The crappy reality of PVP lore challenges

Like a lot of other people I could care less about winning the match and I care everything about the challenges. Current map obectives are meaningless. And you can get mad at me all you want but at the end of the day I’m going to finish the challenges quicker more efficiently then if I just hoped things would work out in pvp. At least I’m upfront about it and trying to get this message across to the Developers. I promise the problem only get worse in the weeks to come. I’ve Had The Good Fortune to spend a lot of time with the game the last two weeks something a lot of other players have not and I’m to the stage where it’s only kinda fun and I’m just trying to complete the challenges for epics. Brace yourself because you will see more and more of this in the future as other players start to climb rank And since there are no penalties what’s to stop me and everybody else from ruining the online experience in pursuit of lore challenges.

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Ooooor, you could let your team know you want to finish a lore challenge, and incorporate it into the strategy. It doesn’t take much more than communication and not being a jerk about it, just because a company did something you don’t like.

Take WF’s challenge to kill OM. If your team communicates, and you communicate with them, they can give a shout whenever OM shows up, they can weaken him, but back off a touch so you can have the kill.

It’s really easy, all it takes is a “Hey, I need X lore challenge!” I haven’t met a single player who’ll think you’re being unreasonable as long as you can multitask. With a game like this, I hope everyone has that ability, since it’s kind of hard to play at all if you can’t.


Pretty much all of this. And OP please stop trying to speak for everyone. I play this games pvp for the matches and wins , the challenges will come. With your mind set , yes the game will get frustrating but to say "you don’t care " that you are being selfish in a team game , what’s the point of playing?

You are doing challenges to unlock gear (exp,loot etc) for what now? If the game isn’t enjoyable anymore , why are you doing what is normally considered the worst part of gaming (grinding)?

Well simple just take your time with them, the game isn’t going anywhere especially with five dlcs planned for the future. I just play the game like normal and if I happen to complete a lore challenge cool, if not oh well. I myself am quite the lore junkie and some of the lore challenges that I know I won’t complete in pvp I just hop into a private single player match and complete the lore challenge and then use up all my lives after all you don’t have to win the match you just have to complete the match whether this be through victory or defeat.

I dont see why lore cant be done in private matches. I really dont like having to pvp to get one of the few legendary items available.