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As the title already implies, I opened this topic to collect every meaningful conversation with the devs in one place.
The previous place of the showdown (the preorder thread), wasn’t really the place to do it, because the topic was totally off.
What happened so far, in 5 pictures:

To continue the discussion:
Here a bit “ammo” for your “make-it-better” gun you told me about, @Jythri.

Ideas for FTP Model?
Further enhancements to Gameplay
Will there be a special edition to pre order as well?
Will there be a special edition to pre order as well?
I'll buy Battleborn but is my choice worth it?
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I am curious about the STATS shown for each character. Are the bars the maximum possible stat of that type for the character, or just their starting stats? For example, Orendi can get Chaos Magic to increase damage. Does that move her power to 6, or is is just a temporary boost? Same question with Caldarius, where J-HTX Assault Frame can increase power or movement speed. Are these activated buffs, permanent increases for the stage, and how much do they move the Stat values?

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I think those are just general ideas of what a charater can do.

So Orendi is a high damage dealer, its not specific enough to mean anything other than "X character has more health/DPS/movement speed etc… than another character.

Accurate comparisions cant be made until we know the base stats for all in game stats (i.e damage numbers for each attack) as well as exactly how much Helix skills alter them by.

This likely wont happen until very near release, since numbers change all the time during developement.

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Jythri said he would give out stats, with the reservation of them being still subject to change.

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The bars are just to give you an overall feeling for the class of the character. Orendi for example is a
squishy but mobile, high-damage mage that casts on medium range

I just took the stuff from the website and rearranged it, so people can read it without a mindblast.
Here the original:

(the other 2 abilities are visble when clicking the arrow to the right)

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Nice thread, and thanks for including my “grilling” :blush: !

I’d like to point out the tweet by the Battleborn Twitter account asking us to get our #BadassQuestions in and hopefully make obvious that some of us are asking our questions in your thread as well.

I’ll be asking my questions there then.

"Heeeeere we goooo !!!" (to the tune of Chemical Brothers) :

  • In pub PvE coop games how do you plan to address the fact that people go on DPSing to show higher score on the match end card while one of their mate is down and waiting for a “revive” ?
  • Will there be levelling in PvP also or do players start at Max lvl ? I’m guessing there will be in order to promote agressiveness and lower “spawn camping” but just to make sure AND to introduce the next question.
  • What percentage (in terms of time) is played at lvl 10 in PvE and in PvP (2 different answers accepted, one for each) ? So yeah, playing with your character at full power will be one of the “pleasure” of the game. So far for PvE it seems to be tuned to coincide with meeting the last end boss of a map/mission/scenario. So kind of the last 10% of a PvE game. What about PvP, could we play longer at lvl 10 ?
  • Plans on leaderboards for PvP ? Maybe as well for PvE ? Ranking system, matchmaking, Elo and all that stuff ?
  • Will character meshes and bone structures be accessible for those that like to toy around in XNALara, Source Film Maker and such ? Pweeeeety pleeeeease !!!

That’s it for now, but I’ll be back !

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That’s why i asked Jythri to make a thread on his own, but he went offline, so i figured I’d make my own, before the “transfer-mass” became too heavy.
TLDR: Yes please. That’s what this thread is for ^^

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Did you intend to make it a banner? Because thats what you did. It shows at the top of the main forum page now as well as everywhere else.
I doubt you intended that, but Ill leave it up to you to fix it just in case I am wrong.

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Was confused as well, but since a similar project is currently running on Twitter, it does no harm. Probably returning to pinned after it’s over.

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Don’t worry @TheFunfighter, your lease in the Battleborn cat doesn’t run out until July 1st, 2026. The rent will be going up after that though. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Oh stooooop! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I support TheFunFighter’s idea of organizing the website’s skill layout to something more newbie-friendly. It took me a while to know which abilities were basic, passive, active, and Ultimates.

Also how soon after a character’s reveal are they unlocked on that page? I would really love to look at the 4 new officially revealed characters more deeply in terms of stats and skills. .