The Definitive Ultimate Red Text Bonus List *Spoilers*

This is NOT my thread. Credit goes fully to @U1849KA

Use: Crtl+F search for a specific name or red text keyword. All red-text or otherwise unique weapon types are listed below with a run-down on what their unique properties are. The preface is a brief summary of what each weapon manufacturer specializes in.

Since the old one is out-dated and not being updated anymore, I figured I’d make a new one, and hopefully others who also thought of doing so will help complete it and correct me where I’m wrong, which I’m sure I will be a few times.
This thread can also be used to fine-tune understanding of lesser-known abilities and clear-up misconceptions.

Atlas spares no expense in making guns that excel in every area.
—Atlas weapons tend to be well-balanced while trending toward the high-end on all stats. They can often rival more specialized competitors’ primary stats while maintaining good stats on other elements of the weapon.
-Tend to lack in recoil reduction.3
-Weapons use a white color-scheme.

–Material Serial ID / Prefixes include: Mat 1 = ns / Puny — Mat 2 = ns / White — Mat 3 = ns / Pearl

–Product series’: Puny - Champion - Heroic - Herculean - Legendary - Titan.1

–Atlas manufactures: Repeaters, Revolvers, Sniper Rifles (Revolver-Style), LMGs, Shotguns (Revolver-Style), Rain Grenade Mods, Shock Resist Shields.

Pitch: It is said that the Greek god Zeus fought for 10 long years against the titans, only to have the battle end in a draw. We at Atlas like to believe Zeus could have won the fight in half the time if only he had one of the guns from our legendary line of firearms. All Atlas guns offer exceptional rate of fire, damage, and an epic level of high technology. Regardless on your god, you need not look to the heavens for salvation from adversity. Atlas weaponry can answer your prayers and grant you a power few mortals have ever experienced. Prove yourself as a true believer. Join the select ranks of Atlas owners and become a god among men!
— Atlas sales pitch

Hyperion asks: what good is a gun that doesn’t shoot where you point? Get a gun that’s as accurate as you are.
—Hyperion weapons focus on accuracy at range over other concerns. Hyperion does not make “Revolver-style” weapons.
-Weapons use a red color scheme.
-Hyperion is the only SMG manufacturer other than Maliwan who does not have an Anarchy line. This is because Hyperion does not make SMGs inaccurate enough to become Anarchies.

–Material Serial ID / prefixes include: Mat 1 = ns / Substandard — Mat 2 = .W / Red — Mat 3 = .G / Crimson

–Product Tiers: Substandard - Valde - Melior - Ultra - Magnus - Optimus 1

–Hyperion manufactures: Repeaters, Machine Pistols, SMGs, Combat Rifles, Sniper Rifles (Semi-Auto), Shotguns (Semi-Auto), Rocket Launchers, Longbow Grenade Mods, Fire Resist Shields.

Pitch: There are many weapons in this world, but only the best have what it takes to bear the Hyperion insignia. Every gun that leaves our facility has been tested by multiple independent inspectors and is guaranteed to meet our impossibly high standards. All Hyperion guns are meticulously calibrated by our technicians and certified to levels of accuracy never before seen in the industry. Whether you’re a professional marksman or simply someone who appreciates a finely-crafted piece of machinery, you can’t go wrong with a Hyperion. Financing is available to those who qualify.
— Hyperion sales pitch

If it took more than one shot, you weren’t using a Jakobs!
—Jakobs sacrifices fire-rate and sometimes accuracy for sheer single-shot power, and does not manufacture shields, grenade mods, rapid-fire, or Semi-Auto style weapons.
-Jakobs weapons are never elemental.3
-Jakobs weapons have an antique aesthetic, and use wooden furnishings and more traditional visual styling.

–Material Serial ID / prefixes include: Mat 1 = ns / Plywood — Mat 2 = ZZ / ns — Mat 3 = XX / ns

–Product Tiers: Plywood - Classic - Vintage - Choice - Antique - Original.1

–Jakobs manufactures: Revolvers, Shotguns (Revolver-Style), Sniper Rifles (Revolver-Style.)

Pitch: The Jakobs family has been assembling quality firearms for over 300 years, and although the world has changed quite a lot since Montgomery’s grandfather bolted on the sandalwood grip of the company’s first revolver, our family tradition and commitment to building a superior product is still as true as ever. The employees at Jakobs may not all share the same last name anymore, but we’re still family. And we want you to join us. When you invest in a Jakobs, you’re not only getting the most powerful firearm money can buy; you’re also joining the biggest family of satisfied gun owners the world over. Whether you’re shouldering one of our renowned rifles or staring down the barrel of one of our timeless pistols, you can be sure each and every shot packs the reliability and strength that only a Jakobs can offer.
— Jakobs sales pitch

Maliwan guns shoot more lightning than the next leading competitor!
—Maliwan focuses on elemental tech, sporting higher tech pools and elemental multipliers than most other competitors. Some competitors’ weapons will match or beat Maliwan tech output, but they are frequently weapon types that Maliwan does not make (fe: the Semi-Auto Orion Sniper or the Serpens LMG.)
-Base damage and fire-rate do not reach as high as some other competitors.
-Maliwan weapons use a light blue color scheme, and will always be elemental.

–Material Serial ID / prefixes include: Mat 1 = ns / Obsolete — Mat 2 = B / Blue — Mat 3 = C / Cobalt

–Product Tiers: Obsolete - Standard - Sterling - Prototype - Paradigm - Pure.1

–Maliwan manufactures: Repeaters, Revolvers, SMGs, Sniper Rifles (Revolver-Style), Shotguns (Semi-Auto), Rocket Launchers, Shock/Fire/Acid Contact Grenade Mods, Shock burst Shields.

