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(Recycled Human) #520

Apparently not?

(Slakruz) #521

Patch Notes
May 23, 2016

New Content:

New Character
New Skins and Taunts
Hero Keys have been added

Go here and select your platform for full list

(Recycled Human) #522

Oh honey, I’ve read the patch notes. I asked this question in the patch notes thread and got this response. The one I linked you. And in that link a gbx employee states the “new skins and taunts” are for Alani.

I’d really like a response from someone in gbx or one from someone with a verifiable link - mental Mars for instance or a Reddit post with a response from gbx. Which is why I’m asking here - in the ask the devs thread.

(Slakruz) #523

The patch notes are directly from gearbox on the gearbox website though. You can not get more official than that. Mental Mars and Reddit are third party websites that get their information second hand so I’m confused by your statement asking for a verifiable link when a link to the actual company giving actual information is the most verifiable

(Recycled Human) #524

I thought the same thing - that clearly the patch notes say we will be getting new skins and taunts horay!

So I’ve been saving up coins to buy them when they come out.

So before I start spending coins and wasting them I asked - hey anyone know if the new skins are out and someone responded with that link.

They said a gbx employee said the skins and taunts are for Alani. So I saw this topic that said - ask the devs. So I’m asking the devs if they know if the new skins and taunts are going to be coming out in the patch or at a later date. Asking for clarification.

I hope that the patch has those skins and taunts but I’m concerned that elsewhere a gbx employee said they are for Alani.

Can you clarify what the patch notes mean by new skins and taunts?

And lastly - I was asking for a verifiable source to answer this question - mm, gbx employee or a link from Reddit with a gbx employee would suffice.


The new characters Pendles is awesome !! sssso ssssssneaky !

(Yaam Sickle) #526

So you guys have kinda broke galilea with the patch on the note that all her abilities for desecrate by her abilities read in game that “blank” affects enemies in desecrate field now that implies that it will hold the effect until end of duration not on activations I would say change the in-game info on it or change it back on top of that it’s not healing with her helix option for it

(THaNaToS_J2) #527

Is there a numerical value to what a “short” wait is for PvP? I’ve yet to see anything other than short, but have been in queues for almost 10 minutes sometimes. You keep using this word, but I do not think it means what you think it means. :stuck_out_tongue:
Seriously though, I would think sub 3 minutes would be short, 3-10 moderate, and 10+ long. I’m curious if anyone knows what the actual times are?

(the one person that likes capture ) #528


(candicej314) #529

Ok so as everyone is aware of… Battleborn and overwatch seemed to constantly get compared. This is the major reason why overwatch has sold 13 million copies and battleborn ( may be wrong, minimal research) sold somewhere between 100,000-200,000 copies. The constant comparison ( fair or unfair) seems to have a common trend among buyers to be either a fan of one or the other.

Blizzard has been around the block for a while, I am definitely a blizzard fan boy. Most people who play their games are. People are very keen to spend money on what is most popular. The common trend of determining a games popularity now days is the amount of viewers on twitch. I was very surprised after playing both betas that gearbox made a better game than blizzard. So let’s put this game on the map

The solution to build a bigger player base:

is to increase streamers and viewers on twitch. More advertisement

It’s a joke how unpopular battleborn is on twitch. This is very upsetting to me and anyone else who has played battleborn considering how insanely amazing the game is.

I personally blame the marketing management of gearbox. Nobody has heard of battleborn… Their is hardly any advertisement and its dwarfed in the shadow of a blizzard made game. I mean dam i have a battleborn guide app and i have to x out the overwatch advertisement to get to the guide lmao

I don’t work for gearbox but if i were in charge i would act quickly. I would locate the biggest most popular streamers on twitch and pay them enormous amounts of money to play and stream battleborn. I would also try to get the game featured on twitch’s front page. The game needs to be discovered, it is too good to be only selling such little amount of copies.


PS gearbox… Your amazing. Show the world what you created!

(Mike) #530

2K handles the marketing and 2K is absolute ■■■■ at marketing.

