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(Btxddd) #376

Greetings developers.
Fix this

(ska84life) #377

I just got the game last night digital and am regretting it since I won’t be able to return the game. I hope I’m wrong but no set difficulty on story public mode has me thinking this game will die off in 8 days or so? I can’t now recommend this game to people since that IDK?

Maybe after we beat story that will open up? Set difficulty? I need to know so I can get my friends to buy this game and family!

(Niimura) #378

Any changes to Matchmaking?
Maybe to servers?

I cant get in any PVP matches, its kinda frustrating…

(Uz3r013) #379

where are the Devs Q_Q
Would like these questions answered, they would play a huge role in me choosing loadouts…

Question about certain item abilities

  1. the Eldrid don’t have shields. for items that have mods that say “When shields are depleted…” Do they automatically get that boon? or are items like that wasted on them?
    EDIT seems… NO. This ability is useless on Eldrid

  2. Benedict reloads his rocket launcher one rocket at a time. for items that say “After you reload…” does this ability trigger after he reloads one rocket or when he finishes reloading the entire pod.

(I had an item that said increase reload speed by x% after you reload) so after the first rocket was loaded would all the subsequent rockets get loaded faster, or would I have to reload the full clip first. (which would make it pointless since his firing speed is as slow as molasses in winter.

  1. Items that “Increase ______ after you melee attack” is that for any melee attack or just the quick melee attack that everyone has?

  2. Does Increase to “ability damage” increase Mellka’s Venom/poison damage or is that fixed?

  3. I noticed that Reyna’s overboost shield counts as healing in the score section. Does that mean increase to “heal power” improves that ability?

5B) Does that also mean, if my target has increase to “healing received” they would get a stronger shield from me?

  1. Does “Reload speed” affect Kleese’s recharge rate for his [Shock Tazer]?

(Uz3r013) #380

When will Battleborn Tap be connect-able to my Shift account for iOS?

(Maxageddon) #381

Didn’t really want to start a new thread for this. Just wanted to say, this game is fan-■■■■■■■-tastic. Been playing a solo story with Thorn (and a little Rath) for the most part and have been having a blast. Since this is the “Dev Talk” thread, and I am somewhat assuming they check posts here, so thank you, your game absolutely rules!

(Dominator3864) #382

@Jythri @JoeKGBX
you guys have talked me off the ledge before. i am on the ledge again. i am incredibly close to just selling this game to a friend through license transfer and just starting a new profile. you absolutely have to give me some kind of communication as to SPECIFICALLY what your guys plans are for this matchmaking. i literally keep running into full teams as a solo player. like every single game. look at these two games. i am gt HellaAverage

i am consistently losing against bad players simply because they are in a premade team. all a game like meltdown or incursion takes is great communication. if i put together a team, it would be my friends that are literally some of the top players in the entire game and it would be a massacre every single game. is that what you guys are wanting me to do??? because you are sending me the signal that is how you intend for me to play your game, and my only option.

(Lee Harvey Oswald) #383

Battleborn leads Overwatch 3 to 2 in commercials during teh Penguins//Capitals hockey game!

(Jythri) #384

We have this planned for a future update, but I don’t have an ETA.

Right now, the priority is to keep the login servers and stability up, and be sure players are matching to good servers, optimally configured for the game type and group size. We’re also running skill-based ELO on all the competitive queues, so over time, even if you’re matching with a pre-made team, you should match with a team whose average skill rating is close to yours.

The two features in the queue for matchmaking improvements are better group matching and better ELO range adjustment while matching to get queue times down.

Unfortunately, group matching isn’t something that’s easy for us with our current matchmaking system. It’s not a quick fix, but it is something that is important to us.

I’m going to talk with our team and see if we might have alternate solutions that would be faster, but for now, that’s where we are.

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(Pgilmore55843) #385

I absolutely love Toby, he’s easily my fave. But that lore challenge for getting ten double kills with Core Discharge is near impossible. I’ve been at it all day and haven’t gotten a single one. Seriously, it seems way harder than it should be. Any advice?

( #386

Are there any plans to implements better stat tracking, either in game or online, in the near future? I’d love to see a separation between PvE and PvP stats, particularly in the death category.