Pitch: Isn’t it time you take your weapons to the next level? Sure, old-fashioned slug throwers have served you well in the past, but so did bologna sandwiches. You’ve grown. Your tastes have changed. They’ve refined. It’s time you had a gun that evolved with you and didn’t feel like a family heirloom. Maliwan believes in honoring the past by embracing the future. Every Maliwan weapon is designed by the skilled technicians in our bleeding-edge laboratories to pack as much elemental punch as possible. Our staff of artisans crafts each weapon to look as good as it performs. Maliwan offers a full line of pistols, shotguns, rifles, and rocket launchers to fit every style. If it’s not elemental, it’s not a Maliwan.
— Maliwan sales pitch

S&S Munitions
The S&S philosophy is: tech, plus ammo capacity, equals “I win!”
–S&S focuses primarily on magazine capacity and elemental tech. Unlike Maliwan, S&S will manufacture non-elemental weaponry in addition to those with elemental tech.
-S&S weapons tend to have medium fire-rates often surpassed by other manufacturers.
-S&S Legendary weapons tend to rival or surpass Maliwan for elemental output.
-Uses a yellow and black, or yellow and orange color-scheme, primarily.

–Material Serial ID / prefixes include: Mat 1 = ns / Old — Mat 2 = .2 / ns — Mat 3 = .3 / ns

–Product Tiers: Old - Revised - Upgraded - Enhanced - Flawless - Perfect.1

–S&S manufactures: Repeaters, Machine Pistols, LMGs, Sniper Rifles (Semi-Auto), Shotguns (Semi-Auto), Sticky Grenade Mods, Acid burst Shields.

Pitch: The brothers who first founded S&S Munitions did so with the goal to not just make a weapon, but to change an industry. As avid outdoorsmen with time in the military, they knew the power of your weapon only mattered when it was loaded. Tired of seeing their clips run dry at the most inopportune times, they set out to develop the highest capacity guns on the market. S&S Munitions is now the standard-bearer for large capacity, easy-to-change magazines. Today, our commitment to functional technological advancements doesn’t end there. S&S Munitions also makes some of the most powerful tech weapons on the market. If power and capacity are your concerns, then say yes to S&S.
— S&S Munitions sales pitch

Torgue combines good damage, high fire-rate and recoil reduction into one lethal weapon.
–Torgue weapons focus primarily on damage and fire-rate, often at the expense of reload rate, accuracy and elemental tech. Torgue tends to only be beat-out by Jakobs in sheer shot-per-shot power.
-Torgue weapons are gunmetal shaded, often black or gray.

–Material Serial ID / prefixes include: Mat 1 = ns / Weaksauce — Mat 2 = ns / Iron — Mat 3 = ns / Steel

–Product Tiers: Weaksauce - Power - Force - Excellent - Awesome - Ultimate1

Torgue manufactures: Repeaters, SMGs, LMGs, Sniper Rifles (Semi-Auto), Shotguns (Revolver-Style), Rocket Launchers, MIRV Grenade Mods, Max-Health boost Shields.

Pitch: The next time you go shopping for a new gun, ask yourself one question: Are you a man? If you answer in the affirmative, then you’re ready for a Torgue. You see, we at Torgue make guns for real men. Tough guys. Badasses. The kind of guys your dad was and you hope to be! Torgue doesn’t screw around making lightweight toys and we sure as hell aren’t concerned with selling you a stylish accessory like those guys in the hip-huggers over at Maliwan. No. We make them tough, and we make them heavy. It’s up to you to make 'em dead. Do it with a Torgue.
— Torgue sales pitch

Vladof: you don’t need to be a better shot, you just need to shoot more bullets!
–Vladof prides itself as a supporter of underdog revolutions and oppressed peoples, and will usually sport a higher fire-rate and / or reload rate than comparable competitor’s weapons.
-Their design philosophy assumes most users are under-trained versus their adversaries and need superior firepower to survive.
-Vladof weapons have an orange color scheme.

–Material Serial ID / prefixes include: Mat 1 = ns / Rusty — Mat 2 = /V2 / ns — Mat 3 = /V3 / ns

–Product Tiers: Rusty - Peasants - Peoples - Workers - Soldiers - Patriots1

Vladof manufactures: Repeaters, Machine Pistols, LMGs, Shotguns (Semi-Auto), Sniper Rifles (Revolver-Style), Rocket Launchers, Proximity Mine Grenade Mods, Fire burst Shields.

Pitch: We see the pain in your eyes. We sense your anger, your feelings of betrayal, and your disgust. And we at Vladof are with you. The time is coming, comrades! The time to stand up and be heard is nearly upon us and you must be prepared. You must be armed! Vladof firearms were designed for this moment in time. Seize it! When you shoulder a Vladof, you will know at once that you are not alone and that you can be heard. You will be heard! All Vladof weapons are constructed in the factories of your brethren and designed to pack the highest firing rate possible. The oppressors will be fast - we know this - Vladof helps you to be even quicker. Rise with Vladof. Together we will forge a better tomorrow!
— Vladof sales pitch

Dahl makes guns for professional mercs. They’re heavy, accurate, and effective, assuming you’re strong enough to hold one!
–Dahl weapons tend to be fast and accurate with good recoil reduction and moderate damage. Elemental tech tends to be lacking compared to some other manufacturers.
-Their weapons tend to be decent overall, though not as high-power as other manufacturers, with their biggest strength typically being longer to mid-range combat where the weapons will maintain a steady bead on the target with minimal effort on the part of the operator.
-Dahl weapons tend to have low elemental tech, but usually faster reloads than more heavy-hitting manufacturers like Torgue.
-Dahl weapons use camo-patterns for their weapons, coming in gray, green and tan.

–Material Serial ID / prefixes include: Mat 1 = ns / Surplus — Mat 2 = U / Urban — Mat 3 = D / Desert 1

–Product Tiers: Surplus - Mercenary - Soldier - Freelancer - Veteran - Elite.1

–Dahl manufactures: Repeaters, SMGs, Combat Rifles, Shotguns (Revolver -Style), Sniper Rifles (Semi-Auto), Bouncing Bettie Grenades, Acid Resist Shields.

