The current support "camp" meta on incursion

Hello all!

I’m frankly fed up of every tryhard team going:


  • Orendi

With the nerfs to AOE it is seriously difficult to take down a team with this composition. Once they set up base somewhere/anywhere it is pretty much a war of attrition you can not win. I understand it is a very strong team composition but it is SUPER frustrating to counter. Indeed Ernest himself is the most ridiculous support of all, frequently doing 25-50% more damage than anyone else.

Ernest and Gal keep you pinned, Ambra knocks you back, Orendi wave clears and murders you if you try to push and Kleese sustains all.

Any tips? Advice?

We managed to beat it once as Kelvin, Montana, Reyna, Caldarius, Alani but it was an absolute slog.

Support clusters of any kind (stacking rift networks, sun spots, eggs, owls, etc.) just irritate the crap out of me. just makes life miserable.

Since I’m almost always playing Deande me and my team have come up with a comparable counter for a support cluster team. If our first sentry goes down we let them push. My team dies a little, holds the line, basically just entertains the enemy as they push at our doorstep. They do not kill anyone either unless they have to.

That leaves me. With my lifesteal I can solo doubles easy enough. I take them while the enemy is distracted, build a minion, take their thrall, destroy all buildables, and then start digging my fans into the sentry.

This works amazingly well with my abilities to escape if need be as well as my high mobility. The first sentry is usually dead before the enemy team can run back and stop me once they realize what i’ve done. Sometimes I can push the second one too and seal the game.

Now once the first sentry goes down the enemy makes a mad dash to protect the second one. Well guess who’s right behind them? my team. And who doesn’t have support clusters now that they moved? them. And i sandwich them in the middle, then we start cycling respawn timers to give us some space to make an epic comeback that makes so many people salty to the point of hate mail for me to laugh at.

In those games I’ll be lucky to get two kills, but thats not the point. Pseudo support is really strong with Deande if you know how to do it.

As for a general universal strategy for all comps…

I got nothing. I only play three characters anyway so i wouldn’t know. Hope that helps though.


Excellent reply. I shall have to try that one as I frequently use deande. Thanks for your advice. Glad it’s not just my team that notice this same stupid team composition. The other strategy we have used when we beat it was to rush mid at start and push them back to their sentry straight away one death and you’ve had it tough.

yea that sounds like a nail biting game of survival. Especially if you have someone with a big hitbox to get Ernest melted. Like Montana. In a situation like that you almost need a pocket Miko to keep you guys alive.

Oh and i just remembered this small little tidbit that pertains to Deande. If you can use her magnificent gravity defying dropkick flawlessly, you can really piss people off without even touching them. Just run circles around them by dashing up walls and away from their attacks. If done right you can lead two or three of them around the map because they think they can catch and kill you. It gives your team some room to move, and this one also gives you some hilarious hate mail to cozy up next to the fire with while you chuckle softly at the hater’s use of the English language.


You literally just described a match I had last night. I was on the receiving end of your strategy. We had a Benedict, Gali, Ambra, Kleese, and Orendi (not sure about Orendi). A Deande did the same thing to us last night. I only play once or twice a week so I knew that this was a strong team but I didn’t know that it was so frequently used and hated by all. I was Gali, it was only the second time that I had played as her, usually I play as Deande or Phoebe but I wanted to try her out. Needless to say this strategy really made me angry, I didn’t write any hate mail, but I was not happy and will not let it happen again.

It’s a good team comp and as much as I hate to play against it, I have to admit, it’s pretty fun to play. Not that I get many opportunities playing with randoms.

I liken it to the tide coming in. Inexorable. Not great at sentry diving, but a constant pressure on the enemy team that keeps them bottled up right where you want them.

Also. Having a better Ernest rips that team comp completely asunder. Little bastard wave clears, annihilates the squishier characters, makes a wasted effort of Kleese’s rift network and goes right through Galilea’s shield with his attacks.

An Ernest for every occasion!

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That… may have been me. On overgrowth right?

wearing the 2nd ops skin and base taunt? on ps4?

How on earth do u struggle against this set up?

Just have a oscer mike or orendi blow up there fortress

Ambra is useless if u quickly dispatch her sunspots… Same for kleese

Orendi melts like butter very quickly

Earnest is no threat his grenades are simple to advoid and struggles against thralls, mk bot if u send them as a big wave

Galiea is easy countered by ghalt, marquis, thorn, shayne and aurox… Just snipe her she cannot block head shots… Or pull her into ur base with shayne/ghalt she blow her up

Ambra… just kill her sunspots quickly they have very low hp and require time to replace them which forces ambra to go aggressive to get heat to use upon minions to reduce her sunspot cooldown

Kleese… Just snipe him and kill of his rifts fast… The only issue u will face against kleese is his OP shock taser that will drop u like butter so take him out from a far

Orendi just focus fire her and she will die extreamly fast… She is super fragile and is the least threat if u focus her down fast and once u out level her she cannot make a come back

Better picks

Benedict is superior in every way as his rockets home and can kill any battleborn fast hawk eye is your best friend also take down build a builds fast

