The deprecated "Grenade Bandolier" and "Regeneration Armor"

I made a new amazing discovery when I used Ultimate Badass Mod by JasonBourne.Here it is:

There are two “new” items in USCM armor loadout: “Grenade Bandolier” and “Regeneration Armor”.Unfortunately,the descriptions of them are both “DEPRECATED” .There’s no actual effect when I used them in game…Maybe these two items were hidden for unfinished development or unbalanced problem.

Everybody knows that 6 points still remain after your marine bought all available items at full level 60.I have used 2 of 6 points to buy 2 unavailable items.So I think there are still 4 hidden items in this game.I’ll try to find them!

Yea I discovered some new content in the patch which have been ditched by the dev. I tried to add attributes to it but it didnt work. There is also grenade which is called “Crybomb” but it has no firetexture so I didnt use it either. At the end I though I deleted them but I guess I forgot lol