The Coronavirus/COVID-19 Thread

Yeah. Been self-quarantined for almost two months, gained 4kgs and bored as feck.
How has your quarantine been?

Just wondering… Does the COV part in COVID comes from Chlildren of the Vault? D:

(Politics regarding the bug, to the politics thread pls)


Insanely busy actually. I kept working. Others in my department got laid off so we were down to about a third : one third staff and about a third of the business.

That said, those who came in were willing to get as much work done as we recommended (I work in the service department of an auto dealer). March ended up being a record month for me (just me personally) ; April beat that by 20% ; May is set to beat April by 30% for the whole department since we’ve increased staff slightly.

What does that mean? Stress. Lots and lots of it. And job security too, so that’s something.

The more subtle stress however is the constant vigilance one has to keep : ensuring I’m keeping my distance from my co-workers and customers, ensuring my co-workers keep their distance, and ensuring customers keep their distance from me, my co-workers and each other. Plus ensuring my work station is frequently sanitized.

And there’s the unconscious dread that everything’s going to go back to the way it was. Why? No idea.


Ah, so you did start one. Good idea. Sorry I didn’t respond sooner, got confused by your last comment in the RTT.

Anyways, personally I’ve probably been borrowing trouble with how closely I’ve been following the stories. It’s not really a healthy mental space to be in, but on the other hand it’s also odd, but I have to admit the constant worry about it has gradually worn down until I actually consider it.

That said, I’m worried locally, since… basically noone here is following even basic precautions. You go to the store and noone socially distances or wears masks. This is much more reasonably worrying. Not a lot of my day to day life has really changed though.


I guess I’d be more worried about the lack of masks if the case rate in the area was trending up. Living in a major megopolis with a large international community, I’m concerned, but I do my best not to worry: that just results in stress hormones which then suppress your immune system, leaving you more vulnerable to illness.

I am concerned that our local numbers are trending up again. Although the reasons are not entirely clear, there’s (1) more aggressive testing of people who weren’t being tested previously and (2) generally a sense of fatigue - not helped by fantastic weather - that this has gone on long enough. (And the idiots claiming the whole thing is a hoax/overblown aren’t helping.)

Personally, I’ve been on work from home since mid-March, which is not so easy in a small house with a family of four. I’m a little tired of having to line up just to get in a store, but I’ve more or less figured out my timing to minimize that.

Not looking forward to September, as that will be when life both gets increasingly busy and the ‘second wave’ is being predicted to hit. But I have enough to do right now that I can keep busy and focus on that.


we’re on the verge of collapse around here, 69k cases and 350 deaths
curfews, quarantines
military on the streets, it’s been quite a wild ride if you ask me

Clorox wipes are the new 94% Sham


It’s… weird here. We’ve had tests for months, but they wouldn’t let anyone have one till recently. And now they’re getting upset when people think they can’t get tested. As a result we’re not clear how far its spread. Most of our cases so far were from the local prison, where they shipped someone in who had it early on, but since we have almost no testing done it’s not entirely clear what local transmission is like.


that’s ■■■■■■-up D:

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I live in a small city in a farming county. Very low amount of cases. All the outbreaks are in care homes. We still have lots of freedom but still must take caution. We went 2 weeks with no new cases (one recently popped up).

Night and day when it comes to huge overpopulated areas vs low population rural areas.

Some stores are closing shop as expected though…

I’m still laid off, but starting to get my sanity back. Ontario is in a phase one of reopening, and with the good weather, I’ve been out more but still saying very cautious. Not sure if I’ll be happy going back to work or not, being a mall custodian and all. Some people are even dumber and grumpier these days. So not looking forward to having to deal with those types. And a few stores there will be going poof too.


I really hope they take a sane approach and allow more nuanced openings between regions. Living in Toronto, which accounts for the bulk of the continued increases, it doesn’t make sense that smaller rural communities should get treated the same way. I imagine your location is going to struggle with a major hit to tourist income this year though.

BTW good to see you posting!


Yep. Same here. Never stopped going to work, and we got busier. The stress that really wears on you is what you said: keeping away from coworkers and people I meet on job sites. “Is my mask infected? Did I touch my face back there?? WHAT IS THAT SMELL?!”

I’m definitely wearing out. Fo sho.



Yes, the theater lost millions having to close for the season.

And wow, just saw the news about all the people in the park in toronto…

Yes. I am not happy about that. I’m hoping that it was mostly those living in condo towers in the area, and not anyone from my end of the city. It was an incredibly selfish and foolhardy thing to do.

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I can see the desire due to the weather, but it goes against all logic… Some people have no self control.

I’m also wondering if its an extrovert thing. I am an uber introvert so the isolation hasn’t got to me much. I still miss seeing folks but its not like life or death for me.


I definitely feel the extrovert thing is a contributing factor - the three introverts in my household are definitely handling this better than the one extrovert!

I also feel there’s still quite a bit of “it only affects old people” thinking going on. Which is to some extent true, but ~20% of cases are in the age range making up the majority present at Trinity Bellwoods the other day, and that is not an insignificant percentage.


I never really got a chance to register the whole Covie fiasco. Early on my daughter was born, and then my mother’s health failed at an incredible rate shortly afterward. The end result was that I didn’t feel a lot of the restrictions as much as some other people. Now NY state is beginning to open, and they are forecasting NYC reopening with precautions and such during the first half of June. I suspect that we will be seeing a spike in numbers, followed by a renewal of restrictions and then the second wave, after that and during the summer months. I doubt we’ll see anything resembling “normality” in the city before testing and a vaccine become widely available. So, as much as they are painting this in optimistic shades, I believe this is a tad premature and more than a little risky. :man_shrugging:


I’m curious, and I know where I fall on this poll, but how has everyone who qualifies as a key worker* held up to this lockdown (however it has been done where you live)

*Key worker being an industry that had to continue during the lockdown (healthcare, emergency services, essential production, hgv/goods drivers, postal services, security etc.)

  • Key worker, introvert - mental health fine
  • Key worker, introvert - mental health worse
  • Key worker, extrovert - mental health fine
  • Key worker, extrovert - mental health worse
  • Not a key worker

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I do want to point out, this is entirely anonymous.


49M, NHS hospital worker in the UK here. Had the disease end March. No PPE available then. Not fun. Sensation of drowning in your own fluids ain’t nice: a bit like being water boarded? Recovered enough to return to work later in April. Lung capacity appears persistently reduced so far and had several novel inflammatory complaints since, which I suspect are related. I appear to have aged several years instantly! The good wife had it less severely, she still looks good, and the kid had no symptoms. Lost a poorly older family member to it recently. Numbers still bad here.
At least the roads have been quiet for a change!
Stay safe all, wherever you are.


That’s horrifying, glad to hear you survived though.


Thanks, much appreciated. Just re-read my own post above, seems a bit melodramatic. I’m just glad to be here!