Dahl has been outfitting the defenders of freedom for over a century, and isn’t about to stop anytime soon. We’ve built our company on the foundation that dead customers can’t be repeat customers - keeping you alive is in our best interest! We also know that those of you doing the government’s secret dirty work have enough to contend with and don’t need to fight your weapon, too. That’s why we at Dahl have strived to manufacture the smoothest and most stable guns on the market. And when you get surrounded - and you will - you’ll be glad to know your Dahl has been precision machined to remain as accurate during sustained fire as humanly possible. So make sure you bring a Dahl with you the next time you go on assignment. It just might bring you back.
— Dahl sales pitch

Cheap, reliable, light-weight and incredibly fast reload speeds; Tediore makes an easy to use gun.
–Tediore guns are usually low-damage, “budget” weapons. Their light weight grants them some of the fastest reloads in the game, which can often make-up for their comparatively low base damage.
–All Tediore legendary weapons regenerate ammo, making them useful to have equipped as a backup, or being carried around in players’ backpacks for ammunition replenishment in the field.
–Tediore weapons typically range from gray to off-white in coloration.

–Material Serial ID / prefixes include: Mat 1 = ns / Cheap — Mat 2 = -A / ns — Mat 3 = -B / ns

–Product Tiers: Cheap - Value - Special - Super - Limited - Supreme.1

–Tediore manufactures: Repeaters, Revolvers, SMGs, Shotguns (Revolver-Style), Combat Rifles, Explosive Contact Grenades, Health-Regen Shields.

Tediore was founded on the principle that no family should be without the protection that an affordable, lightweight firearm provides. Whether you’re planning on taking little Billy out to the fields for his first pheasant hunt or you need to chase some trouble off your front porch, Tediore will be there for you. Over the years, Tediore has built a reputation among the working class men and women of this land for providing fast-reloading weapons that anyone, on any budget, can afford. So the next time you’re headed down to the Save-N-Save, why not put a little piece of mind in the cart and grab yourself a Tediore? Tediore’s pistols, shotguns, sub-machine guns and rifles can be found at major retailers nationwide.
— Tediore sales pitch
More to come…

Note: Weapons can be elemental unless specified to have a particular element, or specified as non-elemental.


Atlas Aries: Your life is mine
—Shots sometimes (80-90% chance)1 return health as transfusion wisps. Always shock damage.

Like Kyros’ Power, the target’s shields must be down in order to steal health. 3 While the effect of the two weapons is similar, the projectiles of the two weapons are technically separately defined in the code.4

The health given by the healing wisps can be increased by adding points to Roland’s Cauterize skill. At 9/5 Cauterize, each wisp will heal for 69 health, on average.

Armored targets, or targets with some additional damage resistance may heal for a reduced amount. Shooting Roland’s turret gun will give-off healing wisps, but they will give reduced healing and will usually loop right back around and heal the turret. Ragdolls that have not yet come to rest can also be shot to get healing wisps, though they will also give off reduced healing.5
Healing wisps have a limited range, and may heal enemies if they come in contact with them before reaching a player.
Essential parts: Accessory + Material.

Maliwan Defiler: Give Sick
—High corrosive Tech level and Pool. Always procs at least x2 corrosive, chance to proc very high AOE corrosive effects. Always corrosive.
Essential parts: Accessory.

Tediore Equalizer: Unending firepower
—Ammo regen.
Essential parts: Body.

Jakobs Unforgiven: It’s a helluva thing…
—200% Critical damage. Cannot be elemental.
Technically the special effect is an extra 100% critical bonus to the base revolver crit bonus of 100%, which totals to the 200% displayed. 1
Essential parts: Barrel.

Dahl Anaconda: Long and strong
—High quality barrel (mix of top barrel types 4 and 5.) Gives higher damage and accuracy.1
Essential parts: Barrel.

Atlas Chimera: A beast of many forms: Fire, Lightning and Poison.
—Each shot will randomly be Fire, Shock, Corrosive or Blast. Shots that do not proc an element will be blast. While the blast procs generally give a higher damage multiplier, on average than the other elements, the lack of dot or relation to a specific elemental weakness will tend to make them weaker than the other elements. To break it down:
Originally Posted by Maxxfury View Post
An x4 Chimera, if it procs on level 16, it can give a higher damage muiltiplier than the free explosive proc. but then you also have to factor in the vulerabilities vs various enemies too… and the lack of dots, which is significant… like a inc prod will do more damage vs flesh than the explosive will, and the corrosive will do 200% more vs Armour…

(1) Explosive: 100% chance to proc at tech level 6 costing 0 for 1.5X damage
(2) Incendiary: 30% chance to proc at tech level 9 costing 20 for 0.6X damage
(2) Corrosive: 30% chance to proc at tech level 9 costing 20 for 0.4X damage
(2) Shock: 30% chance to proc at tech level 9 costing 20 for 1.0X damage
(3) Incendiary: 15% chance to proc at tech level 12 costing 20 for 0.9X damage
(3) Corrosive: 15% chance to proc at tech level 12 costing 20 for 0.6X damage
(3) Shock: 15% chance to proc at tech level 12 costing 20 for 1.5X damage
(4) Incendiary: 10% chance to proc at tech level 15 costing 20 for 1.2X damage
(4) Corrosive: 10% chance to proc at tech level 15 costing 20 for 0.8X damage
(4) Shock: 10% chance to proc at tech level 15 costing 20 for 2.0X damage
The Chmiera is boosted by explosive-related talents and COMs due to explosive being the listed element.1
Essential parts: Accessory.

Maliwan MadJack: Fools! They called me Maaad!
—Bullets move more slowly and have a chaotic flight pattern. Bullets ricochet and deal explosive damage. Unique part grants the weapon +200% fire-rate. 1 Always drops from One-Eyed Jack in Rust Commons West. One-Eyed Jack respawns.
Essential parts: Barrel + Material.

Atlas Patton: May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won’t.
—Damage increase, unique grip and material. Elemental tech minimum of x2. Cannot have an accessory, and as such cannot be elemental.1
Drops from Queen Tarantella or quest reward from Bait and Switch, obtained from the Middle of Nowhere Bounty Board. Queen Tarantella respawns.
Essential parts: Grip + Material.


