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(Jythri) #540

She’s too strong right now. :slight_smile: We’ve already had discussion on how to bring her in line next week.

For now, enjoy OP Alani!

Alani is a god among mortals in PvP - please balance
Alani Balancing Discussion
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Alani needs to be nerfed NOW
To anyone saying alani is op
Alani needs to be nerfed NOW
I feel like benedict is in a bad place pvp wise
Alani is a god among mortals in PvP - please balance
(Jythri) #541

What you are describing is a bug.

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #542

(Yaam Sickle) #543

U owe me and my friends a title

(Iiits Kyle) #544

Is anything being done to address Miko? She can heal ridiculous amounts and allow someone to survive standing still in 2 ultimates, combine this with her quickness and she needs to be looked at.

(Chrischristopher) #545

i sincerely apologize. i must have overlooked that. didnt mean to put you on front street with a screen shot lol. just wanted to make sure i substantiated any claims. thanks for the response, man

(Canon) #546


Hey, so, i was looking through an album of skins found on bots and I’d really like to talk about this ambra skin.

What’s up with this? Because, if its supposed to be ambra pre-sustainment or just, her skin, then why is she pasty ghost-white in default? You do know this looks exactly like black/brownface, right. I’m not sure what the intent with this was, and honestly it doesnt matter. From the skins weve seen so far (including the bot ones) no other character had skintone changed like this? Any skintone changes besides this are inhuman colours or super costumey (green, patchwork, skull facepaint etc). And all of ambras other skins dont do this either, so.

This skin makes me extremely uncomfortable (im a poc myself), and like. Regardless of intent its still… not ok. Its blackface. At best its dubious, at worst its… just plain racist. Gearbox hasnt done anything like this before wrt skins that i know of, which is why its so baffling to me?

You need to either pull this skin from the pool or redesign it so it doesnt look like ambra drowned herself in bronzer.


(Jjand302) #547

I think this is just meant to be an Egyptian themed skin.


That is how I interpreted it as well.

(Answers aplenty in the by and by.) #549

What makes you think Ambra is white? That’s not skin, you know.

(Vensaval) #550

Oh dear. A character has a different skin color in another texture file. This is immediately offensive and must be removed.

Please protect my feelings…

I’d come off as less of a jerk, but I’m really tired of seeing comments like this when it comes to perfectly harmless content in video games, movies, etc. Just stop.

(Dbobenham) #551

I was born with jaundice as a child and I am deeply offended by any game that has a yellow or green character. I boycotted the incredible Hulk, and found Blanka from SF to be not only offensive, but confusing with a name “white”.

By the way, that’s sarcasm. But that Egyptian looking Ambra looks awesome. I’m not sure what you mean that “black skin makes you extremely uncomfortable”, but if you’re going with the whole Egyptian theme, it not only fits, but goes well with the gold and blue/purple robes.

(jag) #552

Just because it “looks fine/awesome” whatever to some of you doesn’t mean it can’t come off badly to some others, and I’d like to think if nothing else it’s feedback worth getting back to the devs/designers/whoever’s making those decisions. It’s a valid question imo, Gearbox’s been pretty good so far about this and it’s a bit puzzling to me as well that this skin suddenly departs from the current (fine) ones and makes Ambra brown just for the sake of, what, reinforcing a theme that is already perfectly obvious without going to these lengths? Come on.

(kmb0396) #553

yup i agree, i know gearbox is well intentioned and usually pretty good about this stuff but this seems a little bit uncomfortable, even if this is her pre sustainmemt. i think it would look good if the brown parts were gold, instead of looking like she painted her skin.

( GT Mr Caldarius ) #554

please let me just ask straight forward how is this racist? this just looks like the first mastery skin from smite

(Vensaval) #555

What about making the brown parts gold wouldn’t make it look like her skin is painted?

It’s an Egyptian-themed skin. That’s it. Stop making it out to be something it isn’t.

(kmb0396) #556

theyre just saying that because she is normally light skinned it seems strange to have a skin where she seems to be painted to look like a person with dark skin, thats all…

( GT Mr Caldarius ) #557

but thats the point of skins though they arnt all going to be color pallet swaps some will get more in detail so to speak

(kmb0396) #558

it’s fine if her skin looks painted to look like metal. the trouble comes in if she’s painted to look like a black person. its not bas to dress up like a statue, but another ethnicity, yes :stuck_out_tongue:

(Vensaval) #559

What makes it so bad to dress up like another ethnicity?