The data of my new orange gun has been changed

One of my orange gun had a problem, see the first picture is the first time I picked this gun, but laterally I realized my gun’s data goes wrong :only one shot in each magazine, less damage, but the level and price are still same. I’m pretty sure that’s the gun, the only one that I picked, but I don’t know why this happend and how to solve this bug or sth, can anyone help me? I certainly didn’t used any cheat tools.Screenshot_20191030_180003|250x500

It was changed via hot-fix. The Flakker damage was reduced by 30% and magazine size set to 1. In latest hot-fix they changed that Flakker consume only 1 ammo per shot instead 5 pre hot-fix.

So it’s an official modification to every player, not a bug or something, right?

Yes, it’s official change.

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Gearbox uses Hotfixes, which are basically temporary patches, quite often to push out updates and events (such as the current Halloween event). Hotfixes are downloaded each time you start the game, in the pause between the Title screen and the Main Menu. They’re only active while the game is running, and have to be redownloaded every time the game starts, but they allow Gearbox to make changes to the game without having to push a full patch through certification every time they want to update something. It also allows them to do limited time events like the Halloween event, or the Loot Hunt event they did years ago in BL2.

Most hotfixes are eventually “locked in” with an actual patch later on, which makes the changes permanent, but until then, they can make changes as needed through hotfixes.

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Understood, appreciate your explaination!