Hyperion Nemesis: There is no escape
—Chance for shock damage, and has a chance to fire an additional corrosive bullet.
Confirmed Prefixes: Lightning, Fulgurating 123

Can spawn with an Invader scope, giving the properties of the Hyperion Invader pistol as well as the existing Nemesis properties.8

The nemesis additional-bullet pattern is based on proc

x1 = bottom
x2 = left and right
x3 = left, right, bottom
x4 left, right, bottom, top

The additional bullets are corrosive, and will do the listed dmg as well, thus a x4 will do 5x[listed dmg], much like a shotgun.
Tech regen can be boosted by class-mods that boost shock damage, since shock is the displayed element.4 6 57
Essential parts: Accessory + Material.

Tediore Protector: Ammo is no longer an issue.
—Ammo regen.
Essential parts: Body.

S&S Munitions Gemini: Double Whammy
—Fires a 2 round burst of 2 bullets each. Cannot be elemental.
Essential parts: Accessory

Vladof Rebel: Never stop shooting
—High mag capacity.
Essential parts: Magazine

Dahl Hornet: Feel the Sting
–2-shot burst, high proc chance. Always corrosive.
Essential parts: Accessory.

Maliwan Firehawk: Bring the HEAT!
—High proc chance. Procs are always an x6 multiplier. Always fire element.
Essential parts: Accessory.

Hyperion Invader: Twelve bullets invade your skull
—Fires entire mag while zoomed. It’s defining part is its scope, which grants it a +250% fire rate increase while zoomed.1
Essential parts: Sight.

Torgue Violator: Your move, creep
—3 shot burst of three bullets each.
Essential parts: Barrel.

Atlas Troll: Pain heals
—Very slow health regen. Defining part is its accessory, so cannot be elemental or have other accessory bonuses. The Troll accessory is based on the Stabilizer accessory, which gives it a natural boost to accuracy recovery (+100%) and recoil reduction (-100%.)12
Essential parts: Accessory.

Atlas Krom’s Sidearm: A gift from Papa Krom
—3 shot burst while zoomed. Always shock. Material grants it +22% Melee Damage.1 Always drops from Krom. Krom respawns.
Essential parts: Barrel + Material.

S&S Munitions Knoxx’s gold: Bling!
—Inflated sell price, +4 Elemental tech boost (meaning it will likely have a decent multiplier if it ends up elemental) and a large magazine. 2
Dropped from General Knoxx himself. Knoxx respawns. 1
Essential parts: Material.

Hyperion Athena’s Wisdom: War is the final option
—Very accurate. 120% Critical Damage boost. Strongly improved recoil and accuracy. 20% damage boost. 2 3 4
Obtained from Athena after completing the final story quest for the Knoxx DLC. 1
Essential parts: Barrel + Material.

Dahl Dove: Sometimes I forget to reload…
—Firing does not cost ammo. Can spawn with the Hornet part.2 Spawning with the Double accessory will cause it to spend one shot per trigger-pull, since the Dove barrel subtracts one bullet spent, but the Double accessory spends 2, one bullet is left-over that still gets spent from the magazine.1

Drops from Slither (rarely) or as a quest reward from the mission to kill Slither (Altar Ego: Godless Monsters, from Middle of Nowhere Bounty Board.)
Essential parts: Barrel + Material.

Hyperion Lady Finger: Omnia vincit amor
—100% Critical damage. Given as part of the mission: Nine Toes: Take Him Down, or dropped from Moe. Moe and Marley respawn.
Essential parts: Barrel + Material.

Tediore Chiquito Amigo: Say "Hello"
—Large magazine, high rate of fire. Can spawn with the Protector body, which grants it Repeater ammo regen: 2
Quest reward for Purple Juice from Thirsty the midget at the lake in Sunken Sea under the Hyperion billboard. 1
Essential parts: Barrel + Material.

Machine Pistols

Vladof Stalker: You can run, but you can’t hide
—Non-elemental Madjack-style bullets that ricochet many times.
Confirmed Prefixes: Vile (High quality), Double (+1 proj, +1 ammo cost), Cold (Higher damage, slower proj.), Stabilized (Less recoil), Fanged (+100% melee), Scoped (Scope 4/5)
Notes: Can not be elemental.1
Essential parts: Barrel + Material.

Vladof Vengeance: Vengeance is yours
—Chance to ignore shields.
Essential parts: Barrel.
Currently bugged. If already equipped upon game load, will give all weapons a chance to ignore shields. Otherwise will not have an effect.

S&S Munitions Thanatos: Big Tony says "hi."
—Very large magazine capacity.
Essential parts: Magazine.

Hyperion Reaper: Slice, Slice
—300% melee damage. Defining part is its accessory, so cannot be elemental or have other accessory bonuses.
Getting any melee hit instantly returns health proportionate to the damage done. Lethal Strike has the potential to return large portions of health: up to instantly restoring the entire health bar depending on how much melee damage boost the user’s build has.
Essential parts: Accessory.
300% Melee Damage bonus currently appears broken. Health return functionality works as described.

Vladof The Clipper: Don’t drop it, might lose a toe
—Extra melee damage. Always fire. Always dropped from Nine-Toes.
Only pistol to have both a melee accessory and an elemental effect.
Essential parts: Accessory + Material.
Bugged! Melee damage bonus appears to be broken


Maliwan Tsunami: Flee the wave
–Madjack style bullets that travel in a crazy path along the accuracy cone and ricochet. Non-proc shots will fly straight, while proc shots will slither back and forth, similar to Serpens proc shots. Deals non-elemental damage unless it procs. Has a random chance to proc either shock or corrosive. Displayed as shock damage, meaning that class-mods that boost tech regen for shock weapons will benefit this weapon.2

It can only be Cobalt because there are two elements, shock and corrosive, present on the weapon. There is no set elemental prefix in the game that can describe both elements at once without taking up a second prefix slot, which does not exist.1
Confirmed prefix: Cobalt.
Essential parts: Accessory + Material.

Maliwan Hellfire: We don’t need no water…
—Always lights enemies on fire. Proc damage varies and has a chance to cause larger fire bursts that light nearby enemies on fire as well.
Essential parts: Accessory.

