The Cynical Truth About The Current State Of Battleborn PVP

At least on PS4, there does not seem to be any lack of players (in relative terms, I do realize that overall, sadly, Battleborn does have a much smaller player base than many other games) but that experienced people (myself included) do not like to lose to people of equal command rank and greater “skill” (skill, of course, usually equates to mic’d up premades using the best characters and comp for the current meta playing better than the other mic’d up Premade who might not have quite as good a team comp or be quite as efficient at killing), or be put on a team with newer people who are still learning and “bring down your team”.

I have for the most part given up on solo queueing (God that Is such a strange word, thanks English LOL) if I have anyone I can play with, but a very common (like every single time I play with a group of friends on mic) situation is this:

  1. Make a group of 3-5 BB friends, usually all CR 100 with various characters we can play effectively
  2. Sit in queue (Chaos Rumble has had consistently short wait times)
  3. Find an opposing team
  4. Theorize on team skill based on titles (or lack thereof) or if we happen to recognize enemy names
  5. Choose characters (generally we will have pretty damn decent team comp, unless we are messing around or are lore grinding / leveling)
  6. Wait for match to start
  7. Examine enemy command ranks
  8. If low - “Sweet! This will be fun and easy!”

EDIT: The “if low” reaction is not always the case. Often it’s “well this will be unfair, let’s make it quick” or whatever BUT after a series of losses it’s a relief to know you have an easy match ahead!

If medium / high mixed - "This could be challenging."
If all 100 - "■■■■. Why do we never get easy matches? Get ready for a tough one! Damn premades!" (ironically, said by a premade)
  1. Play match. If low, mercilessly stomp, generally no taunting, but, despite what people who post on here may claim, only VERY FEW people ive played with (a LOT LOT LOT of people over 6+ months) actually “take it easy” on less experienced players. These enemies will commonly be called “garbage” by certain people (more than you would think), mocked for not being good enough, and called cowards or ■■■■■■■ for quitting or surrendering. Feel great about winning afterwards, but also, deep down, know that you have just perpetuated the VERY BEHAVIOUR that drives away / discourages newer players. Feel a bit ashamed but also know that you will do it again given the chance.

If mixed medium / high, win, but with a bit more of a challenge. Fairly satisfying win, no “cheap / dirty” feelings afterwards for having stomped less experienced players (well, not as many, anyway).

If high, either have a good, long, epic fight that comes right down to the wire with intense heroics on both teams that we oh-so-satisfyingly win in the end (we all feel amazing about ourselves, our opponents, and the game after this. These are the kind of matches long time BB veterans live and continue to play for, but, sadly, these matches are in the vast minority), get brutally stomped and lose, either fast or slow (in either case, rage ensues during and after the match. Opponents are “cheap”, “tryhards”, “meta abusers”, “pubstompers”, etc, even though, roles reversed, most people will stomp a not quite as good team of equal CR just as hard and enjoy doing so), or be the team doing the stomping (in this case, “Yeah, we are so good”, “Wow, those guys sucked!”, etc.

If you are on a 5 person Premade, there is a good chance I have just described a typical afternoon or evening of Battleborn PVP for you.

If you are playing with one or two friends and have the rest of your team fill with randoms, you either get lucky and find people at your CR / skill level, win a bunch, stick with them, probably add them to your friends list, or get the vacant slots filled by lower level / inexperienced players who, no matter how hard they try, end up bringing your team down, which leads to resentment afterwards and “man I hate getting matched with noobs” comments.

So, to summarize, new Battleborn players (of which there seem to a lot. When I solo queue, for the past while, I seem to get matched with a LOT more inexperienced than experienced people, which is why I rarely solo queue anymore) have it REALLY rough in BB right now, but there also seems to be a LOT of them.

Hopefully they can put up with us jaded, cynical, remorseless vets and persevere to eventually become just like us and hate the new players we all once were.

Even if every single match was only against people of your skill level, I think many people (myself included) who just aren’t as outright skilled at killing as those “cheap, try hard” Pvp gods who can go 47-1 would miss the guilty pleasure of slaughtering noobs.

However, maybe a ranked queue or a truly competitive queue would give those Uber skilled Alpha predators their own pool to fight in, and the rest of us middle of the food chain, destined to be always average or just above regardless of how long we play for, players to have fun.

The optimal solution would be for us vets to be respectful of and patient with our rookie brethren and help them along their arduous journey, and / or learn to accept that there are frighteningly good players out there that will ■■■■ you up and learn to be Zen about it.

Do I see either of those things happening?

Sadly, no.

Stick it out, new people!

Phew, that got kind of long!

Thanks for reading and any thoughts?


My normal premade 5 won’t normally say “damn premades” but if we see an inexperienced player we announce it so that we don’t target them mercilessly

@viraforti is a hungry isic! Never underestimate her hunger!

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Not saying what I described is always the case or that there are not kind and helpful players out there.

But, they definitely seem to be in the minority in the PVP community.

As you guys know, I play with a great cross section of really nice and skilled people.

PVP just seems to have gotten to the point where vets will cherish any win they can get, and piling another loss onto an already large collection of them seems more frustrating each time it happens!

