The coolest or craziest thing that happened to you in borderlands 2

Another Scorches fail, here.

As Krieg, working on unlocking OP4. I have the Scorches down pretty well, so I’m doing my routine. Slag with Pimpernel, kite, and chuck Baby Maker. When I do this, I focus on one with the chucks.

So, I get the first down to 40%, and the other is behind it. Refresh slag. Fire the Baby Maker, hit X. As I’m in the toss, first one somersaults sideways, and the one behind it is revealed to be somehow already doing the roll attack at me, which I discover because it hits me, simultaneously damaging me directly, and making me eat my chuck damage. Full health to FFYL, instantaneously.

They then jumped over the rock.



First time I got Vermi to spawn with Son of Craw. It was back when the 4p glitch was still around and was completely on accident.

One of my favourite things in Borderlands 2 is to pop the helmets on Goliaths and level them to GOD-liaths, and sometimes the spawns can get a bit crazy… On this one occasion, there seemed to be no end to them in Frostburn Canyon.Naturally, I popped the helmets on each and every one of them, so in the end, I had eight Raging Goliaths running around in the first camp. It was total mayhem, and absolutely hilarious.


[quote=“Ronnie_Rayburn, post:6, topic:1557543”]eight[/quote]Wow, that’s a party :grimacing:

The single craziest thing? So many… one time I found an unoccupied Bandit Stinger that I was able to enter and drive around. Here’s a shot of me using the turret:


Back when I was leveling up my first Zer0 years ago I picked up a Jacobs trickshot revolver. It had really good stats and I hadn’t tried them out at all yet. Trickshot seemed like a fun thing, too. I took it for a spin. I had killed story mission BNK-3R but I wanted to go kill it again so I went up there. The very first shots I fired took BNK-3R’s health all down, I didn’t even realize it until he flew away. I knew something weird had happened and I thought the magic was because of trickshot prefix. I held on to that gun for a long time and picked up new trickshot guns where I could to find out how I did it.

It’s pretty obvious now what happened there but back then that accidental B0re with just a couple of shots fired felt pretty crazy.

The only more recent crazy thing I can remember was fighting a single bullymong in Eridium blight. There was a small rock between us. Apparently the mong couldn’t just walk over it even though it looked like that so instead he decided to attack me with a leap. He apparently misjudged the height of that knee high stone in front of him because he jumped halfway to the Hyperion base. He did eventually come down but I haven’t seen even Goliaths chasing flying enemies jump that high, ever.


Doing the Cold Shoulder mission once, and when Laney spawned she was kinda trapped inside the rocks. I couldn’t see her, but her minimap red dot was there and I could hear her. Evidently she was slowly floating up through the rocks towards the sky, and eventually she emerged from the top of the rocks and kept slowly floating up into the air. I tried picking her off with a sniper but the only one I had was way underlevelled and couldn’t really make a dent in her. Eventually, somehow she snapped back down to her spawn point and then she emerged normally, heh.

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That tends to happen if enemies end up out of bounds, or stray too far from their spawn point. I have a video of a Goliath in The Dust appearing to slowly walk up invisible stairs to get to me, he was slowly floating but also advancing on me and it was the most bizarre thing, then he snapped out of it and lunged at me. I’ll have to upload that one.

I got a couple, i have been having my melee Zero finishing off some enemies and the number comes up 0k but it wrecks their day still… my guess is thats the ones that im hitting over 2 000 000 000 on

my buddies and i were powering through the story… cause who wants to go through normal and true?.. we got to the bunker, killed him, he did his ride around thing but he stopped 30 yards to his right of where he normally does, and he proceded to float off to his right, out of sight dropping all our loot off the edge

Jack Attack!
Doing the story , and at the warrior I dropped jack and one of the cut scenes had all the mini jacks running around in the background.
I dont know why but it cracked me up.

Oh yeah, that reminds me! (Copypasting from an older post of mine:)

Interesting you thought something was glitching, because a couple weeks ago the Jack fight definitely glitched on me. I was fighting him, chased him down to that lava land bridge that leads to an ammo spawn machine… he had thrown up his surveyor and his shield was up, and as we were fighting, I noticed across the map there was ANOTHER surveyor flying around shielding something… I was like WTF and ran over to investigate and sure enough, another (non-doppelganger!)-Jack… I turned around to look back and I still saw the original Jack with his shield and surveyor up. I killed the “new” Jack and that triggered the cutscene and was able to move on to the Warrior luckily.

That, I think, has been the weirdest thing to happen to me in BL2, heh.


Crazy game, very big crazy goings on!
Shot something once on the bunker run (Hyperion Soldier i think) with a launcher, he took off and bounced himself across the entire map in front of and behind me :open_mouth:
I ran after him, crossing as much of the terrain as i could whilst laughing my proverbials off! (sorry)

Hmmm probably had to be there :smile:

I experience a glitch previously with Maya.

While playing coop (im not the host) we were about to transition to another map (not sure which map it is, but i think its from wep to highlands). I see an enemy and tried to phaselock him with 1 second remaining in the countdown.

When we return in the travelled map, my phaselock is still active as well as skills Wreck, Elated and Chain Reaction. I can’t use phaselock and res though, and I change my grenade from quasar to magic missile for the slag since no Ruin as well.

After this, i tried duplicating this, thinking this will help me beat the crap out of Vora but failed to do so.

Almost forgot: I once teleported a fan boat into Sir Hammerlock’s hunting lodge. I think it’s reproducible, as I’ve seen or heard of someone else doing it once. If you’re down, try this:

Get into the map with a friend over at the non-lodge fast travel (where you first start the map). Have one person run down, spawn a fan boat, and get in. While they’re in the fan boat, you fast travel straight into the lodge. Because you’re on the same map, the travel is basically instant (minus the travel animation). I think this will draw the other player with you, boat and all, into the lodge.

If I wind up in co op in Aegris some time, I’ll see if I can’t do it again and get a screenshot.

Oh wow. I knew you could get a car into Overlook like that but never thought of Hunter’s grotto for this. I need to see this. As a matter of fact I need to see this with 2 boats in there.

mine was defeating Pyro pete after 15 mins and him dropping a Sledges Shotgun then going up through the sewer pipe and finding a Pitchfork in the chests!!!
also finding level 50 Legendary Mod on TVHM in a Dahl chest!

Farming for Bloodtail for a Damned Cowboy the other day. They say that drop chance of the Damned Cowboy is High. But after around 20+ kills bloodtail still not dropping the Damned Cowboy.

Fed up, farmed Hyperius and he dropped the Norfleet back to back.

Crazy RNG.


Back on PS3 I farmed the Warrior for hours on end, trying for a Practicable Conf. Call. I got literally his entire loot pool except the Call. After a few hours of everything except what I wanted, I see another shotgun drop, it didn’t look like the Flakker either. Oohh man I was pumped. I walked up to it nice and slow like, aaand it was a social variant. I got so pissed that I shut my console down, swearing on the way out the door and went and drove around for an hour or so. Sat back down to start farming again, and the very first drop was a Practicable variant. I sat dumbfounded at my luck for at least 5 minutes.


WoW :grinning:

Love that story, proper salty stuff :thumbsup:


On my Maya here on PS4, I got it literally the very first time! 'Twas a shock one at that!

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Always the way my friend :grinning:

Borderlands is within itself cool, and one of the craziest games I have ever had the pleasure of!

It’s got personality too :smile: