The Coronavirus/COVID-19 Thread

Be interesting to see if there’s an up-tick on vaccinations now:


I got my second dose Friday. I had symptoms after the first, and was expecting this one to be worse, but it really wasn’t. Only the one day of fatigue with some achiness, compared to 2 days the first time round. Just in time for our trip to Delaware Thursday, though short of full effectiveness. Three cheers for procrastination!


I don’t think Delaware is too high on the risk list? Certainly, there are far worse places you could should be going avoiding right now. There’s one heck of a lot of fire, flood, and pestilence around at the moment…


Well, I can’t believe this, but we’re missing out on the flooding here!

Oh. Wait. It’s summer (to be fair, we live in valleys around here, so the solution to flooding here is simple - we don’t build there).

Well, I’m still planning on doing the mask dance too where it’s crowded. I believe caution should be the watchword.

@TemetNosce you want some flooding? We’ve got some here in NYC leftover from yesterday. :wink:


Considering we’ve been in a drought for… six months-ish? And before that it was only a brief break, I would indeed take some flooding. Hey, it might even cut down on the wildfires!

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If I could bail my brother’s basement directly into your nabe I totally would, as droughts and fires scare the ever-loving ■■■■ out of me. For whatever the prayers of a heathen are worth, I’m praying for you to have some rain. :crossed_fingers:

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So the heathen is praying for the atheist? Probably about as much as any other prayer - which is to say it cheered me up slightly since you mentioned it.


That’s more good than prayer has ever done me, so I’ll count that as a win.

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News from BC (synopsis from my sister) :

BC is not moving to Step #4 on Sept 7 as originally planned. No new date yet. (Here’s the Restart Plan - we’re in Step #3 BC's Restart: A plan to bring us back together - Province of British Columbia)

BC is introducing proof of vaccination requirement for non-essential indoor entertainment & recreation.
press release B.C. launches proof of vaccination to stop spread of COVID-19 | BC Gov News
press conf COVID-19 vaccinations in BC update, August 23 - YouTube

[Check out the outstanding performance of the sign language interpreter!! ]

Premier Horgan intro @ 6:00
Premier Horgan re vax card @ 9:00
Dr Bonnie intro @ 12:00
Dr Bonnie re vax card 16:30
Question re exemptions @ 30:00 answer: there will be no exemptions except for children under 12 who are accompanied by vaccinated adults. Also applies to anyone coming here from other provinces/countries


Sep 13 people must be at least partially-vaxxed
Oct 24 people must be fully-vaxxed + 1 week
In effect until at least January, to be reassessed monthly
Includes discretionary indoor things like: concerts, restaurants (including outdoor patios!), gyms. Does not apply to employees of these businesses that would be handled another way, but they didn’t elaborate)
Does not apply to retail, grocery stores, churches, healthcare services, any essential services.
You’ll get a card which you can download onto your phone (just indicates that you’re fully-vaxxed; no personal/medical info included). There will be an alternative for people without smart phones - tba.
Schools - more info this week
Workplaces - working with WorkSafe, but no real comment

We’re pretty much in a holding pattern here as well. More workplaces and entertainment centres are coming out with mandatory vaccination policies (although they do try and make accommodation for those with medical exemptions), and the anti-vaxxers continue to be a bloody nuisance:

Honestly, if you want to yell at someone, there’s lots of room outside Queen’s Park on the front lawn…

The numbers also keep going up, and are forecast to get worse:

Which, if it looks to be panning out, might change a few things. I will admit to being rather concerned at this point, especially with events like this taking place:

the drug interferes with specific ion channels that are found in parasitic nematode worms

It’s heart worm medication. Surely no one would be stupid enough to think a de-wormer would work on a virus….

preliminary data suggested that the drug could thwart the pandemic coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2—at least in petri dishes

Because a petri dish is exactly the same as a human body, so I understand why punters connect dots that don’t exist :roll_eyes:

the average rate of ivermectin prescriptions per week went from 3,600 prepandemic to a peak of……88,000. That translates to a 24-fold increase from the prepandemic baseline.

So even doctors don’t understand. Fantastic.

people unable to get a prescription for the drug have resorted to buying the over-the-counter livestock drugs

As in cattle.

In Florida
in Texas
In Georgia
In Arkansas
in Alaska

I see a pattern.

One official in Arkansas’ Washington County was particularly alarmed to learn that the medical provider for a county detention center has been prescribing ivermectin to inmates and county employees.……[and] he had taken ivermectin himself and given it to many of his family members.

“One official” was concerned. Another wasn’t.

Arkansas State Rep. Robin Lundstrum wrote: “Doc saves 500 inmates lives, taxpayers money & saves hospital bed space! Let’s stone Doc & Sherriff instead of thanking them!”

Addendum :

misinformation mills on the Internet

Looks like The Internet now has God status and needs to be capitalized. Seems appropriate.

Because everything is fine and ok.

Go for it:

Also, this was bound to happen sooner or later:


The imagination reels if there are hospitals that would turn people away who have contracted CV, are unvaccinated and therefore uninsured.

The US is approaching 200,000 cases a day again - we’re starting to close on the previous peak. Fortunately death is not just lagging cases, but significantly behind, nonetheless the count is still similar to last fall.

I honestly don’t know what to say, it was clear that anti-vaxxers would be a problem early on, but even the fence sitters have caused immense damage at this point. We’re still missing a substantial portion of ‘gettable’ people in the vaccinated numbers (as of the latest tracking numbers from Morning Consult there’s still 18% combined in the categories of ‘plan to get vaccinated’ and ‘unsure’).

I was reading some commentary on that a few weeks ago. Apparently US hospitals can’t legally do that, which basically means that everyone ends up on the hook for bills that patients can’t pay. You know the drill: privatize the profits and socialize the costs.


HMO is now on Wall Street.

We need a bingo card for this. What will people eat or drink next to avoid getting the vaccine, like, my brain just cant even…


I’m not amused by it, but yeah given we blew past bleach early on, I figured we’d already jumped the shark.