(Dominator3864) #387

this is something you should really consider turning off until you hammer down the way to keep premades vs premades. kind of the point of what i was saying with the pictures i posted was that even against players below my skill level, if they are in a premade they will win by 200 points against all randoms. if this game was simply TDM, then it would not matter. But it is so objective based that a full team literally cannot lose against randoms

(Ncm523) #388

Ok, I seriously need a answer from a developer or somthing, me and a few friends think that the animation in the beginning of the prologue was amazing, and we thing it has potential to be a very good anime show if someone or even gearbox did it. Someone please look into this. I would watch the ■■■■ out of a battleborn anime…


I have no idea where to report this, I am experiencing a minor glitch, error or whatever you would call it. (XB1) The audio is extremely inconsistent and annoying. For example, when I play as Oscar Mike the audio for his shells hitting the ground will play but there is no audio of his gun going off. Another example is in the second story mission when kleeses is supposed to talk to the player at the beginning, I get no audio or subtitles. Kleese’s face doesn’t show up either. Figured I would be helpful and report this. Hopefully someone important will read this.

(Sl0p0k) #390

First up, loving the game so far. Thank you!!!

Would it be possible to separate out Reload from the keybinding for Use/Interact/Reload? It would be nice to not reload when interacting and using things on the map.

Also, would you be able to make “Scroll Up” on a mouse work as a keybinding? In BL2, that was my Reload, and it worked wonderfully!

Thanks again!

(Matt Davies86) #391

Not sure if this has been addressed somewhere. S but I’m confused about the marketplace. I don’t understand why each faction loot pack unlock for purchase at different levels?? My 3 fav characters are all UPR. Naturally I want to unlock cooler skins and taunts for my characters but I have to wait till level 28 just to be able to purchase the UPR loot packs??? Why? When eldrid packs unlocked around level 5. Jennerit at level 13. Rogue at level 18 and Llc at level 23. I don’t understand why they are all different levels to unlock or even why they are locked at all??? Can someone she’d light on this. Also if there are challenges that award a UPR loot pack? Cheers and sorry if this is a repeat question.


Dear devs I have a performance question,and if you have the time a reply?

First I would like to say thanks for this game the insane manegerie of demented toons,its like the Addams family meets futurama whilst on holiday in a Japanese anime,I love it to bits :slight_smile:

Now to my question/problem.

I run a powerfull rig Skylake i7 and 980ti and whilst playing the Beta,I had no issues with the graphics,just downloaded the game and played with max settings for the full run,super smooth great steady fps and an epic experience.

Compare this to the final release which from the first loading of the prologue story was choppy,through to pvp and solo gameplay with framerates dropping to 35 fps in matches and struggling to ever reach 60 fps and be steady,this is with all settings turned down and even Physx disabled.

I’ve tried everything suggested on every thread (Ini tweaks ect), I could find contacted support and clean reinstalled the game 3 times to solve the issue,but no joy.

This isn’t a complaint I can understand this must be an incredibly complex process to balance out under the pressure of a new release and its probably prioritising which gopher to whack first.

What i’m asking for is some recognition/replythat you guys are aware of this and that something has been changed between Beta and final which is causing it that can be reversed or solved.

Its becoming is a big issue for quite a lot of playerbase (both AMD and Nvidia users) who from what I can see love the core of the game to death but are becoming more and more depressed with not being able to enjoy it thru the bad fps gfx issues.

Any info/feedback would be appreciated.

Thanks again for the game.

(magnum) #393

Apologies if this has already been mentioned, but will any consideration be made to changing the Mission Fail system. It’s incredibly irritating to play a mission for 45 minutes and then fail because, for instance a creature sneaks passed you on The Saboteur and destroys the thing you were trying to protect on the last wave. Is there not another mechanism you can use to punish the player(s) that doesn’t require a restart of the entire mission? How about instant death and restart for all the players at the last checkpoint?

(deniscucek1986) #394

I can’t find this simple info anywhere ;

What is the shield recharge rate ? How much per second ?


(Ntmo) #395

I think the addition of a overlay would be nice for in-game play. What I mean by that is this:

As an avid Miko player, I’m fairly sure of my abilities as a healer, but my abilities can’t help someone behind me. And it’s because I am no longer able to keep tabs on them

Having an overlay of individual teammates’ health and shield levels would be extremely useful for someone who dares pick up the mantle of healer or shielder. Even if they aren’t a supporter, if feels more like a missing feature rather than something that should be added in. The Borderlands series had it, so I know you guys at GBX can pull it off. For the sake of healers and shielders, please consider this as an additional option to put in.