorite concerts I’ve been to were Behemoth and ChthoniC (could brag again that I’ve met Doris and Freddy).

I have a list somewhere of every band I’ve seen. When I’m home I’ll be able to post some pictures.

Been to a couple of concerts myself. Went to see a band called Magnum twice. It was only inside a small building on this part of their tour, but lots of people got in and we could buy pints while we waited. The music was 2 hours of awesome.

The only concert I have been was one of Deep Purple some years ago.

The rest were little gigs of local punk or metal bands. No, I don’t enter moshpits because I can leave someone…bad.

Been in a moshpit myself a few times.
Last time I did my face met someone’s shoulder. Luckily only ended up with a chipped tooth.

This reminds me something…

Every time Metallica comes to Chile, some weird stuff happens.
World Magnetic Tour, we had the 02/27 8.8 earthquake.
Metallica by Request, there was the Apr 1st 8.3 which I felt and had to evacuate.

The Earth can’t handle their epicness.

When they debuted in 1992, there were serious floods in Santiago and in 1999 there was a drought.
Puta los culiaos yeta por la chucha

Well, apparently no translate site can fully recognize what you’re saying. xD The most they got were the swear words, but they have no translation for yeta.

Chilean slang, says “what a cursed guys goddammit”
Yeta means bad luck.

Megadeth ? Never heard of them, and think you spelled it wrong… deth ?

will have to dig up some concert shots, I had posted some signed stuff by dave and the band but this is for concert stuff…