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Some Bugs, I report it here I hope its okay and the right way to go!

  • Sprint will not start
  • Sprint just aborts while I am running
  • Primary and Secondary attack not start (I have to press again R2 or R1). For example healing with Miko: The healing beam not react after pressing again R2 it works

(Dimin77777) #397

Good game but it needs a longer, more in depth story to be a contender to borderlands. Everything is pretty solid accept the story, it is too short and missions are basically variations of core defense with nothing to connect them.

Story like in borderlands and this game could very well be the game to rival BL.

(Uz3r013) #398

Shield recharge rate is how fast your shield recharges after not taking any damage for a short duration of time.

How much per a second depends on the hero, its different for each one

(Vr Cross) #399

I believe it is because of trigger types. LLC and UPR have more consistent triggers for additional bonus compared to the other factions, which i believe include taking shield damage and upon reload respectively (some others too).

(Dionysis) #400

I have a slight issue with Miko, although I’m not sure if it’s intentional.

When I’m using the kunai blades and i want to switch to the healing beam, I have to press L2 twice for the beam to register. It can really throw you off.

(Dionysis) #401

I’m also experiencing a few dips in frame rate on the ‘Echelon’ Incursion map.

Overgrowth runs flawlessly (and is my personal favourite) but Echelon tends to be quite flaky at times. Anyone else experiencing this?

On PS4 by the way.


Yes this is what I mean it feels so weird when he doesnt start to shoot :frowning:

Yes me too, and if you play Marquis its even worse. Echelon seems to be not optimized.
Maybe casue that it wasnt in the beta :smiley:

(Ncm523) #403

Ok I’m having a major problem, when ever me and my friends get into a game and it’s be Hollywood map, we get extremely lagged out like teleporting and dieing from no where, I died and if brang me back to life while I was dead and I couldn’t do anything, it seams to only be that map, I posted somthing like this the day the beta started ok Facebook and everyone kept telling me it was my problem and my internet was bad, I have played at 3 different houses and it’s all the same

(Ncm523) #404

Never mind, it’s other maps also. It’s making the game completely unplayable and I can’t do anything about it, I’ve tried restarting router/modem, Xbox and everything. :frowning:

(Ncm523) #405

Omg guys, I’m so dumb, forget my last 2 posts, those were about overwatch XD so sorry, I love both games. <3

(Dnevill) #406

I’m encountering this too on PC. There seems to be a small delay period from when you stop throwing kunai where the right-click (L2 for you) doesn’t register. Although you can normally hold the button to keep the beam active, in this situation you end up having to release and press again, unless you wait until after the delay has passed before making your first attempt to heal. (If this is by design, its odd that going from the healing beam to the kunai does not feature this same unresponsive period).


Please please fix this. My fingers are being rubbed raw from the constant reapplication of the L2 button on Miko. It seems animation locks need to be softened, and allow for ability chaining.


Yup, along with our 5 man group on PS4, Echelon is getting a lot of screen tearing and frame drops.


I was like, HOLLYWOOD MAP?? :joy:

I once offered to add a guy asking for people to play with on XB1. I’m on ps4. Red faces were made lol

(Dionysis) #410

Well said! He’s not unplayable but that switch can get quite bothersome.

(Divade011) #411

Didn’t see a complaints/issues thread. But I cant find anybody else online today, in any game mode.

(leathelj) #412

Fix marquis and fix incursion overgrowth match where he can just sit in the back and head glitch and kill your first defense bot its absolutely broken it keeps happening every time i play incursion every one picks overgrowth some guy picks marquis and we lose i am sick of this i just cant play this game any more i fell like i wasted my money i have such a bad taste in my mouth the experience has been awful.

whats that play different mode i do but incursion is my favorite but not any more. oh just kill marquis good luck with that no matter what class you are he will kill you almost instantly he is way to powerful and like i said he head glitches so you cant hit him fix this please i feel so cheated i pre order and bought a season pass for this game and i usually never do that for any game ever.

my frustration and anger is so high right now i am trying not to cuss every where, i cant even look at the game right now cant even put it in any more. how did such a broken character and level make it out of the beta.

(iPayUrFrenZ on PS4) #413

So apparently Overshields count as “Healing Given” in the score thingy, Whether it be shielding yourself with Fetch or Boulderdash or Reyna, etc.

Now my question is, how does healing items affect Overshields if at all?
+Heal Power, +Healing Received, -Heal Power, and -Healing Received?

(badguy5 on YouTube) #414

If I:
A - have time
B - think about it later

I will play an AI game and test it out. Granted, I can only test out heal-power this way, but still

(Asui Tsu) #416

Will there be more information about Alani and the first content update this week
also any update about the problems with the game PVE/PVP that are looked at or in the process of being fixed