@viraforti is taking a well deserved Battleborn break at the moment, something I will very likely soon do myself!

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I won’t target them mercilessly or anything but I’m not going to not kill them. That’s the only way to learn. That’s how I learned. I still remember my first ever pvp match. I got bodied by ISIC and Caldarius on Paradise. Made me realize the threat some characters pose

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Forgot to mention the players that are just playing PVP to get lore challenges done

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I don’t want to sound sanctimonious here, so take this in a friendly spirit, but I honestly cannot relate to this. When I see low CRs on the enemy team - and I usually do - I feel nothing but despair. I only want to play against a full team of CR100s.

In my eyes, it’s a commitment to meta-play that distinguishes the so-called “tryhards”: if I run into a premade utilizing Boldur with a pocket Miko and an Ernest that snipes the sentry from in the middle of a Kleese/Ambra camp, you better believe I’ll roll my eyes. There’s a big difference between running a top-tier meta comp (in a game without Elo) and simply being five skilled 100s working together. I revel in meeting the latter. I do not think the game really has the playerbase to justify the former.

All in all, the only guilty pleasure I have in this game is getting green bar (in which case, I will cheerfully claw everyone and anything to shreds.)



I respect that, though.

I remember stubbornly not wanting to do it in Story and so spent a huge chunk of a Saturday and Sunday Clotheslining into every single group of minions I could find in Meltdown & Incursion trying to get activations of El Dragon’s “hit 4 enemies with a single Clothesline 100 times” lore, which of course is buggy as hell.


Well said, and very true!

Sometimes, though, after a long losing streak, it just feels so good…

I hope I don’t take too much heat for this topic.

I was just honestly trying to articulate how PVP has been for me lately.

I wasn’t referring to the players that want to complete all lore in PVP, as they tend to be PVP players anyway. I was referring to the players that are only doing PVP for the PVP specific challenges

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I understand. My own feelings are probably skewed by the fact I haven’t seen losing streak for a very, very long time… my usual team (four regulars, with a rotation of fifths) wins nine out of ten games we play in the Quick Match queue. It’s not unusual for people to bail as soon as they see us. As well they might.

Then we finally bump into one of the other solid premades, the server tosses a coin, and we all get a red bar connection and struggle to survive in what should have finally been a decent challenge. The Battleborn rollercoaster. :frowning:



I get what you mean.

I’ll still try my best to win and be useful to the team while trying to grind out lore.

To be honest, I can’t recall ever encountering a player who I outright knew was just trying to achieve lore chalkenges to the complete detriment of everything else.

Didn’t mean to imply they always tried to complete the lore to the complete detriment of the team. Simply that there are players who do the pvp lore challenges even though they don’t like pvp. Usually they will still try to help the team.

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Yeah, see, I don’t have a “usual” crew.

I have people I play / have played with a LOT but it’s usually just “who’s on now” or “keep solo’ing till I find and stick with good randoms” that determine my team mates.

Also, you are blessed to be one of those what I call “next level players”.

You and your usual team mates and a lot of other people I know / play with are SCARY good.

Like good enough that I will never be close to that good no matter how long I play.

I also know you and the others I know at your skill level do not troll.

But sadly there are just as many if not more who do.

Those are the kinds of players who would probably join a casusl queue and deliberately pubstomp even if a Competitve queue were to be made available.

Here’s some visual perspective as to my situation. This is the screenshot I posted in your “share your stats” thread some months ago:

Now this is where my Mellka stats stand today, thirty hours later:

That’s 963 kills to 53 deaths in thirty hours of gameplay. About fifteen of those deaths were from the Attikus ops. Quick Match is just an endless stream of claw fodder and it’s making me sad!



Ummmm…so what’s the difference then?


It’s honestly hard to judge the mental attitudes of an entire community but there’s a great deal of sportsmanship and respectfulness out there. Battleborn’s an online video game, not a cricket match, so there’s an expected amount of salt and competition, but compared to other communities it’s not bad at all.

No one likes losing, but I can’t always tell when that’s going to happen via command rank. I know I’m not the best or worst player out there, so I don’t feel particularly ashamed when I get stomped by ‘tryhards’. They’re better players than me and if matchmaking worked better I wouldn’t be up against them. Same with inexperienced players; I always try to be respectful and I know others do too. There’s no shame in being new at an online game. It’s actually a great thing - this game needs new players! I don’t particularly enjoy stomping them. The best games are against people of my skill level. I do get them, and it’s great.

I understand the frustration of skill gaps, but I get more frustrated when people with Battleborn experience quit because they’re losing or up against better players. I can learn a lot when I’m being beaten.



Good lord!


Great visual aid, thank you!

P.s. - did you read my reply before this one?


Well said indeed!


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The difference is the ones who are just there for the lore don’t have as much experience. Some actively dislike playing pvp at all, that doesn’t mean they suck or won’t try. Simply because they are only there for the lore they won’t be as good, not trying to learn pvp, or will make decisions that would get more lore unknowing it could lose the game



Ah, ok.

Thank you for clarifying.

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