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(Rathborn/Maze) #437

Agreed. It feels very unnatural and has led to deaths that probably would have been avoided.

(Krulak99) #438

I have been wondering if there will be a prestige option. Like in Borderlands after so many challenges or maxing out command level.

(Sam50gregg) #439

Can we have ps4 avatars of each battleborn?

(Creator of the Battleborn Discord) #440

I’d love to see this.

(filippo333) #441

I want to know if there are any plans for long term leveling/progression?

(Nllsq) #442

If my last played character was Isic, I have to listen to his “static electricity” noise for several minutes while waiting for the new match to be set up. Is there a way to address that?


Any infos about fixes?

(iPayUrFrenZ on PS4) #445

Did some testing with Boldur. I used Healing Recieved and Heal Power gear, none of it modified his 225 Overshield value.

I guess Overshielding is healing just in name, not actual healing which is affected by items.


(Darkxallxseer) #446

it’s ok my typing sucks I was just adding that Phoebe lv 12 helix was unfulfilling it make her ult less useful. both of her other skill paths. with 50%damage reduction. is too big of a hit to it damage. by time hit lv 10 that damage you do with lv 12 helix is far to low feel like a nerf to her ult over all. that all I was saying.

(nplittle7827) #447

Hey everyone, seeing how Battleborn requires an Internet connection for both solo and multi-player modes, will any part of this game still be playable once the servers are shutdown in the future?

(Joshfetty) #448

i was just wondering if you buy the delux on pc though like steam or so would you get it for xbox one? i plan on getting a xbox one soon and really want to play this now but would rather only buy it once if that is possible if not ill just wait till i get a xbox one i guess.

(Drunken Pw Ne R) #449

When will Story Loot packs be fixed for the X1?

(What does it all mean!?) #450

I wouldn’t say you cannot lose, or at least my team has lost against randoms sometimes when they have skilled players… However, in general you are right, normally you roll over randoms… Keep in mind if it’s ELO scoring it will take a few weeks for enough data to be gathered to really sort this out…I don’t think you can expect this to be perfect straight off the bat, but I do wonder if there’s some way they could prioritize matching 5 man parties against 5 man parties… However, I don’t know much about the technical stuff here, so that may not be feasible or lead to long wait times…


also tried Boldur. Made 2 games and in both games was a Kleese on the enemies side.
Now is the question: Why can he taser through Boldurs shield? Anyway this taser is OP.

Maybe there was an announcement that this gonna get fixed, just don’t know.

(Slakruz) #452

You mean if!

(Jjand302) #453

I hate his taser and ambras staff. Auto lock/hit are a pain since all they do is make it a pain for you to hit them while not needing to hit you

(Slakruz) #454

Should be forced to keep the target in the cross hairs as if it was a gun not hold the trigger and look away while still causing damage

(Zeitzbach) #455

Who do I send a whisper to if I want to report an overpowered map trick that is almost as strong as current unpatched Galilea and can even become the meta when discovered more by the community and later, “abused”?

I have been forcing a stomp nearly every game after learning this trick which removes any weakness from “Weak early game” type of character in Overgrowth. It completely ruins the pacing of the game and allow me to almost or even reach my peak 2-3 minutes in.

(Jjand302) #456

Message @joekgbx and/or @jythri

(Jythri) #457

Definitely whisper me. :slight_smile: Thank you for your discretion!