The current state of Bl3

Yep, pretty much sums it up… How can I get a refund for season pass?


I mean, all due respect, I don’t think that things are that bad. I spend a lot of time criticizing various things in the game because I love the franchise so much. But here’s my take:


less guns than bl2 ?


less guns than bl2 ?

Less legendaries, yep, most shouldn’t even be legendaries. Less grenade types, less leg grenade effects. If feels like what we got of legendaries on BL3 are what we got on BL2 basegame but with less cool effects and op guns. What are we even using of legendaries on BL3? Let’s be real, Butcher? From Bl2. Conference Call? From BL2. Lyuda? From BL2. Flakker?! HIVE??! Infinity?! Baby maker, Ogre, Hellfire, Gunerang, Maggie… What most people are actually using are all BL2 guns… What?! Are they gonna NERF BL2 guns instead of actually making something usefull on BL3?! Please actually do something usefull, don’t nerf even more stuff…


Oh no! A base game released a month ago has less content than a game with over 10 DLCs released 7 years go!

There is more in base BL3 than they was in base BL2.


Why is it okay when BL2 takes guns from BL1, but when BL3 takes guns from BL2 that’s bad?


if you compare orange for orange, there are around 80 legendaries in BL2 we all know which one of those were used, wich is around 10 items for the main builds.

BL3 has 200 legendaries.

thats your opinion, there are a lot of good stuff and better stuff than bl2

all the call guns: King, Queen, Rowans, Lucians.
Night Hawkin
Roisen thorns
Laser splodder
one pump chump

Thats 12 guns that i see people building chars around. There are more .

I think we are not playing the same game


Lyuda is even better than before
Flakker has become the best
Infinity is useless
hellfire is bad
ogre is pretty good
conferance call is pretty bad

And like other people said, the calls, hellwalker, etc.

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If you want to be technical Ogre is from BL1, as are the Butcher, Hellfire and some not mentioned. However Bl3 also has some unique to it as was mentioned above.


So… ignoring the fact that all these guns behave differently across several games, the ones in bold showed up in BL1. The italics around the infinity is because its not the same, but the gun has the same effect in bl1, and the one around the maggie is that it also showed up in TPS.

Yeah recycling guns from the old games isn’t… anything really new. And none of them behave like they did in th eolder games so… nice.

Exxxxcept even that’s not the case. BL2 was widely panned for it’s lack of legendaries, particularly at release.

Im bored and decided to compare this list to this list (and admittedly, the second list doesn’t include pearls/rainbow/raid boss pinks but still…) and the count I ended up with is BL3’s 187 legendaries vs BL2’s um… 58. I didn’t include class mods in either count so there’s that to keep in too. BL3 beats bl2 in that sector by a wide margin but mostly because of DLC’s that got released.

Well ■■■■, I should have kept reading, this would have saved me some time.

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ikr ! this is a scandal !! how could gearbox do this to us?!?!? i’m mad



3/10 , needs more bullet points.


I think you’re on the wrong forum, you may be looking for ->


How does BL2 win? You just counted that there is more in BL3.

Thought I was on Reddit for second :unamused:

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By me mistyping, mostly.


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Honestly all the Borderlands reddits are like… 30 times more positive than this place at this point.

Wait, do you people sort by new?

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The BL Reddit does nothing but suck this game and gearbox dry with low-effort ‘memes’, not sure what you’re on about.

Uh did you mean to reply to me?

@Arsonist I don’t even look at reddit anymore. The Smash subreddit slowly turned into low quality gameplay vids and “dank” meme spam, the DbD sub has always been just that and last I checked the BL2 sub (when Fight for Sanctuary was new) it was the same.

It’s only negative around here because we have an influx of disrespectful new members and reddit migrants. After the DLCs drop or the new CoD it’ll settle back down to us no lifer theory crafters talking about metagaming again :joy: I’ll miss the memers though, their contributions are really what drive this community.