The Cosmic Ghost [Build]

This is a crit build that focuses on regen of Fade Away through Hunter tree as well as Hunter Skill Kills to keep the damage going.

Max stacks while in battle w/o FA:

+258.85% Dmg
+35.65% Reload Speed
+32% Fire Rate
+30.5% Crit Damage
+25% Chance Extra Projectile
+20% Crit anywhere chance

Engage Fade Away with a Lucian’s Call to clear an area in seconds.

Head Count is the main cooldown reduction while Eager does only slightly after kill. This is a great build for mobbing however depending on shield and relic you use, can be a bit of glass cannon. Fade Away regens VERY fast,…

5/5 Interplanetary Stalker (mod bonus) 9/5
5/5 Second Intention
1/5 Hunter’s Eye (mod bonus) 2/5 (No need to spec if your Cosmic Stalker does not Buff)
3/3 Head Count
5/5 Two F4ng
3/3 Big Game
3/3 The Most Dangerous Game
1/1 Galactic Shadow
1/1 Megavore

5/5 Furious Attack
2/5 Eager to Impress
5/5 Overclocked
3/3 Turn Tail and Run
3/3 The Fast and the Furryous

3/3 Persistence Hunter

AS: Fade Away
Pet: Gunslinger Jabber / Scorcher
Modifiers: Guerrillas in the Mist / Until You Are Dead
Mod: Collector Cosmic Stalker +Interplanetary Stalker +Hunters Eye

Guns: I actually prefer Purple Anointed Jakobs sniper and assault rifle. I have Legendary elementals on the other two slots depending on area I am in.