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(Transcendantviewer) #498

Given that new characters are coming out, I think at least one more gear loadout slot will be put in.

(brimstone3609) #499

I really appreciate what you guys have done with the game.

I was firstly wondering if future campaign missions and incursion maps could possibly have different enemy variety, although this might be a bit much work to suggest, I think it’s an interesting idea. As far as Incursion, (and possibly capture leveling enemies), mercenaries and the boss’s you have to kill could have some interesting variety that could keep the different maps fresh, it might be allow some more flexibility in map choices and different enemy take down strategies, and maybe different hire-able minions. I don’t feel it is as necessary here, as map variety and content on it’s own (and a snappier voting and selection time), would add a lot.

As far as campaign, new enemies feels a lot more important, intelligent enemies, whether it be humanoid or otherwise, and different subsets within each one, would help keep things a lot more interesting. Despite the horde mode feel of enemies that run at you, I was impressed by their pathing and ability to navigate terrain, but disappointed by the ranged enemies who would stand in one spot and miss most of their shots. More enemies that interact and support each other would be a lot more fun as well. It might be a bit much, but even improving existing enemies would help. So higher difficulties aren’t just larger hp pools, but smarter play.

Secondly, I was wondering if anything would retroactively be added into the existing campaign missions to make them more replayable, whether that be more dialogue, more story beats, better music, more path variation and randomized enemies on each playthrough, harder difficulties, new gear, or even just hidden random generation points for loot, the missions should be designed for replayability. I also feel there is a lot of missing story potential that was left out, and the ability for the heroes your playing to have more banter and bring more depth to their character (and not be obnoxious like Kleese), would add a lot. You also really need to work on your humour.

Lastly, I was wondering if more music could potentially be added in the future, maybe even some optional dynamic multiplayer tracks. All this stuff is far fetched, but post launch support of a strong caliber would really cement this game for a lot of people.

Thank you so much for all the work you have done so far and I wish you the best.

(badguy5 on YouTube) #500

Man, I love loadouts and I think 9 is plenty. What are you doing where you need more?

I’ve got Montana (my "main, if you will) and a loadout for him for different modes. Then a healer loadout, and a dps loadout (mostly for whiskey foxtrot)


Playing with all chars and use different loadouts for the game modes. expensive for incursion, cheap for capture and meltdown.
I don’t know why the limit should be 9.

(Praetorianzombah) #502

Regarding the patch giving the exclusive gear a character gets when you complete the lore challenges the best rolls possible, will this update existing gear or are we stuck with the inferior items?


I was honestly wondering (since you can actually ask the devs here) if they are going to do any thing about the state of the game on PC. Now I love this game and really do enjoy it but right now the highest player count is 7000 (compared to its top 12000) and again I really hate to complain here. The main issues are the constant FPS drops and PvP match making which I’m sure is well known right now. The main thing I’m asking here is that I can be assured that this game won’t end up like EVOLVE if you could do this for me my faith would be restored. By the way Caldarius and Ghalt are the best


You already can.

(Rathborn/Maze) #506

I totally missed that then! Thanks, will have to look for that option. Is it super obvious and I’m just blind?

(Is this thing on?) #507

If you didn’t already, you can place your vote in the poll on preferred number of loudouts:


Oh nice, thanks.

(foaqbm) #510

So when I need to stop for 15 or 20 minutes, I just tell this random person to wait too or go on without me? Nonsense. It’s not a matter of the level only requires 30-40 minutes of time to complete if I have to stop after 30 minutes and come back an hour later. I paid good money for this game. I’m not interested in mutli-player. If I want to let my game sit on pause for 2 hours or 4 hours or a week then it shouldn’t matter to Gearbox or anyone else. It’s a crap design for single-player mode and that’s all there is to it.

(Gerard HDZ) #511

I gots a question
With Alani being released to everyone on the 31st of this month, does that also include the first Story Operation and set of premium skins and taunts? Also with Alani being put into the game will the first of Tier 2 skins be put into the game as well?

(99 HellbornKriegers) #512

Cut to the chase: LATAM servers.
We will get something similar?

(Slakruz) #513

I am chase…



i just love the variety of titles! :smiley: But the translations are… uhm… 'cmon WHY?! :stuck_out_tongue:

The translations are everything but basass. A function to keep the english titles would be great. (I want to keep the game in my main language)

Thanks for your attention.

(getinthegame1) #515

any update on the gear tab coin worth 0 value bug thats going around?

(alexanaya20) #516

For reals. That coin bug is messing my game time up. Can’t get gear or mess with load outs.

(brimstone3609) #517

I thought I should add on to what I said about music, due to seeing the skill overview videos and game trailers (with their own custom cutscenes and animations that appear nowhere in game, and for some reason the beta mission opening was changed to something worse as well), I feel that the music in those videos and trailers would translate to the game extremely well, and that I get disappointed that companies create unique content or utilize licensed music just for marketing purposes, and the actual game itself suffers for it (in this case, the soundtrack).

I feel a mix of original and licensed songs across the board would be great, and, to make even more things up, it might be wise to have an option to disable only the licensed music, so that streamers and youtubers can play without it being a silent wasteland.

(Recycled Human) #518

Any word on when we might see more skins and taunts? Don’t want to spend my coin if it’s just going to be one of those coin cards…

(Slakruz) #519

Added with alani :acmaffirmative: