The Destroyer, Help?

Hi there, Im trying to kill the destroyer and am on my first playthrough. Would anyone possible be able to help me as I can get deathly close if Im lucky, and then I die, respawn and hes at full health. My GT is RadiatedDirp18, feel free to add me. Bye the way, I don’t quite know when I will be on, sometime in the evening thats for sure. Thanks in advance!!

Oh I remember this, if you go to the far left or right of the destroyer, he can’t hit you. Hide behind his tentacles. Hopefully this wasn’t patched as I haven’t played borderlands in years but did have every character over level 50 with the first and second playthroughs beaten for all.

What character, build and gear are you using? Depending on that, the fight might take ages, or it might take less than a minute.

As a rule of thumb, you want a good, rapid-fire gun, aim for the Destroyer’s eye and never let go of the trigger until it dies. There may also be certain skill choices you missed or could respec into.

I actually got it now, thanks! I hid behind his tentacles like the previous post, almost died right at the end but luckily I didn’t. Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

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