The description of Helix option "Radiant Spear" has a typo

“Transforms Ambra’s Staff of Radiance into a spear, capable of releasing all of its built up heat in a singular, devastating impact.”

I believe the word “devastating” was supposed to be “feeble”, or perhaps “pathetic”. Honest mistake.

-turns off sarcasm-

Okay, the way her staff converts into a spear? Awesome. The damage? I haven’t fully tested, but I’m pretty sure that it’s doing about the same as a standard alt-fire strike.

I think it’s the single most disappointing thing in Battleborn, right now. For a choice so late in the Helix, it feels like a joke, like some sort of taunt attack that you use to humiliate terrible players.

I want it to be cool. Very much. :frowning:

…Helix 7? In advanced PvE that thing shoots balls of fire that wipe out anything. I love it.

Radiant Spear, not Halberd. Yeah, the fireballs are nice. So is the leech. I’m talking about the one that transforms the top of the staff into blades, that no one uses, because it’s awful.

…Ah, I use that on walkways to knock back armored Thrall, works fair.

Not to mention, with the recent re-work of Ambra where melee strikes with heat lower sunspots cooldown, why would I ever want to dump all my heat in one attack? Especially as you said, on what feels like a very “feeble” attack. I’ve tried the radiant spear and did not find any value in that helix choice.

Why would I dump all of my heat in one attack when I can sunspot, tap tap tap, sunspot, solar wind to refill heat, tap tap sunspot…

Maybe someone with better game knowledge could enlighten me, but I see absolutely no situation where that helix option would benefit someone.

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If you use all your heat it will instantly reset the sunspot’s cooldown, even if the cooldown has just started.

But yes the damage output isn’t worth the helix. I usually use the lifesteal, and sometimes the fireball if we are loosing

[quote=“abobcolypse, post:5, topic:1543427, full:true”]Why would I dump all of my heat in one attack when I can sunspot, tap tap tap, sunspot, solar wind to refill heat, tap tap sunspot…

Because it allows you to sunspot>stab>sunspot>searing>stab>sunspot>lifedrain repeat.

I’m not saying it’s good, especially since they reduced the CD on sunspot to 8 seconds so a bigger CD redux from dumping all of your heat at once is basically a huge waste, but it’s got some tactical application, insofar as you can throw out a trio of sunspots in less time though all of your later sunspots are going to be more spread out.

A tweak that I could imagine it providing would be having Radiant Spear reduce the CD of all of your CDs such that the left option is about spamming sunspots/heavy melee, the middle is about being ranged capable, and the right option is more controller-y (more Searing Wind and Extinction Event).

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Worst thing about that helix choice has to definitely be the wind-up time for the attack. I Feel as if my DPS is cut in half due to how long it takes for me to actually deliver the strike, that on top of the less-than-stellar damage output is grounds to ignore it for the other two, vastly superior, options.


I feel the same way. I don’t know if it does more or less dps than her regular strikes, but it sure feels like it’s does less, especially with the slow animation.

On a strike for strike basis, it does more damage. It consumes all heat at once instead of parceling it out in small pieces, but, in doing so, does it in a pretty inefficient way (I think it gives something like half as much damage per point of heat that the normal strikes do). Over time, this means it is going to do less damage in exchange for bigger burst (which is pretty pathetic for burst damage).

I appreciate the info. I chose the helix option once and just really didn’t like it. Glad to know I’m not nerfing myself.

I am wondering if Radiant Spear would actually be a better choice against another Ambra? With higher burst damage it might be away to cause enough damage to KO her without triggering the Flame Shield? I don’t get many fights against another Ambra so I haven’t had the chance to try it out.

The wind up makes it hard to hit with it. Ambra on Ambra fights usually devolve into jumping around each other trying to break lock on for her ghostbuster beam. The quicker, less powerful strikes, are much better suited to those engagements.