Hyperion Bitch: Smack 'em.
—Increased critical hit damage. Higher tech pool, making elemental versions very powerful.
Bugged! Critical Hit bonus currently broken! Appears to give a x1.0030 critical damage boost, instead of a 30% boost. 3412
Essential parts: Barrel.

Tediore Savior: Hallelujah!
—Ammo regen.
Essential parts: Body.

Torgue Gasher: Tear it up!
—3 shot burst. Can display the highest listed fire-rate for any SMG.
Essential parts: Barrel.

Dahl Wildcat: The ultimate close-quarters feline…
—Very high mag capacity. Very low accuracy.
Essential parts: Magazine

Dahl Typhoon: Phoon!
—Bullets that ricochet and split into two bullets at range. Bullets appear as smoky trails, but seem to move at normal speed. The weapon’s material grants it a decreased reload speed.

1 Drops from Commander Typhon. Typhon does not respawn once the mission to kill him and Kyros is completed. If the player never kills both Kyros and Typhon on the same character data, but instead only kills one or the other, they will both continue to respawn and can level-up to 72 once the main story mission is complete and the player is level 69, granting higher-level versions of their respective drops. Cannot be elemental.
Essential parts: Accessory + Material.

Tediore Bone Shredder: The lead winds blows.
–Always x2 damage and scoped. Never elemental. Very rarely spawns with a Savior body, which grants it SMG ammo regen.
Always drops from Bone Head in Fyrestone and Chaz in Lockdown Palace. Savior variant: 1
Essential parts: Magazine + Material.

Hyperion The Spy: I spy with my little eye…
—More accurate when zoomed, +35% critical hit damage. Quest reward for King Tossing. Drops, rarely, from King Wee Wee. King Wee Wee does not respawn, but signing out, or otherwise quitting without saving, after killing him and checking the results, can allow him to be farmed for a good version.1
Essential parts: Sight + Material.

Hyperion RF440 Relentless Bruiser:
—A unique SMG always dropped by Dr. Ned in the Lumber Mill in Zombie Island. Uses the same red and green material as the Spy, and always has a twisted barrel. Dr. Ned does not respawn.
Essential parts: Barrel + Material. (maybe more?)


S&S Munitions Serpens: Poison in your veins
—High corrosive damage, huge tech pool. Basically a mixture of Hellfire and Defiler. High-proc bullets appear as non-ricocheting MadJack-esque bullets that slither like a snake.
Confirmed Prefixes: Glorious, Support 1 Scoped 2
Essential parts: Accessory + Material.

S&S Munitions Draco: Dragon Fire!
–Very high magazine capacity and x3 or x4 fire.
Essential parts: Accessory.
Bugged! Currently will not appear as a “Draco” but will still have its properties. Look for an S&S Glorious Massacre/Machine gun with x3 or x4 fire and a mag cap around 120.

Vladof Revolution: Guns of the revolution will never fall silent!
—Large mag capacity, faster reload, extra recoil reduction. The Magazine reduces fire rate by 33%.1
The unique magazine also gives it a -300% burst fire count, which indicates that it was one point meant to be a combat rifle. In such a case, it would be a full-auto combat rifle (with a fire rate around 12 rather than the base CR rof of 15) with a large mag capacity and fast reload.
Essential parts: Magazine.

Atlas Ogre: Ogre SMASH!
—High explosive effect and proc chance.
Essential parts: Accessory.

Torgue Bastard: TORGUE! Bastard guns for Bastard people!
—High damage.
Essential parts: Barrel.

Vladof The Chopper: RAAR! BRAR! BRAR!
—546 round mag. Damage always x4 (like an Anarchy) and uses 6 rounds per shot. Will not stop firing unless the player interrupts it with a melee or other similar action. Very low accuracy but does not react from recoil. Low chance to drop from Motor Head. Motor Head respawns. Cannot be elemental.
How to get The Chopper.
Essential parts: Accessory + Material.

Torgue Meat Grinder: War is in your blood
—Very low accuracy. Slight damage and fire-rate increase. Defining part is its magazine, which grants an 86-round mag and a +60% Reload Speed bonus. 31 2 Always drops from Jaynis Kobb, who does not respawn.
Essential parts: Magazine + Material.

Atlas Ajax’s Spear: Useful for kicking Hector’s bitch ass.
—Accurate with high recoil reduction. Can spawn as an Ogre. Always drops from Ajax.
Ajax’s Spear can produce an Ogre with a slightly higher tech pool than a Glorious Ogre (18 vs. 14), and combined with the damage and recoil reduction, can potentially produce the ultimate variant of the Ogre.

Can reach up to x4 elemental with the TCH body2 1

Co-op mission-sharing can allow Ajax to become active even if “This Bitch is Payback Pt. 1” is still active. If the host turns-in TBiPb Pt. 1, and you have not completed it yet, you will receive This Bitch is Payback Pt. 2 (the Ajax mission) without disrupting the status of Part 1, and Ajax will become farmable in addition to your choice of either Kyros or Typhon.
Essential parts: Barrel + Material.

Assault Rifles

Tediore Avenger: Uncommon Power
–Increased mag size (20), additional +50% Crit, Maximum zoom and Single shot non-automatic. Regenerates Combat rifle ammo.
Confirmed Prefixes: Punishing (Increased Damage), Intense (additional +50% Crit), Genocide (Higher quality)
Note: The ammo regeneration is a lot slower than that of the Tediore Guardian. 1
Essential parts: Sight + Material.

Dahl Raven: 2 more bullets make all the difference…
–Fires 5 round bursts.
Essential parts: Magazine.
Encyclopedia Entries: Barrel 5 Desert / Barrel 4 Desert / Barrel 4 Punishing (Mat 2)

Hyperion Destroyer: The Destructor has come
—Fires entire magazine in a burst when zoomed.
Essential parts: Barrel.

