The Coronavirus/COVID-19 Thread

But that was because of demonstrated effectiveness after testing. As I’ve said many times, ivermectin has been tested and found wanting for off-label use in treating Covid19 already. The horse is dead, Jim - time to stop flogging it.

Strange fact: the other day I caught a headline about the advice for using aspirin as a preventative being updated. Didn’t think to bookmark at the time, unfortunately, and now I can’t find it. And I didn’t even get to read it!

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Operative words:

Of all the people I know that had it (way more than I’m comfortable with) and survived (way less than I’m comfortable with), I’ve only heard it wasn’t that bad once before this. This is what you call anecdotal evidence, and it isn’t proof of anything but the experience of the one who related it.

Citation needed. I’m skeptical of these claims. I’m skeptical of most claims, TBH, but the things I see to the contrary far outnumber things that agree, and what I see that does agree has questionable (at best) academic standing. I saw this today, and while I can’t say I think it’s 100% trustworthy, I can say that its citations seem well above board to this lay person’s eyes.

Just some thoughts. I’d rather be safe than sorry, you do you though.


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