The Coronavirus/COVID-19 Thread

Israel seems to have been on top of things as well as any other country the entire last year, so no surprise they managed to lock down supply and distribution. Very impressive when one compares their management against New Zealand, who can very easily manage migration.

The rollout in Canada has been agonizingly slow, especially seeing Americans getting immunized in huge waves. I wonder how much of this disparity is supply related, how much is related to differing rates of approving various vaccines, and how much is just plain organizational.


It appears that long story short, kind of both. Basically you have no domestic production of vaccines (something that’s apparently been an issue for a long time), but in addition you guys signed a negotiated agreement last summer where large deliveries weren’t required before April due to unclear production timelines. Due to a group negotiating that supposedly had conflicts of interest.

On a side note, I made a disturbing number of typos writing this post.


I approve of this vaccine

Let the entire world 420

CBD is still a tough one. It’s juuust on the fringe still, primarily because manufacturing is still so highly variable, therefore unreliable in its efficacy.

I looked into it for cancer at the recommendation of an acquaintance and found a lot of dubious and spurious links, but only one acceptable link. And that only used language like “showed promising results”. It has been approved by the FDA for epilepsy which is a great foundation.

The abstract that’s linked looks legitimate, so that’s “promising”.

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god dammit onion xDxDxD

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This was the first thing I saw after that Onion bit - it took a moment to realize it’s real.



That is the crazy thing about onion satire-ing american news, like you ok down there america?!


It would hilarious to say : avoid CV by getting a cold. Except it’s (almost) true.


Alright, for the first time ever I find myself rooting for the common cold.

Go Rhino(virus)!


embrace the unbearable sinus paaaaiinnn for the greater good!

Just so long as we don’t end up with a CoRhinovirus, we’ll be OK!

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With the AZ-O vaccine dominating the news (particularly CBC), I sent along a couple recent articles to my family since my mother is scheduled this week. My sister responded with what I thought was rather interesting.

One of my friend’s mom in City of Vancouver got Pfizer. So I called the Service BC COVID 19 info line to see what they’re using in West Vancouver.

Here’s the news :

  • BC has not started using AstraZeneca yet. It’s been approved, but it’s not due to start being used until Phase-3 (April sometime). Also, BC is not importing the AZ Oxford used in Europe - we’re getting from another manufacturer, from India. It’s known as SII COVISHIELD, or AZ/SII.

  • Therefore, vaccines currently in use in BC are Moderna and Pfizer

  • Service BC can’t predict which of those two would be at West Vancouver Community Centre this week : each clinic gets a fresh delivery every day, of whatever is available at that time.


I guess this explains why the date for my next haircut keeps getting bumped:

Not liking that spike at all. No sir, not one bit. The only good news is that the vaccination program seems to be picking up speed, and I may be eligible to get one come April.

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It’s just a dang game of leapfrog. Shutdown - reopen - shutdown - rinse and repeat.

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It turns out that every adult over the age of 30 is now eligible in NYC, and I clear that line by a decade. I’m still hesitant because of the rush to market, but will probably get it sooner rather than later. The Mrs and I will stagger ourselves so that we’re not rolling the side effect dice at the same time.


And ontario is getting locked down again. Are we seriously just gonna keep leapfrogging like this because they cant even with paid sick days?

Ford: “Paid sick days are too expensive, so we’re shutting you down for a month instead.”

Me: “You appear to be suffering from mononeural asynapticism; please step down”


All these low income essential workers getting wrecked because we can’t afford to loose work, so guess what happens when no paid sick days like, lol common government its not hard!

Yay! Good news!