Tediore Guardian: Hold your ground. Forever…
—Combat rifle ammo regen.
Essential parts: Body.
Encyclopedia Entry: Barrel 5, Deathly / Barrel 4, Deathly / Pounder

—Fires a 3-round burst of bullets.
Encyclopedia Entries: Hyperion / Dahl / Tediore

—Fires a 3-round burst of bullets with moderate accuracy, high damage and lowered bullet velocity.
Encyclopedia Entries: Dahl / Tediore

—Fires a single bullet per shot with increased damage and reduced magazine size.

Hyperion Sentinel: A watchful eye
—Very powerful zoom. 1 Quest reward for Jack’s Other Eye, obtained from Helena Pierce in New Haven. Low chance to drop from Rakkinishu in Rust Commons West (encountered during the Hidden Journal: Rust Commons West mission from the New Haven Bounty Board.) Rakkinishu will respawn.
Essential parts: Sight + Material.
Encyclopedia Entry

Sniper Rifles

(Revolver style)

Jakobs Bessie: That’s my girl…
—+500% Critical damage, 100% Accuracy when zoomed. Always has a strong zoom, but not as strong as the Atlas Cyclops.
Confirmed Prefixes: Fearsome, Long, Rolling2
Notes: Jakobs weapons cannot be elemental. 1
Essential parts: Sight + Material.

Maliwan Volcano: Pele demands a sacrifice…
—Always procs fire. Has a chance to cause a large area effect fire blast that lights nearby enemies on fire as well. Might be able to proc above x4 fire.
Essential parts: Accessory.

Atlas Cyclops: I have you in my eye, sir…
—Extremely high zoom and increased bullet velocity.
Essential parts: Sight.

Jakobs Skullmasher: Makes their brain hurt…
—Fires a 6 pellet, shotgun-style spread. Cannot be elemental.
Essential parts: Barrel.

Vladof Surkov: For the Motherland
—Very fast reload.
Essential parts: Barrel.

Jakobs Whitting’s Elephant Gun: Why don’t you go shoot yourself an elephant?
—High damage, no scope. Drops rarely from Skagzilla or a quest reward for Big Game Hunter. Cannot be elemental.
Essential parts: Sight + Material.

Atlas Kyros’ Power: Good Touch
—Successful shots on un-shielded targets return damage as Transfusion wisps that return health. Number of wisps increases with proc size.
Drops from Commander Kyros, who does not respawn once the mission to kill him and Commander Typhon is completed. Always blast. Sometimes appears without a visible elemental multiplier. Up to x3 confirmed possible in-game, which produces 4 Transfusion wisps. Special bullets exist in the code for an x4 variant, though this tech level has yet to be confirmed 100% in-game. Tech level may display one level below its actual tech level, meaning actual 1x tech levels may appear with no listed multiplier.

The health given by the healing wisps can be increased by adding points to Roland’s Cauterize skill. At 9/5 Cauterize, each wisp will heal for 69 health, on average. Armored targets, or targets with some additional damage resistance may heal for a reduced amount. Shooting Roland’s turret gun will give-off healing wisps, but they will give reduced healing and will usually loop right back around and heal the turret. Ragdolls that have not yet come to rest can also be shot to get healing wisps, though they will also give off reduced healing.3

Healing wisps have a limited range, and may heal enemies if they come in contact with them before reaching a player.

Can spawn with a Cyclops scope.12

If the player never kills both Kyros and Typhon on the same character data, but instead only kills one or the other, they will both continue to respawn and can level-up to 72 once the main story mission is complete and the player is level 69, granting higher-level versions of their respective drops.
Essential parts: Accessory + Material.


Torgue Cobra: I LIKE IT!
—High explosive effect with a large splash radius, always procs.
Essential parts: Accessory.

Hyperion Executioner (Invader): BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM!
—Fires a 5-shot burst when scoped.
Essential parts: Magazine.
Bugged! Wrongly appears in-game as Invader. Should be the Executioner.

Dahl Penetrator: Sniper killer, qu’est que c’est
—Fast fire rate, fully auto.
Essential parts: Barrel.
Bugged! Does not appear Orange in-game, but green through purple instead. Should be Orange.

S&S Muntions Orion: A hunter lives among the stars…
—Large mag capacity, high shock effect. Shots ricochet and split into 3, or rarely 4 child projectiles if the initial shot hits a wall or other inanimate target. 1 Child projectiles do as much base damage as their parent projectile (making a 932 damage Orion do 932 x 3 or x4 damage if all the child projectiles hit, plus the additional Shock DOT effect,) meaning the best tactic is to bounce the shot off a wall or floor or other surface and hit the target with the ricocheted child shots to maximize damage.2

Child projectiles appear to have all the properties of the parent projectile, fe: they can Crit, leave bullet holes in walls and will count toward skills like Refire.

In the .ini files, the Orion has an alternate red text listing of Trick Shot which references this tactic.
Essential parts: Accessory.

Dahl Reaver’s Edge: The cutting edge
—Powerful zoom. Always drops from Reaver. Can spawn as a Penetrator. 12 Reaver is activated by the Missing Persons quest tree, obtained from the New Haven Bounty Board, and will respawn.
Essential parts: Sight + Material.

Dahl Nailer: Thwack!
—Unique barrel adds +30% damage. Material gives the standard properties of Dahl Material 1.1
Quest reward for House Hunting (Bleeder mission–obtained from the Middle of Nowhere Bounty Board) or rare drop from Bleeder itself. Bleeder respawns.
Essential parts: Barrel + Material.

Gearbox Rider: Careful… you might put someone’s eye out…
—No scope. Only available while the Rakk Hive fight mission (Another Piece of the Puzzle) is active.
Essential parts: Magazine + Material. (only changeable part is the Accessory.)


(Revolver Style)

Dahl Jackal: This dog bites.
—Shoots a single projectile grenade that flies in an arc.
Confirmed Prefixes: Fanged (Melee Accessory), Hunter’s (Increased Accuracy) 1
Essential parts: Barrel + Material.

Dahl Bulldog: One Bad Dog
—20 round cylinder, increased damage and reload speed.
Essential parts: Magazine.

