The Coronavirus/COVID-19 Thread

Ars Tech is letting themselves apply commentary in regards CV it seems. Their article about the CDC’s no-testing mandate was replete with them.

They even had to justify it

Grain of truth, grain of salt in all things I suppose.


Well thanks, that actually cheered me up. One thing I’ve noticed a lot lately is that the media failed to learn anything from '16. News articles on a group of far right terrorists shooting mace into a crowd while driving through them was described as a ‘clash’ of protesters recently.

It’s astounding that if anything they’ve gotten worse about pretending that portraying everything as equal is the same as being unbiased.

Regardless, that change at the CDC was indeed concerning, and it being made while Fauci was under for surgery was as well. From recollection they walked it back however a day or so afterwards.


They’ve made some interesting comment responses on some of the Section 230 misinformation posts as well. They clearly have their lines in the sand, and they’re prepared to back them up.

I think in the case of the whole ‘dial back testing and just let things happen’ reporting, their criticism is scientifically justified. And it seems that ever more infectious disease specialists and epidemiologists are chiming in to the same effect:

BTW @Jefe there was one interesting comment from a Swede on the article you linked. Basically, they said that the bulk of the deaths appeared to be in care homes (sounds familiar), highlighting issues with the way such government-run institutions operate - wait, what???

I don’t know about BC but here in ON the bulk of outbreaks and a significant majority of the care home deaths were in for-profit homes. And these were again overwhelmingly run by a handful of companies who keep as many staff as possible on <20 hour part time contracts to avoid benefits etc., so of course they were working 2 or 3 different homes to make ends meet.

So yes, there’s something rotten in the state of Den Sweden, which is likely to have some ramifications as folks start looking more deeply into what happened there.


The homes in ON and PQ have gotten the most press (NL too?) - more due to the deplorable conditions than outbreaks - but there have certainly have been horrible spikes in care homes in BC. I can’t even begin to conceive of the shear volume of suffering those in care homes are going through - isolation included.

There seems to be a universal lack of care (in both senses of the word) in the entire western world for the elderly. Even in “socialist” countries, we’re not immune to apathy - both at a societal level and a governmental.

This may be a tad off topic, but when I get to the age were I cant care for myself, I want to be “put down”. Why can’t we be “put to sleep” if we cant function anymore? I don’t want to be a mindless meat sack using up tax dollars for nothing.

In the wild, carnivorous predators would pick off the weak and old, but in human land, this doesn’t happen. Viruses are pretty much the only thing that preys on us (they need our cells to reproduce).

I live in Oregon, we have Death With Dignity laws, which allow for people to request that if they’re too far gone. That said, that’s different from requiring it, which is honestly a lot more disturbing, and frankly unethical in more modern times. A society which killed those who were deemed without economic value is not a healthy or ethical one I’d argue.

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Yeah, that’s the thing, all systems can be abused: Eg a greedy family wanting to get their inheritance…

As you know Canada has legal medical assistance in dying (renamed from s______ thankfully) - the safeguards against abuse are clear. So I think in practice it’s about as ethical as it can be. One of the criteria is that the request must come from the individual - not a family member.

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It quite sure what to make of this disparity

Same company in both articles, one day apart.

The first article even mentions the pledge signed by P + B (and others) right at the end.

I don’t know - either they have extremely good data so far, or there’s something fishy going on. Given Pfizer’s history of bolstering their share price by a continuous stream of mergers, acquisitions, and subsequent cancellations/down-sizing, I know which I’m option I’m leaning towards…

Although they might actually have good data and be up to something?

Meanwhile, some of the other vaccine data may have gotten complicated:

But not as serious an issue as the Russian data that was published recently. Not only were the trials incredibly small, but some of the data looks very suspicious:


A well done cover.


I’ve been on work-from-home since mid-March, which had the benefit of completely avoiding my daily commute. That has saved me a bundle on transit and extra coffee/lunches, for sure.

But I’m starting to realise that there’s one thing I do miss about my subway rides: the chance to simply sit and decompress for ~30 minutes twice a day without notifications, phone calls, and other interruptions.

Don’t get me wrong - I love being around my family. But there’s something about a complete lack of anything I need to respond to sitting between home and work that I just don’t get any more, and there are times when I could definitely use that.


Sounds like the subway ride is meditation for you. Wonder if you can find an alternative way. Nature walks is were I zen out.


There’s a few spots, but they need to be reasonably short walks. I’m sure Mrs. VaultHunter101 wouldn’t object to a stroll every now and then though!


How about we spotlight someone doing their level best to pay the bills after the Covie cost them their job?