The corvette's firepower


so i noticed, the taidan heavy corvette has 2x the power of the kushan’s. most likely a typo.
so is it 78 or 156 firepower in practice ?

ive never noticed this, maybe needs some lookin at but im sure they are pretty much even when it comes to combat against each other and intended targets :smiley:

Uhhhh. That is worth looking into. It could be a typo.

The Taidan and Kushan heavy corvette are pretty much identical in combat.

However, the firepower shown in game is a crude and often mis-leading number. It only looks at a few factors like base damage and rate of fire, and doesn’t consider armour penetration and many other factors.
So for example:
Taidan has two guns that do 78 damage, with 50% penetration.
Kushan has one gun that does 78 damage, with 100% penetration.
Both ships perform the same, but taii will say 156 and kus will say 78.