Torgue Friendly Fire: Have a nice day
—Always fire. Pellet grouping forms a smiley face. Carnage versions will be standard explosive instead of fire.
Essential parts: Accessory.

Atlas Hydra: 5 heads of death
—Fires in 5 groupings spread out in a wide line. The spread of each individual grouping is affected by your accuracy, but the formation of the groupings as a whole is always the same. Cannot be elemental. Carnage variants still only fire one rocket.
Essential parts: Accessory.

Tediore Defender: I can do this all day…
—Ammo regen.
Essential parts: Body.

Jakobs Striker: Sniper rifles are for chumps…
—Critical damage boost. Accurate, low fire-rate. Cannot be elemental.
Essential parts: Barrel.

Torgue Boomstick: Beyond Groovy
—6 shot burst, fires small rockets. Can spawn as a Friendly Fire. Always drops from Baron Flynt, who will respawn. Friendly Fire variant: 1
Essential parts: Barrel + Material.

Jakobs Sledge’s Shotgun: The legend lives!
—100000% Burst fire count. Standard with 2 shots, can be increased with talent boosts. Fires entire magazine very quickly when fired. Can have extreme knock-back effects on other players while dueling if used right. Cannot be elemental.
Essential parts: Barrel + Material.

Dahl TK’s Wave: Ride the wave, dude!
—Fires slow moving, blue pellets in a horizontal line. Bullets undulate like a wave as they travel, and ricochet. Also has a +50% Critical Hit bonus. Quest reward for TK’s Life and Limb. Chance to drop from Scar. Can spawn with a Bulldog’s 20-round magazine.3 Cannot spawn as a Carnage since the barrel is the defining part.21
Essential parts: Barrel + Material.

Torgue Blister: It’s a painful thing…
—Suffers less of a base damage loss for being elemental, and has a small boost to accuracy.2 Always corrosive. Quest reward for Like a Moth to Flame, from the New Haven Bounty Board. Low chance to drop from Mothrakk, who will respawn. Can be hard to find given the way loot from Mothrakk scatters. 1
Essential parts: Barrel + Material.

Carnage: Holy crap! It shoots rockets!
—A special barrel that fires a single small rocket instead of shotgun pellets. Any revolver type shotgun can spawn as a Carnage, as long as it can have varied barrels.
Essential parts: Barrel.


Maliwan Plague ( Crux ) : Bring out your dead!
—High corrosive chance and effect.
Essential parts: Accessory.
Bugged! Wrongly appears in-game as Crux. Should be Plague.

Hyperion Butcher: Ahh… fresh meat.
—Very fast 5 shot burst. Individual shots are only comprised of 3 pellets each. The name and red text quote directly reference the Butcher demon boss from Diablo. The quote is what the boss says when it sees you.
Essential parts: Barrel.

S&S Munitions Crux: [color=#FF0000]Cross their heart, hope they die…[/color]
—Always blast. Pellets form a cross shape. Large magazine.
Essential parts: Accessory.

Vladof Hammer: Drop the hammer!
—Always blast. Pellets form a hammer shape.
Essential parts: Accessory.

Rocket Launchers

Torgue Undertaker: Take 'em UNDER.
—8 or 10 round2 mag capacity, huge splash radius second only to the Redemption, and faster rocket velocity.
Confirmed Prefixes: Steel 1
Essential parts: Barrel + Material.
Encyclopedia Entry

Torgue Redemption: Monster kill!
—Uses 4 rockets per shot. Very slow rocket with the highest available splash and maximum damage.
Essential parts: Barrel.
Encyclopedia Entry

Vladof Mongol: Beware the Horde!
—Uses three rockets per shot. Main rocket spawns other rockets as it flies. Creates a wide carpet bomb effect at range, or a small spread effect at mid-range.
Essential parts: Barrel.
Encyclopedia Entry

Maliwan Rhino: The unstoppable force.
—Rocket air-bursts intermittently as it flies. Always elemental (shock, fire or corrosive.)
Essential parts: Barrel.
Encyclopedia Entry

Hyperion Nidhogg: Death rains from above
—Rocket air-bursts after a set time and fires rockets in a wide spray outward. Child rockets usually go downward, or sideways from the firing direction, but occasionally will fly backward toward the user’s initial firing position.
Essential parts: Barrel.
Encyclopedia Entry

Maliwan The Roaster: Gonna’ cook somebody today.
—Always fire. Its defining material basically has the same stats as Maliwan material three (cobalt), making it a consistently good, but not otherwise outstanding fire launcher. Always drops from Taylor Kobb in Rust Commons East. Can spawn as a Rhino.12 Taylor Kobb respawns.
Essential parts: Material.
Encyclopedia Entries: Normal / Rhino

Torgue Leviathan: It rises!
—Fires a grenade-style rocket that arcs downward. Quest reward for Fresh Fish. Very rarely dropped by the Rakk Hive, which will respawn, or from the Rakk-Trap Hive in the Claptrap Revolution area: Scorched Snake Canyon during the Old Spicy mission.1 The Rakk-Trap Hive will not respawn.
Essential parts: Barrel + Material.
Encyclopedia Entry

Spread Launcher
Fires a 5-shot burst of rockets in a wide horizontal pattern.
Encyclopedia Entries: Torgue / Hyperion / Vladof / Maliwan

Triple Launcher
Fires a 3-shot burst of rockets in a tight cluster.
Encyclopedia Entries: Torgue / Hyperion / Vladof / Maliwan

Helix Launcher
Fires a swirling set of three rockets for the cost of one.
Encyclopedia Entries: Torgue / Hyperion / Vladof / Maliwan

Eridian Guns

Eridian Mega Cannon: 01001111 01001101 01000111 [Translated: OMG]
—Like the regular Cannon but higher damage. Encumbers player and slows movement.

Eridian Firebomb: Bad is good, BABY!
—Fire projectile splits into two or three projectiles on contact.1 Always fire.

Eridian Stampeding Spatter (Gun): For when you want to splat the living s* out of something.**
—Lobs acid balls that bounce 4 times and explode on each bounce. Always Corrosive. 1 2 3

Eridian Fireball: You’ll need some bat guano…
—Always fire. High elemental effect. Lobs fire projectiles that explode with a larger fire effect than the flaregun.

