The design philosophy behind some of these guns is inherently wrong for endgame

The hellfire being the most notable example, giving guns massive firerate buffs with way decreased damage is a terrible way to go for endgame as ammo consumption for slaughter circles will be a grave concern when using these sorts of weapons. When it’s taking multiple magazines to finish one badass, you know the balance between damage and firerate is way off.

Guns like the hellfire, magnificent, shredifier, etc need better damage to become more viable in endgame as they don’t work well against mobs due to the ridiculous ammo consumption and lack the stopping power of boss shreders like the lyuda(even post nerf) have to work remotely well against most bosses.


That has been my biggest concern. Not near enough ammo for current “end game” mobs due to lackluster weapon damage.

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There are different guns for different situations and play styles.

A lot of people love the fast fire rate monsters, others like the slow powerhouse Unforgivens and many things inbetween.

Maybe the fast guns should not be your main guns for something like the COS’s but you can still use them in them as supplementary guns or in other places.

Also in bl2 and TPS we got more SDU’s with level caps, so those might be comiing.

Sometimes they can do well, the lucians call is a great gun with this philosophy but it completely negates the ammo consumption concerns.

Like you said you could use them as more supplementary guns, but the guns that fall in this category usually use the same ammo types as the guns you’d primarily use(smgs, pistols and ars), making these sorts of guns poor choices for supplementary weapons in your build.

I feel some of these guns, like the hellfire and sleeping giant, would be fitting the mobbing role a lot better if they had increased damage (and mag size for ones with terribly small mags like the ones I mentioned prior) and giving up some of their firerate to ameliorate the ammo consumption and dps issues, giving them some purpose in builds in endgame.

In CoS you can use vendors between rounds.

In the later rounds you’ll be running out of ammo before you finish the round using these weapons.

Then don’t use one type only.

If I used the hellfire in the slaughter shaft I’d be out of ammo by wave 3 most of the time, I do use multiple weapons but not these kinds of weapons due to their ammo consumption.

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Different builds might need different guns. Facepuncher is meh for most, but for Amara it’s pretty insane.

Same with Shreddifier, Bottomless Mags Moze can shoot it almost forever.

Some weapons might just be undertuned though, never tried Hellfire, but maybe it is. It was a great weapon in BL1 if I remember correctly.

She can, but I imagine you would always prefer a gun with higher damage at that point instead of compensating somewhat for poor damage with huge mag size and firerate. Like the hellfire is straight up beat by just a purple dahl fire smg if you get decent parts on it.

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Honestly, I just now realized that I want a Hellfire for my Moze. If I can crit it right, it’ll be proccing Redistribution and Means of Destruction while also doing Fire in the Skag Den and Experimental Munitions and then my splash bonus skills and my fire bonus skills…yes. Omg

Would a lasersploader not be better for that? The laser can crit, you still have splash projectiles, better ammo consumption and dps as well.