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(Lockstick026) #478

Can you ask 2K to do that ?

(Slakruz) #479

I wish all we can do is post it @Jythri and hope he takes it into consideration!

(Lockstick026) #480

I think I’ll do that: (digital deluxe) + Is it good ?
If this is good I’ll play it with the code beta golden skins
But with g2a yo have the code instantly or you need to wait ?

(Jythri) #481

That’s mostly true. :slight_smile:

(Slakruz) #482

I am unsure since I pre ordered and get it all day one.
Also thanks a bunch jythri!!

(Asui Tsu) #483

So any word when the next content drop is supposed to happen?

Or a charakter presentation for alani, I know I’m really impatient and that GBXs works very hard on the game but I can’t help myself. What personality and quirks will Alani bring into the game?

//Edit: sorry I accidentally wrote this as a reply, my bad. It was supposed to be a general question in this thread

(Mike) #484

Can we expect a patch in the upcoming week? I mostly mean the Marquis overgrowth exploit fix,because more and more people know about it and it’s becoming more and more of a issue. My first game today was vs a team with exploiting Marquis,I was playing ISIC and even had some help from Kleese with his rifts AND I had ISICs legendary item and I still couldn’t do crap about it because the moment I got him to low hp he ran away,recalled and was back at it in 10 seconds. It’s getting more and more frustrating and I don’t think I can take it for another week. I hope you guys will fix the ledge along with the healing station spot and the entrance to the side turret. If you can’t confirm when the patch is coming at least reassure me that all of those spots will be fixed. :<

(Slakruz) #485

It was stated as “in a couple of weeks” and not being able to say anymore so I’m guessing early next month?

(citersyick) #486

Will you guys do something about Boldur’s character specific legendary as it’s special effect seems to be useless as of now. Was it meant to be novelty or is it just currently bugged.

( #487

Hey guys, I’m loving Battleborn! (Despite being terrible at it right now.) But I wanted to see if anybody shares my primary concern…TIME! While the matches are great fun, I would love if in the future perhaps a new game mode in PVP could have shorter matches.

Similarly, attempts to play story missions solo have proven to be very time consuming for me. These are admittedly much better with co-op, but what excited me about Battleborn was the inclusion of story missions and the ability to play them solo when I need to get away from people and play casual. I would love to see check-points to return to. For example, defeat Geoff in Algorithm, log out to eat dinner and watch a show, then return to finish later. Maybe I’m just not a good player, but I would love a solo-buff, or environmental de-buff. Again, it seems great with a team. Timed well, good difficulty. But going solo didn’t seem worth it to me. Anyone else feel this way?

Thanks for your time! Good luck out there, Battleborn!

(the one person that likes capture ) #488

i like capture because theres not much to do, capture and kill players i think its the shortest of the 3 :kissing: and simplest.
they’ll make new modes soon enough.

(Indigo732) #489

So this is a complaint just saying I love the game but what pisses me off is when you get an assist and it says top damage dealer, half the games I play that happens to me so I think they should make it if your the top damage dealer you get the kill. Which I don’t think this will create that many problems.An example that happens to me all the time ,if you’ve been one on one with this enemy then this team mate comes and kills the enemy normally the kill would go to the team mate, who came into the battle at the end and kind made all your efforts worthless. While as if they changed it the person who did all the work would get the kill which I think that would help a lot of people counting me.

(Adamhavsky) #490

Can it be made that the countdown for the map voting ends when it is impossible for the losing map to be selected e.g. 1 vote for no preference 5 votes for overgrowth

(Transcendantviewer) #491

I have an idea about the drop rates.
According to everything I’ve heard and seen, they’re quite a mixed bag. One of the ideas that I’ve come up with to help remedy this is effective grinding. I don’t know how programming such things works, and I won’t pretend to, but here’s the idea: Set all legendary items to a 1% chance of dropping (What stats they have and which ones drop are determined as normal), however, every time you repeat a mission, the chance of that mission spawning a legendary increases by 1%. Meaning that you could open a chest on your 3rd try and have a 3% chance of seeing a legendary in it, as opposed to the normal 1%. Now, when you receive a legendary in this way, the chance automatically resets back to 1% thereafter. This is done so that 3% doesn’t become a blanket to all the rest of the drop points in that playthrough, so you can’t just open all the chests and kill all the bosses and have a 3% chance on all of them. There’s still a chance of getting more, but it’s now significantly lowered.
This system will prevent the very real possibility that you play a mission over and over again for a legendary you’re after (Or just for any legendary at all) and the random number generation simply never comes up with one. It makes the grind guaranteed to eventually pay out, but it still makes it unlikely, as to prevent oversaturation.

(foaqbm) #492

What’s the purpose of the server timer? I’ve barely been able to complete two levels. This game consumes 25GB of real estate on my disk. I only play in private single-player mode. I shouldn’t need to talk to a server except for license validation and updates. As a parent, I have plenty of other responsibilities that take my time and I can’t sit for two hours straight to finish a level. I need to be able to pause and come back later. I was really looking forward to playing this game but, so far, it’s just been a phenomenal disappointment.

(Logie108) #493

I’m fairly certain that it weights your xp based off you being top damage dealer. If its the stat your concerned with then I personally don’t feel as though it matters. This game isn’t really about kill/death

(Hirad2004) #494

Well this is how the levels are designed, like raids. Just maybe try to play it with a random person or ask someone to play the story with you on the forums , it’s much faster playing the mission with some people than alone.

(nappitz) #495

Thats not the point of the matter at all. Why should he have to get some random person to help him out? Assumimg someone has priorities or people depending on them. Having to sit and complete a mission is a bit of a kick in the teeth to me. I paid $80 for this and if I need to help a family member while in game I have to tell them sorry, Theres a timer. Youll have to wait.

I cant play on my own time? I shouldnt have to beat things on gearboxes time when I paid for my copy of the game.


Can’t buy additional loadouts anymore. Got 9, is this the limit? I would like having more, because you need different loadouts for every game mode and for the different characters.
It would be disappointing, if 9 is the limit.

(Is this thing on?) #497

That is currently the limit, yes. Whether more could or will be introduced later is up to the developers, and I’m not aware of any comments on that matter.