The deal with nerfs

Borderlands 3 is unplayable at times. I’m not overly concerned, but I challenge the devs to focus on patching the freezes and sluggish menus and load times. The past couple weeks I’ve seen patch notes where they say they are watching builds and weapons people are using and if they are too powerful they get nerfs.

I’m just confused as to why focusing on powerful builds takes precedence over fixing, at times game breaking performance issues.

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They do not necessarily take precedence but unfortunately some things cannot be hotfixed and need to be patched. Patches take alot more time and need to be certified or something by Sony and Microsoft whereas a hotfix can just be applied whenever.

Yeah I know, honestly the game is really fun but feels very broke. I just think if they get too nerf happy before they fix the game. The game may not be as fun and may run people off. It just bothers me to see the game released in the state it’s in and them hot fixes to fix problems that could have been caught during play tests. We didn’t pay $60+ for beta quality content.

Balance team is not the same team as performance team.

Easy stuff (balance, changing a few numerical values) gets done quicker than harder stuff (everything that happens on screen is related to performance, menus, animation, bullet effects, environment, anything at all)

They aren’t prioritising balance. Balance changes are easier and quicker to produce. Performance changes are harder and slower to produce.