The Coronavirus/COVID-19 Thread

I think the stats are province-wide, but they would be heavily biased by the numbers in the GTA, Brampton-Peel, Ottawa, and Windsor-Essex regions. So I suspect that the % would be close between all those.

And as the absolute number of cases goes up, the proportion of that 20% who get bad Covid goes up as well (including requiring ICU care and fatalities).

I think there’s two things behind that: the ones who just don’t care, believe they are immune, or think the worst they face is ‘a bad cold’; and the ones stuck in service/sales jobs dealing with the public on a daily basis because they need to eat.

I haven’t seen the GTA breakdown in a while, but the worst areas are of course the lower end of the socioeconomic scale - lots of dense 1960s rental apartment buildings etc.


And it was brought up on the news on why we dont have paid sick leave. Like I am still shocked why we dont have paid sick leave, like wtf, if your stuck between paying rent and eating, your going to work sick no matter what. In the first wave I was even saying to co workers wtf why dont everyone have paid sick leave like lol. I have a co worker who comes into work like SICK AS ■■■■ because he is in that situation. One shift it was like… snow storm, and the dude almost passes out on the bench because he is so sick and cant shovel snow… (also dont ■■■■■■■ trust him, even with the screening because you can easily lie on that if you dont fever)


Well, good to know what Quebec’s priorities are, at any rate.


Putting emphasis on some well-rounded (afterwards, at least) assets to support or even lift morale?


Before I even opened the article, I’m like… I’m betting they get paid better for those private procedures… opens link … yay for bring right…

They also mentioned the “dark triage” rules are rolling out in covid hotspots in the GTA etc on the news tonight.


So basically, don’t get sick for the next 4 weeks.