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(lstockwell7) #458

Fix your European/Australian server.Constant disconnects despite high speed internet.Love the game but if I can’t play it I will have to abandon it and warn others in my region about the issues.Forget about balancing etc for now and get your servers operating properly.This is an issue that should never have happened,why weren’t servers dedicated and operative before release?

(Uz3r013) #459

are you talking about the Marquis/Toby sniping the sentry from the other side of the map trick? cause… like most everyone already knows about it.

If we had all chat (which we should) I would mock and belittle them for their cheezing ways…

Honestly, its actually a disadvantage for them if you know how to counter it. Then they waste time plinking it and not get any XP.

(Zeitzbach) #460

No I found a way to be level 4 or 5 while everyone is still level 2 while never lack presence.

Including on sentry snipers.

(Uz3r013) #461

oh, THAT. and you told the them… damn it.i was hoping to use that trick for awhile longer

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #462

I was going to go on one of my long winded post I like, and I still can if you want. But I’ll keep it simple.

@JoeKGBX @Jythri Would you all please please please make separate patches for PvP and PvE? I know you all already have the ability to distinguish what happens in the game between the 2 modes, but I don’t know how hard it is to potentially make this happen or if its even possible. It would vastly increase my enjoyment both in the game and on the forums as well.

If this has already been brought up then I’m sorry, I scanned the thread and the forum the best I could.



I’m not sure where else to ask this question but here. So a few days ago I accidentally sold my Oscar Mike’s Character Legendary and when I found out there is only one way you can get it, I felt pretty regretful. Is there any way I can get it back?

(iPayUrFrenZ on PS4) #464

Are there going to be server improvements? It seems once evening EST comes around, I start having server problems, severe lag, disconnects, and other annoying things. Sometimes it’s unplayable.

I understand it’s because in the evening more people are playing, more traffic, etc. etc. but I don’t want that to be the case forever.

(Matt Davies86) #465

Great job with the loot packs in the hotfix, so happy you listenned and changed them all to unlock the same level (faction loot packs) being a main UPR user I was a bit disappointed I had to get to command rank 28 to have a chance to customise my Galilea / Oscar Mike. That being said I was grinding and I’m at Command Rank 26 anyway.

Though I spent 35k + Credits last night on the UPR packs to try and get a Galilea Skin and / or taunt, I didn’t get any lol, got 2 new Benedict taunts, 1 new Montana taun, 1 new Oscar Mike skin however.

Then I leveled to Command rank 25, got a free UPR pack and found a nice Galilea Judgement skin inside! lol, the skin looks sick, nice one :wink:

Thought I’ll have the level15 skin later tonight as I’m a shy away from completing the master of Galilea challenge. just one more character level :slight_smile:

(Atticus) #466

I was just wondering, is Gearbox going to address the problems with Rath?

(Answers aplenty in the by and by.) #467

Okay, I really didn’t want to be that guy, but could someone in the art department please turn Kleese’s invisible kitty around during his taunt? He’s holding it wrong, he’s petting it wrong, and it’s really starting to bug me now.

I am only half joking. It’s flairing up my OCD (or equivilant.)

(Is this thing on?) #468

Well, Kleese obviously like brushing cats and people up the wrong way… :wink:

Yeah, yeah, I know - coat, hat, door.

(Answers aplenty in the by and by.) #469

See, I didn’t say anything til now cause I’m worried that might actually be the joke! And then I’m just being a friggin’ buzz kill.

(Is this thing on?) #470

Well, I probably wouldn’t have noticed at all if you hadn’t mentioned it, so there’s that.

(chakana2003) #471

Please make can’t hit the first century like marquis
Marquis on the stair can hit the first century in pvp mode!!!
When on the stair I just can see enemy century shield!!
Even toby

(Lockstick026) #472

Hello, my idea is to make an 75 to 100$ bundle on Steam, Xboxlive, PSN which contain all the golden skins (5 of the pre order bonuses, 3 of the open beta code and all the others), this idea because I didn’t know the game before and when I saw videos on youtube, I’m just crazy of this game, I think I’ll buy it soon and the thing I’m really sad about are the pre order and open beta golden skins I can’t even get.

(Slakruz) #473

That’s pretty expensive for a couple gold skins! Besides its a status thing associated with pre orders. As for never seeing the game before have you ever been to a game store? They have been advertising this game for almost a year so I find it hard to believe you never seen or heard of it

(Familyman2244) #474

Hey devs, im sure your aware of the air juggling that for example rath and deanna are abusing. There is no counterplay that can litterally 100 hp/sheild to zero you and your completely unable to move, run, use abilities, or attack while you are being juggled.

Any plans to fix this?

(Lockstick026) #475

Slakruz I live in France and I never go to video games shop because I order all by Steam or other things and I only started to hear “Battleborn” when the Open beta of Overwatch finished (9 may).

(Slakruz) #476

All right I have heard that game shops in France are kind of lacking and steam is not a very good spot for promotions so I can see where this is an issue for you my mistake for the previous post. If you have recently purchased the game though you can get the beta challenge skins if you go to the weekly update that was posted the code for them are in there. As for the preorder skins I can see them maybe putting the gold skins as tier 3 skin drops from loot packs. This is all mainly considering a long ago post stating that there will never be micro transactions and battle born

(Lockstick026) #477

Yeah I think your drop system for golden skins is good but they are gonna be rare ohoh I’ll play 1000 and 1000 hours to get them all ;D