Alani can trap kleese and ambra in a single geyser also she can destroy the egg/sunspots/turrets with a single riptide

But this list can go on forever

In battleborn any character is strong when played in the correct hands, but in pvp the game heavily rely on teamwork to suceed, before we went againsts 5 earnest and was an ambra, earnest, shayne, montana, mellka… Our 3 members left and they could not push me as ambra and my sister as earnest we wont the match due to high kills and they did no damage and could not push us past thw choke point of incursion

There is no META in battleborn as helix choices can change a character entirely

The game have Moba elements and gets ignored a lot and many threat incursion/meltdown as death matches, most people also hoard shards to by legendaries fast and miss out on experiance on buying buildables

If your team is out leved by 2-3 levels , you will lose the match, as your team is not focus on the objective, but instead feeding the enemy team with free experiance with each death

Marquis and thorn counter gali? What have you been smoking my friend?


I love playing as this comp Kleese replenishes shields, clears the shields off minions, ambra heals and amplifies damage, and pushers just clear the lane in a flash due to ambra and kleese countering the minon buffs. this build pretty much counters the shepherds being back. Enemy team won’t be able to push as fast as you unless they are the same comp or focus really hard on minons.

Yes galiea cannot block headshots whilst holding block… Iv killed a galiea with a thorn… Also our friend always complain how marquis can wreck his hp from afar even when blocking

Also you can pull galiea with hook/fetch… Unlike boulder who reflects the skill… Galiea doea not prevent it so u can pull her in and kill her

Galiea is not a tank, she a full brawler so she can die very quickly

Ernest isn’t a support. He’s a waveclear/lane destroyer that can also tram buff in certain circumstances. Damager first, support second or third

Boldur cannot reflect any skills… Please explain why you think he can.

Not reflect as in does it back to u… Means the skill will not work on boulder

Go try it block as boulder and allow ghalt and shayne to use hook/fetch… They will not be able to pull u in

Then go as galiea and block and do the same and u will find u can actually pull galiea towards u as she is blocking

Isic block also ignore fetch/hook

Galiea is the only brawler you can pull towards you as her shield hit box does not protect her head … This is how u kill her as thorn and marquis or any range character… She acts the same as the thrall brutes blocks everythink except headshots

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none of the characters you mentioned block pulls with their shields… all of them can get pulled just the same as anyone else.

Iv been a boulder ane isic and been hit with hook and fetch and it never pulls me in whilst jm blocking and iv been directly hit by the skill

If that’s the case they either missed or hit something else. Go test in a private game with any of the characters you mentioned and I guarantee you both Ghalt’s and Shayne’s will pull you.

But back to topic

The only person you should be stuggling is kleese

He needs a rework on his shock tazer and needs his health reduced a lot to bring him in line with the other supports

People onky manage to kill u is because they are using his tazer always which drains ur shield and rips you health appart

Kleese is super strong against any eldrid character if he gets to close as his tazer is suppose to only rip down shields… but it not suppose to deal high damage to players health

I fore see a nerf coming to kleese or hus tazer being reworked and his turrets as you can jump between each turret and recharge ur shields super fast

But if the OP is struggling with ambra, orendi, earnest then your team is the issue and not the character… Ambra and orendi are super easy to kill

We been against this set up many times… And the whole fortress defence is very easy to counter… just keep using aoe skills and there fortress will always remain down … el dragon, orendi, benedict, oscer mike, whiskey, deande lvl 5, thorn, earnest, can all rip this set up apart

Deande once levek 5 can lock down the entire enemy and u can blow ultimates and team wipe them

Benedic hawk eye, and rocket spash damage can destroy there fortress and also kill any battleborn easy

El dragonz just dragon spash upon the fortress and close line away

Earnest rebound ur grenades into the fortress and use cluster bomb to keep them down

Orendi… Just use shadow pillar

Whiskey use sticky grenades with napalm helix

Thorn… a simple blight

Oscer mike napalm grenade

This is without orendi, oscer, thorn, benedict, earnest ultimates the biggest problem with the nature of this sop called meta u listed is that its a turtle defence… Which u just counter with playing aggressive

You answered your own response here. The reason that team works so well is because even with minimal communication it stacks support onto support onto cc effects. With a support topping. The characters are individually good at what they do and compliment each others playstyle very effectively.

Rather than break it down from types I’ll simplify it. Close range fighters have trouble with it because of the sheer amt of territorial characters. Rifts/Sunsports/Desecrate. Nothing you want to walk into. Medium range characters fare better, but Galilea’s pull and stun effects can quickly turn medium range into too close for comfort. Long rangers fare better, but once this build forces you back into your base most of the targets are going to be behind cover and hard to get at.

I played against a slightly different composition of this team not too long ago. They switched out Orendi with a Marquis. Freaking homing pigeons dive bombing all over and a constant slow. No scratch that, a constant slow with Galilea hasting it all around the terrain. I swear it was like back in the day when she could sprint and attack at the same time.

Yep, that was you! Lol, I was really mad at the time but I can’t help but applaud your strategy. I might use it myself should the need arise.