The Conference Call instakills Graveward!

Hey Zane gang! In case you didn’t know, I’m back bitches!!! :partying_face:

Real talk though. I’ve been playing with the new Professional skill tree and the many changes made to the sandbox in the 6 months that I’ve been away and it just popped into my head to try the Conference Call on Graveward because of Eraser and the results are f*cking :exploding_head:! Is this interaction with Graveward a known thing among the Zane gang? Or am I missing something?


Lol ouch! Nice shot!

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What’s the interaction here? Is this like B0ring him with overlapping hitboxes?

That’s what I think is happening.

I just confirmed that it is Eraser B0ring him because w/o spec’ing into Eraser the speed kill just doesn’t happen.

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You can do something similar against the train boss in DLC 4.

I wonder what other weapons would lend themselves to this sort of behavior… it’s a meta that I only toyed with a couple of times during my BL2 career (to see how it worked more than the primary function in a build).

Hyperfocus XZ41, Recursion, and the Lucian’s Call come to mind. The XZ41 is my conjecture, the Recursion was demonstrated by the YouTuber Moxsy, and I have tested the Lucian’s Call.

The complex root does some mad things with eraser.

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That was my first inclination, but I don’t think it would reach Graveward?

Do we know of any other enemies that lend themselves to this sort of thing?

I miss the, eh, “mushy” sound this would make from BL2… is there a similar sound when done in BL3?

Also, @studdugie, what are your video settings for your Youtube uploads? They’re very smooth.

I have plans to shoot that wild rifle then tank the afterburn using infiltrator com, mantis cannon and a 4sec delay Stop Gap.

“Let’s have ourselves a donnybrook then!”

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Nah. Either WTF with nova and amp parts or an ASS frozen heart.

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Conference Call on Locomobius. I have killed that boss before he summoned any additional enemies before. Just make sure you are aiming from the side so that the extra projectiles hit throughout the train.

Thank you. I use Shadowplay which is the game recording software that nvidia makes for their cards. For video capture I chose the high setting, which has a bit rate of 50 mbits. But I think the real secret is my resolution setting is set to In-game. What makes that special is that I have an ultra-wide monitor whose native/in-game resolution is 3840x1080. So when YouTube downscales my videos to 1080p for HD they have a ton of extra data to work with. But that’s just my guess. I’m not a video geek so maybe the extra data doesn’t matter. :thinking:

When you upload to Youtube, do you do it directly from Shadowplay? That’s what I use with the same settings, but I think mine lose something because I crop/tweak them in Windows MovieMaker, and its output settings are where it’s lost.

Yeah, it seems to be large enemies that do this. I’d be surprised if Wotan didn’t have overlapping hitboxes, as it’s actually a gestalt of sorts. Red and Blue at the end of the Maliwan Slaughter probably do. I can’t imagine you’re not going to tour the galaxy at large and try this on everything. :laughing:

Most the time yes but sometimes I do some editing in kdenlive.

The latest.