The day has come

So the Loot Frenzy is over today. What are your plans? Personally if Gearbox goes back to the old way of rare spawns and low anointed drops I’ll be taking a break and waiting for new content. I’ve gotten some really great gear during this event. Definitely not everything I was hoping for though since dedicated drops are still yucky. I farmed Katagawa Ball 150 times for a Tsunami with SNTNL cryo. Got some good ones but not the one I was after. I’ve farmed the Takedown hundreds of times for SNTNL cryo Redistributors but haven’t found one. Don’t even get me started with Borman Nates and his Cutsman. I’m not completely complaining because I’ve definitely added some key pieces to my gear. How about you? What’s your plan if Gearbox goes backwards on this again?


I was lucky to get a Cutsman from Graveward in a normal playthrough. My hope is that Gearbox moves some of the Maliwan Takedown drops into world drops. I needs me another Kyb during normal play!

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During the event I’ve been lackadaisically farming. Without the marginally reasonable drops and spawns, I’ll probably go back to only playing when the stars align for friendly co-op until the next new content drop.

Eh I play regardless of the event. Strap in for the next 6 months! Things will change all over the place and a lot of established data will go obsolete. Good things to come, between now the the final DLC.

Edit: I did load the game and hot fixes before the event stopped ^.^ still running frenzy

Until they post notes that the dedicated drop gets increase and world drops decrease then I’m good. I hope the raid can still drop annointed commonly in M2 and thank goodness I don’t even have to get any gear behind at M4.

I’ll play this game but a little bit. I’ll mostly hibernate until something big happens

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Trying wacky builds without Seein Dead CM. Start a Moze or FL4K and do a white gun only challenge or playing some other games.

I had no luck at all tbh… I’ll most likely be signing off for good unless they do something with anoint/part/stat re-rolls. Otherwise, BL3 was …an experience?.. while it lasted.

I’ve been ignoring the event for the past week. There were a few cases I noticed an increase in loot (slaughter shaft had a nice anoint rate which is good for me because I clear it daily testing builds), Takedown actually getting a few drops instead of nothing (still not a good rate at all!). Otherwise every other dedicated farm I tried (mostly class mods) sucked ass and I got nothing. The event was pretty trash imo. I’m excited to get the difficult raid back though so I can go back to testing my builds there.


I’ve still got several builds to work on, so event or no event I’ll keep building them. Plenty to do in the game … at least at the rate I play … while waiting for the next event/DLC.

I am taking a break till level cap goes up since leveling and questing is my favorite thing.


I got lucky with a 2x emp5 with 300% weapon damage after phase slam and a flood and wagon wheel both with the same anointment even if dlc comes out in two weeks and raises the level cap I am happy as a clam lol


After two weeks of slogging through the Takedown solo and eventually making progress and enjoying it am devastated that it is going to scale back to a four player or nothing event again, it’s not worth trying to solo it on lower mayhem levels as the Takedown drop rates were non existent even on m4 so gave up with trying to get any of the dedicated takedown drops. Just wish they wouldn’t make the Takedown loot exclusive to it. Will now do some of the side missions until the new content comes out.

I will post pics tomorrow if I know how to transfer from PS4 or will just transfer to phone but my best drops actually came from M1 even on takedown. I was playing M4 starting the event for a couple days and loot sucked and runs took longer. Once I dropped to M1 it was a night and day difference. I was getting excellent loot every couple of runs, and every run only took about 10-15min @davidmorganbray has a few of my screen shots running it (look at bottom and will say M1) Even with 5-8 legendarys (most anointed) on runs and almost half was take down gear. Maybe I just had some good RNG, dunno. But was fun.


Yeah apparently m4 only increases world drops or something so for take down you want m1 read a post on the forums explaining it so much better than I just did

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Do you shoot Wotan’s legs until they blow up after you kill him?
Also works on the kraken units.

That was me :smiley: :

Well I know there are other posts on topic, but for the event it ‘seemed’ more so.

Sorry my memory sucks lol I just remember being thankful that I didn’t have to bother with m4 lol tried m4 got upto woton with a normal none cheese build and just kept dying

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My plans? Hope they were “encouraged by the response” and decide to make the drops – or at least the Takedown scaling – permanent.

I only just got a Kyb’s Worth on my last Takedown run (unanointed), and I never did see a Redistributor. But my Co-Op and I were having a blast running it. We don’t have the time to farm God-Roll perfectly synergized gear and both the Takedown scaling and the loot boost were great for us.

Also, failing the scaling sticking around, I’ll be back to hoping that we get a level cap increase soon. I don’t care about farming all new gear, I have builds I want to try.


This massively this I may not have my op weapons long but I have some tweaks I want to try out that need a level cap increase I’d rather bin some godly weapons than have to wait ages for the level cap increase

for a bunch the event didn’t change much loot drop wise I will miss the 100 percent rare spawn tho.
Ima continue playing other games while sprinkling in bl3 once in awhile.

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