The Dakota is great

I’ve been messing around with this Jakobs shotgun lately. I love it. Has a good fire rate, automatic fire, and the damage is very interesting. To get it, it’s a one time reward from the bounty in the bank at the end of the main story of DLC 3. It’s a purple rarity with red text in the middle chest

A few shots will be kinetic and lower damage. 40kish. Then it will seemingly randomly fire incindiary and shock damage and will hit for millions. I still haven’t figured out how high the chance is, but it seems to be pretty high. I’ve only seen a M10 version so the lower text is covered by the anoint. But consecutive hits with a Pearl results a really high damage output.

Don’t sleep on this shotgun. The card damage seems meh, but it’s deceptively strong.


can the purple items in dlc3 come annointed?

That Dakota does every time on M10 (but you only can get the weapon every time you complete that main story mission). The rewards that just show up in your inventory during the story don’t get anoints.

aaaand because i often ignore purple tier loot i didnt even stop to see what it was.

come on, gearbox, its not like you havent given mission rewards in LEGENDARY rarity before

Good news is you can reset TVHM or run it with a different VH and get to it again. If more people like the gun as much as I do, hopefully a few will be floating around in trades.

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