The death of SHiFt codes?

Since the last BL1 shift code was released in February of this year, I think we can safely assume that shift codes for this platform (and BL2) are officially over.
Kinda sad. While they’re not necessary in BL1, they can be fun, lots of nice purples and blues to look at (and sell for early game cash).
And a little hard to understand why they’re over. GB is still putting out codes for BL3 and TTWL, the additional effort to post ones for 1&2 would seem minimal.

Also, since they had just added Gas in the remaster, would have thought they’d keep them running longer.

Perhaps the intern who was responsible for them went back to school and changed the password to those generators and didn’t tell anyone what it is.

Anyway, a little bittersweet as it continues the slow fading of BL1.

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Last code for golden keys in BL3 was in March. Right now they are focusing on Wonderlands only, and most likely the golden keys for older games will be back in future.

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I question that simply for the (perceived) effort it takes to generate them.
While I certainly don’t know for sure how they do it, I can certainly see it simply as;

  • It’s Friday
  • Look at what game was posted last week
  • Select checkbox for next game in rotation
  • Press button
  • SHiFt server updates, social media posts auto-generated

And that’s it, maybe 5 minutes. And since they are still doing TTWL then it’s not as if they need to dig up old tools.

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The same was when BL3 was released, maybe not that long as now with Wonderlands but was the same case.