The Cutsman breakdown

Can we break this weapon down a bit. It’s without a doubt the best universal boss weapon in the game but I haven’t seen a break down of it.

I had know idea the base damage could go into the 1800’s on this until I looked at the picture on Wiki. Same with elemental damage. I had never seen one do 4200 dot. Seems to be a lot of varieties of base damages on this gun.

I’ve found them with +20% and +28% weapon charge speed. Does it get better yet? EDIT…to answer my own question I found one with a +35% charge speed.

I’ve found them with +60% and +94% projectile speed. It seems the ones with a projectile speed increase have a lower base dot. So is increased projectile speed something you even want? With projectiles passing through and enemy faster, wouldn’t it do less dot?

The mag size seems to be fixed at 20. Or at least on all the ones I’ve found. I’ve seen the reload speed and fire rate vary just a little bit. It always has the +60% melee damage with the fixed barrel.

I’m hoping someone has some good insight on this gun just to help understand it better.


Subscribed. Interesting topic. This thing has become the de facto (slow-moving) boss killer in my setup. If only mine didn’t take a week and a half to reload. We need Derch to do an hour-long deep dive on this thing. :laughing:

I was researching takedown builds to see if mine was close to any of the Fl4k builds out there and I saw a YouTuber being questioned about his cutsman damage.
Long story short he claims he got the cutsman in a trade with a barrel attachment that increased DOT. Someone pointed out they thought it was illegitimate, I was wondering about that too because I’ve never seen that before.
Has anyone ever seen a barrel that only increased elemental status effect damage on one of these things?

This is also supporting evidence of you’re right which I think so.

Ok so in my research earlier I got confused where I saw this picture. It wasn’t on wiki. It was on Lootlemans.

Perhaps this picture is from the pre-nerf as well. Not sure.

Yeah, definitely pre nerf. Cutsman caps out at about 1500 damage now.

Has anyone noticed that damage increases the further away the target is?
I swear if they’re in my face it doesn’t do much damage. But when I’m across the room it melts them.

Yes . It definitely does more damage when you are further from the enemy.

Ooo good thread. Outlines the high statics available on this narly SMG…

Got one today but its in the worst possible condition… The raw base dot/dam on the cuts makes choosing another smg difficult :frowning:

I just found this right now. It would be nice pair with the Cutsman.

I’d been farming for a Vladof variant but this one I will definitely keep.


Ion laser is better for smaller or moving targets than a cutsman. You need the DLC tho

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it is literally in the title of the gun

it cuts man… and women and robots and just about anything that does not fly. in a nutshell it is a redesign of sandhawk and it has a weirdass collosion

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I think that the Maliwan engineer who designed the Cutsman also worked on the Kyb. The Kyb has some physics defying shots, bending up, down, and seemingly around barriers. They look like they have some similar parts.

The Kyb’s is def a great gun but underperforms compared to the Cutsman during boss fights. Conversely, the Kyb’s is definitely better for mobbing. I believe the cutsman is so good because the entire beam transmits damage across the area, leading to several “hits” per seconds, while regular pellet guns do not do this. Combining the cutsman with the ability to penetrate targets, it often will pass through a target for several seconds, laying down several hits at once. The slow fire-rate and projectile speed are why it’s not as good as the Kybs for mobbing, considering mobs are, uh, very “move-ish-ing” all the time… Their AI’s weird and they do weird things when they move is what i’m saying.


One thing is for sure, the Cutsman does a quick number on the Anointed compared to the Kyb–even ones that are move-ish-ing and shrinking all the time!

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The expanding multi-hitting projectiles with the high damage are what do it, unfortunately it doesn’t count as splash damage so it loses a lot of the gear synergy that other Maliwan options tend to have. On Amara its pretty much top tier for the whole game, the only thing it fails with for her is the projectiles don’t work with Indiscriminate.