The Culling helix option question

(PSN: Tha-Fever) #1

This helix offers a nice damage boost to “weakened enemies”. My question is at what point is an enemy considered weakened?

(Iluspook) #2

The moment Orendi flaunts one of her taunts at them.

I’m not exactly sure either.


Her Burst Dash ability “weakens” enemie’s attack dmg by 30% so I assume it means that.

(PSN: Tha-Fever) #4

Right! Thanks @Jordangold527 I’m sure that’s it, I wasn’t even thinking down that line.

(Iluspook) #5

Well sure, you try that, and I’ll try an Orendi taunt, and we’ll see who has it right. Hmph…

(PSN: Tha-Fever) #6

They should add that function to Orendi’s taunt. Would be an awesome team play dynamic.

(Bitter? Better? What's the difference?!) #7

hmmm…I wanna say any type of debuff/CC on an enemy but i’m not sure. haven’t really tested it out in the beta but will in a couple days.