The Dandy and Damsel and the goddamn wall!

Come on Gearbox, how long does it take to fix this bug? Like many others I can 't break the wall even though the next waypoint is inside the goddamn wall. Maybe you should focus on some of these old bugs in your upcoming hot fixes…


Nope… the wall can be gone through AFTER you meet the damsel, because she needs to unlock the door. You need to look for another way to get around that wall.

Ok, then feel free to tell me how. Have been runing around that area way to much. Can’t find another way in.

Does this help?

There are also multiple play-through videos on YT.

Thanks! I’m just frustated that things can bug since pretty much the release and nothing’s been done.

This is definitely a bug. I had no trouble using the exploding bush to smash the wall on my first character (Amara) pass.

On my second pass using a different character (Moze), I mistakingly tried to melee the wall, and it become inert and the glow is gone. Now, there is no way to get into the room behind the wall.

Please fix this bug! Is there a way to reset the mission with another hotfix?

UPDATE: I went through 2k support and gave them screenshots and movies of smashing the wall successfully and another character melee-ing the wall and making it inert.

Between all the data I gathered for them, they have turned over the information to “the development team” , which is apparently now working on the bug.

I’ll report back when they claim to have fixed it. I’m guessing they won’t reset the mission, but will make sure the bug is fixed for subsequent play-throughs.