The Deande juggle is real

Finally started seeing some Deandre’s in games lately and my goodness. The melee air juggle is real. My poor Kleese was just ravaged by her, I couldn’t even try and float away after being knocked up by her.

I think I hate her more than Galilea now. Her and Shayne, ugh. Any weakness on her or just basically try and stay away at all costs?

Honestly she’s pretty squishy. I just got wrecked by a Kleese earlier today. Stay near your rifts and taser her to death…thats what happened to me.

She is squish if you can hurt her enough before she gets close we will most likely back off. Map awareness.

Yea I feel they will nerf that. You can literally solo any big mob or thrall in PvP without taking damage and can take down support and many DD no problem. If they don’t nerf it, oh man players will be in for a treat.

With enough attack speed you will be unable to do anything until you die. Even with all your cd up, even with a high mobility character, even full life. This definitely needs fixing.

And no, you cannot hurt her if she starts from stealth. it’s not like rath that you can see coming from afar. Once she starts her combo, she doesn’t even need to use any skill until you die, just the primary melee.

The thing is, most deande you’ll encounter don’t have unlocked that… yet. So they will feel easy to deal with. But the moment they have this… Only one thing can save you, it’s a teammate stunning Deande before she’s finished with you. You cannot do that yourself.

ImO this is by far the worst balance problem this game has rigth now.
Too few peoples have faced it yet, but that’s absolutely broken.
Forget about all the crying about Galilea.
If GBX doesn’t fix this next patch and nerf galilea, peoples will go Ghalt and Deande. And this will be far more horrible because against galilea, you can actually play. AND outplay the galilea.
You cannot play against that thing from Deande. You just die.

The main counter to this being able to block it which actually causes Deande instead to be juggled into the air. If you can’t block it, using your melee strike will push her out of her melee strike range as it is very limited. I used to use the uppercut but if it’s blocked it sets Deande up for a insta-kill by her juggling herself.

Absolutely. I’ve stopped playing Deande when I’ve realisedd that my enemies just can’t counter me at all. They need to make it so that the knock-up doesn’t stun you, but roots and/or silences only. She won’t become useless, but you’ll be at least able to actually dmg her or get away.

This move is great, but isn’t invincible. It does not need to be nerfed. Deande’s melee is a 5 hit combo. The juggle activates only on the fifth hit. I’ve escaped from this many times. Deande’s attack speed is pretty slow without gear, and with gear, it’s still not fast enough to rejuggle a player before they can hit her with a melee pushback attack (B/O). The B button/ O button is your friend. everyone has it for a reason.

I think they simply need to do something simmilar that they did with other similar’ helix who modify the main melee combo, IE just have it with an internal CD so that it cannot trigger again too fast. Right now it either doesn’t have one or it’s far too short.

You can do it with enough gear.
the knock up is instant the moment you fall back. I was knocked up as mellka with both of my CD up, I couldn’t even use them to escape, because the moment I was hitting the ground and that I could use my skill, I was knocked up in the air again, effectively cancelling my skill and putting them on CD. I couldn’t move, and couldn’t use a single ability. From full health to zero. And this, several time during the same game.

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It can be stopped. I was looping a Reyna the other day (even with slow CC effect on) and got interupted twice. The idea is to melee Deande away between the combo hits as your coming down. I have 13% attack speed when it happened. I dunno if the timing is extremely strict but it did happen. You melee and haul ass is what the reyna did and seeing as Deande’s sprint is slow it worked.

The thing is, there’s no way that’s okay. A melee character’s only hope of surviving against deande meleeing them is to time correctly the quick melee and then flee ? That’s definitely not good at all. For reyna that’s okay, but for a melee, that’s not.

I agree it is pretty powerful but it can be stopped. I think the only character with a slow melee that is melee is Rath, the others have pretty fast melee, or long ranged. Well, unless El Dragon’s is horrible, but he has the splash.

If they did a launch with slight more knockback I think it will be fine. Or even make her go alittle higher so it can’t be looped so easily. But at this current state it can be broke.

This might be a bit of a weird question, but was it in a Meltdown game on Coldsnap? I was playing Kleese against a Deande juggler that was giving me a helluva time. So much so that I actually Googled “Deande juggle” and it brought me to this thread…lol.

Nope that was a more fortunate Deande than me. I was on paradise getting my butt kicked haha


Honestly all Deande has is her juggle right now. She such an underwhelming char


quick melee out of it. That’s all I had to do with Caldarius, but maybe its because I know Deande’s kit from doing research on it and experiencing it before.

So after playing top Deandes I can tell you that quick melee will cancel the loop. I’ve used with Reyna, Boldur, Thorn, Phoebe, even WF and they all interupted it with not much effort.

Poor Deande, looks like you’ll be sitting at the bottom with WF as horrible “Assassins”