Eridian Flaregun: Smoke on the water…
—Lobs a fire projectile. High elemental effect. Shot is usually invisible for most of its flight path.

Eridian Rifle: Full of electric death…
—Fires electric bolts with a high dot effect. Shots ricochet, and can deal critical hits to some enemies.

Eridian Rolling Spatter Gun: Splat! Splach! Spluch!
—Lobs acid projectiles that bounce a few times before exploding.

Eridian Splat Gun: For when you want to splat something.
—Lobs an acid ball that splits into 3 balls on contact. Child acid balls bounce once and then explode on contact. If contacting a valid target, parent and child acid balls explode on contact. Always Corrosive.

Eridian Glob Gun: I think you have something on your shoe…
—Lobs acid balls with a high corrosive effect.

Eridian Cannon: 01001111 01001101 01000111
—Shoots a large, very slow energy projectile. High damage. Non-elemental. Encumbers the player and makes movement slower. Always dropped by Master McCloud in The Backdoor. McCloud respawns. Not boss-specific and can be found in other areas of the game, as well.

Eridian Thunderstorm: Lightning never strikes the same place twice, but it can strike freaking everywhere!
—Fires a wide spread of high-damage shock projectiles. Encumbers the player and makes movement slower.

Eridian Mercurial Blaster: Pew! Pew! Pew!
—Fires small energy projectiles that deal non-elemental damage, at a high rate of fire (usually 9.) Basically a faster fire-rate version of the Eridian Blaster.
Encumbers the player and makes movement slower.

Eridian Ball Blaster: Pew! Pew! Pew!
—Fires large, medium-speed energy projectiles. Non-elemental damage, medium fire rate. Energy balls will track to targets after traveling a short period of time, allowing it to be fired around corners or over barriers while concealed.
Encumbers the player and makes movement slower.

Eridian Wave Blaster: Pew! Pew! Pew!
—Shock damage. Shots undulate like a wave and ricochet. Usually higher damage than other Blasters. Encumbers the player and makes movement slower.

Eridian Blaster: Pew! Pew! Pew!
—Fires small energy balls that deal non-elemental damage. Moderate fire rate.
Encumbers the player and makes movement slower.

Eridian Lightning: I feel like I’m gonna’ break this thing.
—Sniper rifle-like behavior. Fires a fast beam of shock damage. Usually scoped. Encumbers the player and makes movement slower.


Anshin Rose: Beauty and Life
—Once depleted, recharges a small portion of your health (about 31.08%, or about 1/3rd)2. Only works once every full recharge. Short recharge delay and fast recharge rate.
Confirmed Prefixes: Alacritous 1

Pangolin Ironclad: I stand unvanquished!
—Highest possible capacity seen in the game; always higher than a comparable capacity-body Pangolin.
Confirmed Prefixes: Hardened 1

Atlas Omega: The Alpha and that other thing.
—Shock resistance. Improved recharge delay and recharge rate over a comparable Atlas body 4.2
Confirmed Prefixes: Alacritous 1

Pangolin Wee Wee’s Super Booster
—Decently fast health regeneration and a 15% maximum health cap boost. Shield will not have these stats listed. Uses a unique material.
Chance to drop from King Wee Wee in Tetanus Warrens. King Wee Wee does not respawn. Waiting to kill him until playthrough 2.5 will yield up to a level 68 version of the shield.
King Wee Wee does not respawn, but signing out, or otherwise quitting without saving, after killing him and checking the results, can allow him to be farmed for a good version. He will always drop some version of the Super Booster.

Anshin Cracked Sash
—A low-capacity shield with recharge rate which is always higher than the shield’s capacity.
Always drops from Rakkinishu in Rust Commons West. The shield and Rakkinishu mini-boss are a reference to Diablo 2.


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I believe the original poster didn’t include a table of contents is because Ctrl + F is easy enough to find the weapon you are looking for.

It’s just nice to get an overview of the contents right at the top, and be able to jump quickly to the relevant section. If you look at some of the guides in the BL2 section, you can get a good sense of what I’m talking about.

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I suggest to rename Ajax’s Spear : Francis’s Spear… :joy:

Where the Hell is my Unicorn…?

This one has a special “infection” effect too, as a damaged target suffering DOTs is able to deliver DOTs to another nearby target :wink:

So I finally got an actual named Draco in Remastered. I was wondering, though, as it appears my previous unnamed Draco’s from the original Borderlands gameplay didni’t change names, they kept the regular glorious massacre/pearl massacre name. Does it not change the names and add the Dragonfire prefix, because I’m pretty sure they are real Dracos.

Yeah only new generated Draco’s in remaster have right rarity and name, import Draco from old game don’t change name upon import.

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I’m really new to BL, and I was kind of unclear about how hybrids work. My understanding is that a hybrid weapon is always a uniquely named gun, such as the Roaster launcher, but that it MIGHT have a specific part that normally comes on some other Legendary weapon in that same category, and that the only real way to see if this good part is there is to try shooting the weapon? Or can i look at my weapon to see if it is a hybrid or not? I think this is really cool, i just want to understand it better. Thanks!



In bl1 legendary guns are what they are due to having spawned with a particular part, be it the body, the barrel, the accessory, etc. The Hell fire accessory for example. Or the Equalizer body. Hybrid guns simply have those parts in the drop pool along with the other standard parts so they can (rarely) spawn with them as well. I believe the Rhino is the barrel …the Roaster launcher has a chance to spawn with it. Since legendary parts don’t look any different visually, usually you just gotta check the guns behavior. The bone shredder is an exception- it’ll show the regen on the card if it spawns with the savior body.


Chiquito Amigo will also show ammo regen of a Protector body on it’s card.


Also keep in mind…the nemesis/invader and the ogre/spear are the only 2 that actually make good weapons. I have a Rhinoaster and it’s just a bad Rhino. It’s restricted to body1 in think it is? So It’s just a mediocre rhino