The Cult of Ted

Yes, and when we come together, we achieve things even greater.


I just realized how painful getting shot with a syringe shotgun would be,

The Syringe shotgun would help you heal wounded members as well.

It would be the best weapon ever. It would even have its own unique skin.

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Hmm… maybe (might make it too good and become the gun equivalent of The Bee and people would rage over it being nerfed/debuffed)

Legend has it Ted once cured a deadly disease with no cure using string, and a teaspoon of water.

Legend has it that Ted doesnt need an examination to know a patients illness, he just needs a glance at them.

Legend has it Ted gave Moxxi her breast implants.

Legend has it…

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Legend has it Ted once traversed Elpis without an OZ kit.


I might post this thread to the tales from the borderlands forums, but it would be harder to manage both threads. When im on the computer i might…

What you guy think?

Yes, no, maybe, definitely

I’m going to try it. At least. We need the cult to grow, if the folks over there try and ruin the ethics of our cult, i will be able to use my words to diffuse them.

Or call your friendly neighborhood mod/admin.

Yeah, or that. I will keep my syringe shotgun nearby just in case.

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Legend has it Ted has held his breath since he was born.

there it is. Hopefully it goes alright.

Can we still post here?

Legend has it that Ted once performed open heart surgery without opening the chest.

This will always be the main thread. I will mostly only check the other thread for new people looking to join, but any Ted related things I make will be posted here.

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Legend has it that Ted is the only person to have prepared, cooked and eaten Threshskagkid, which is a Thresher stuffed with a Skag which is in turn stuffed with a Varkid.

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Legend has it that Ted can get 8 hours worth of sleep in 4 minutes.

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Legend has it that Ted once stared down Clint Eastwood while brutally roundhouse kicking Chuck Norris with Bruce Lee on his back.

(this is fun)

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Legend has it that Ted once defeated Bunker with a single flying kick and stole ALL his Legendaries.

That’s why Bunker is so cheap with the few he has found since then.