(Jjand302) #531

Where in the world did you get those sales numbers? Lol. 13 million? I can’t comment on bb as our only real indicator is its tracking ahead of borderlands 1.

(KamikazeZomb) #532

So I’m on xbox one rank 100 100+ hours. 85 to 90% win rate. Only incursion. In fact I’ve played the other 2 less than 10 times total. I usually only queue by myself. Maybe my best friend who has the same stats as Mr same level same play time. Me and him no longer find a single person to match up with in incursion.we will wait 30 mins and still it will literally be only me and him and Noone else. We found it odd it started happening 4 days ago. So we tried searching on meltdown and capture. And in less than 3 mins we have found matches in no time. We thought okay so there is nothing wrong with matchmaking too much we have repeatedly donemail this prosses. Search incursion. Wait forever. Stop and search the other 2 modes. Find one in less than. Recentlyrics we’ve started playing with someone from my clan level 42. Above 85% win rate. When we group with him. It takes slightly longer maybe 6 or mins or so but we find one with him instantly and it’s consistent never fails. Can someone please PLEASE explain it to me. Incursion is only type I play as it is the most pushing time to me there is. I can only play OW until our third friend goes online as incursion is the most fun I ever have in games and feels like it’s worth an effort I love this game so much man

20 mins to find a moba match and wait again
An Update to Battleborn is Rolling Out Today (5/23/16)
(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #533

@Jythri Is the reason Alani takes increased knock up (height) an intentional design choice, or is it just a bug with her gravity? (I guess that’s how you’d phrase it) Because I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been launched off the side of the map during “The Sentinel”, causing me to lose my “survive 180 seconds + max health bonus”.

And I am 1000% fine if this is a balancing decision, but is Alani’s secondary Wellspring’s range to heal a teammate suppose to be as short as it is? Because in my personal opinion if feels like it should have a much greater range (but that may be bias from playing “Res Maya”). And it would be balanced because until tier 6 you have to be in the front lines to be an effective healer (which even that doesn’t give you max stacks, and its once every 16 seconds). This comes from PvE where enemies are more spaced out and we “divide and concur”, but a teammate over extends or is on the other side of the trap room and I have to slowly sprint to them (because of her reduced sprint speed) until they’re about 25 yards away, which seems short to me. Again I am 10000% fine if it is a balance choice, I was just curious if it was unintended like Kleese’s Rift deployment range or something that you all may also be discussing yourselves.


(bclemens1337) #534

Can you guys take the stupid black bar off the left side of the split screen like really stupidest design i have ever seen

(bclemens1337) #535

I literally made this account just to complain about the split screen like wow what a fail who ever thought of taking up a third of the screen for a BLACK BAR should be fired

(Is this thing on?) #536

You might want to see the comments on split screen in the developer Q&A:

And direct from lead developer:

(Quack858) #537

So does anyone know if the skins/taunts you get from packs get tracked and if it adjusts the skin/taunt you from packs accordingly? i.e if you have all the pheobe skins, it gets rid of them from the pool of skins and increases the chance of you getting other LLC battleborn skins?


No PC player’s online in Europe… guys do something… since a few days within 10min the game just found max. ~3 other guys and that’s all. It’s getting impossible to play PvP, not because Galilea or what ever is OP, it’s because there is no one else.

(Chrischristopher) #539

@Jythri just wanted to share one of many screenshots i could share on here with you. we put a great team together and rotated the use of alani between members of our team. without exception, the highest kills, assists, kd and overall dmg dealt was whoever played alani. and this is among lvl 10 isic, lvl 10 phoebe, literally no matter who was picked, we got the same result. is this happening as intended? i haven’t seen any comments from staff on alani’s state, for obvious reasons. i know you guys like to get lots of data first. are you able to comment as to if this is how you intend for her to operate as a support/healer as she is labeled? top dps, most kills, highest kd on team? even the losing alani out dps our whole team in a 98 to 0 incursion game