The Dev Talk - Ask everything here, to keep it all together for 2nd time

So guys, devs, respected brother players (no sexism intented), we have come to time of great decline of pc players.

Number of players since i started playing went down from near 2k to under a 500, peaking at 431 yesterday.

431-meaning a premade of 5 is more than 1% of current player base.
Now i did buy this game cause of PVP (for PVE i do preffer Borderlands) so that number is actually higher (like 1.5%?)

Now i dont know what devs did in interval may-july (got this game from humble bundle in july) but since i started playing i didnt see them lay finger on trying to preserve or, God forbids, increase player base and issues with matchmakin and game performance on pc.

Some will say-but they intend on adding more game mods and operations and they do rebalances of characters.
I gotta say that was probably already intended before game had issues with playerbase.

The Game, in this current state, does not fully fullfill my expectations.
And i am the one that convinced 4 more people to buy it cause i really like it.
The Game, in this state does not make me want to spend more money on it (and i am the one supporting money spending on cosmetics in FTP games).

The ONLY question i wanted to ask devs with this topic is:


P.S. Sry for angry tone and spelling, Engrish is my 3rd language.

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They’ve been tweaking matchmaking weekly since launch. So far, not much has stuck. There are several posts on the forum about their upcoming new queues. So that should help


They are working on a tutorial (dojo) and probably a noob only match makig, but remember they are not Blizzard and have a bunch of ppl working.

Untill they dont get the dojo runing is better to do nothing special (like free weekend or big adv) one of the main isseu is to retain players but is hard when every PvP is a stomp(not enough time to learn).

So… I hope they are working on all those pc performance problems but you know pc have many dif components and is probably hard to work in that.

Part of that problem is the influx of players that came in with the sale left due to frustration. At least every one I tried to friend request and get into the game.
GB should have made matchmaking (once we were over 2000 players average online) to two queues:
Solo and Team
Solo put all solo players to a pool and matched them together. This would pit more low and mid’s together and higher mid’s to CR100’s together.
Team would be 2, 3, or 5 premade.
You could have 5v5
Or 3+2 vs 5
Or 3+2 vs 3+2.
You get the point.

They missed a great opportunity there.

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As great as this game is it is having a few issues retaining the players that it does attract. They are working on fixing all the issues that they’ve found so they can retain players. They want to have the game in good condition before they start trying to draw in new players again. What would be the point of drawing in a huge crowd of players only to lose them again because of the few issues with the game that are driving people away?

This game isn’t easy to just dive right into for most people. It’s not friendly to new players and the devs know this and are working on making things a little friendly to first time players. They are working on balancing the game in many ways. Characters. Levels. Game modes. Gear. It’s all going to take time. Matchmaking is being worked on. They’re trying all sorts of things, big and small. You may not have noticed a lot of the smaller tweaks they do behind the scene to match people up.

At any rate the devs are hard at work improving the game. Not everyone will see this. Not everyone is as dedicated to sifting through the forums, reddit, Twitter and other sources of information to find all the little bits of information relating to all the work the developers are putting into the game as some of the people here are. You might not see it now but given enough time you will see all the work that has gone into the game (or at least enough to know that they are putting a lot of time and effort into it).

  1. Here is a letter from the creative director on how Gearbox is addressing issues with Battleborn

  2. There is a big patch coming up that is making some big changes, here is some stuff that they are considering.

  3. PvP matchmaking is also being looked at and they are thinking about changing up some stuff again. Here is an example of what’s being discussed.

  4. Here is a overview of the dlc that they have done and what they are doing.

  5. Here is an overview of all the previous hot fixes and patches they have done.



Dude-you like, totally ignored what i asked and provided links i’m aware of.

Let me reiterate in Engrish

Also, all those links just said to us, current players: “You guys keep playing, we dont give a ■■■■ about you now cause we plan to make this game awesome for new players.”

BTW-99% of hotfixes was rebalancing characters (which is kinda funny cause they often do it with HUUUGE NUMBER CHANGE-like nerfing/buffing smtg few times) and that isnt fixing game issues-its game support and was expected.

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Here is the answer :

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Because if they dont give their promised content in lets say 1 year (season pass time) ppl can Sue.

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